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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tall Mom Runner's Lounge TIART

I am soooo excited to be the host for Take it and Run Thursday at Runner's Lounge. Thanks to Amy and Tom for their creativity and opening their forum up for all of us!! The post will be up soon on Runner's Lounge...I did not get the video to Tom until late last night....SORRY TOM!! So here is my question I hope you ALL play along..

Scarecrow asked for a Brain, Tin Man for a Heart, and Lion for Courage. If you could meet the Wizard of Running and ask for anything what would it be? When your wish was granted how would your travels down the Yellow Brick Road of running be different?

It is no secret that I am NOT PATIENT. The most glaring and simple example of this is that I HATE to wait in line, I don't have the patience for it. As a Runner waiting in line is a necessity, from packet pick-up, to porta potties, to start lines, to post race grub, waiting in line is a MUST...
I would ask the Wizard of Running for PATIENCE. I believe that a dose of Patience would make me a better Runner, Mom, Spouse, Friend, Co-Worker, etc. etc. I always feel rushed and pressured. I want to be faster, stronger, better, run more races, achieve more things, skip ahead, more more more, now now now. PATIENCE!! Slow down! Enjoy the road. I truly believe that Patience would help me Enjoy the journey down the Yellow Brick Road of Running. I would be able to find the Zen that I seek and with time I would achieve my GOALS.

  • I leave you with this DORKY video shot after my 14 mile run last weekend. The trail is actually called The Foothills Trail, not the Orting trail....sorry about that..I was not about to retake the video, people were already gawking wondering what I was up to. Turn down your volume, the road noise is bad.



Marlene said...


Marlene said...

heehee, okay... patience is a good one! Love your analogy.

I'll have to wait to watch your video at home. :)

Working on a post and TRYING to squeeze out some creativity juice. Haven't done a TiaRT in tooo long.

unathleticrunner said...

Great video!!! I'm jealous but it looks like you have been getting some soggy runs in too :)

Kim said...

Everywhere you run is so GREEN! Love the dorky video!

Genesis said...

great video. so does the trail run alongside a major highway?

I would as the running wizard for speed and then patience. I have the same issue, I CANNOT wait for something for more than 5 minutes. after that period of time I am royally pissed and irritated, so yeah....patience should probably be moved to my first request...lol

Shelley said...

Good quality to ask for!!

As a grad student in the sciences, I regularly forget that people might actually have to put "grownup" clothes on for the remainder of the day... When I wear "grownup" clothes to work, it's a sure sign I'm going to spill some bad chemical all over my clothes!

I usually wear running gear/warm ups of some sort to work every day, and bring extra to change into if I run midday so I'm at least not standing around in sweaty gross clothes. Effort? None necessary.

I could be sopping wet from rain, and no one would even care.

Props to you for running in the middle of your workday! :)

momof3 said...

Sure, patience is something that all mothers/runners can probably relate to, but the thing that I would ask for isn't speed, patience or even to be the tall one (I'm the "short one").

I would ask the Wizard for a STOMACH of STEEL. Yes, I think I could enjoy my run down the yellow brick road if I wasn't worried about the location of the next honey pot, be it portable or in a fixed location. I would love to be able to eat what I wanted the day before a long run without needing to feel concern that I will, er, "unexpectedly be ill" on the front yard of a 1.2 million dollar home *I really REALLY hope the owners of the 1.2 million dollar home had a sense of humor and/or are runners. Life would be good. I could run with a greater sense of peace.

Hope you have a stellar day! And I love the video! Dorkiness is endearing! (right?)

Running, kind of. said...

Cute video! I can't believe the traffic is that loud, it didn't seem that bad in person!

I would ask the Wizzard of Running for never-ending motivation and love of running. With that I would always lace up and head out. Sometimes it is just so hard...But with motivation and love things fall in place naturally, almost effortlessly.

Fun question! I haven't gotten into the Runners Lounge site, I'll have to check it out!

Lacey Nicole said...

YES way to represent in the Runners' Lounge shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was totally going to do that but didn't have a good camera. :) LOVED THE QUESTION! i just posted mine :)

and patience... perhaps acquire a buddhist running buddy! :)

RunToTheFinish said...

ohh this is such a hard question!! wow and you picked a great answer. Patience, ack sometimes I am better than others....but usually not so much!

RunToTheFinish said...

ohh this is such a hard question!! wow and you picked a great answer. Patience, ack sometimes I am better than others....but usually not so much!

X-Country2 said...

I can't even stand to listen to my voice on my message machine. Your video is so cute!

J said...

Mel I love the video that is a great idea! Now I want to do one for my TIART hosting!! I am sorry I didnt get to post on this today for you. This week has been crazy with work. This was a great topic!

onelittletrigirl said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your video!!!

Seriously, did I mention...I love your video! You are too cute! And ps- fabulous topic!

ShutUpandRun said...

Great video, nice to see you live and in person.

MCM Mama said...

Great question and great answer! I've been mulling this one over all day and my post may be along the lines of not knowing what I want, which may of course be what I need to ask for - to be less wishy washy LOL.

Robin said...

Hey Mel,
Love Runner's Lounge and your video. :) Great to put a 'real' voice w/ your writer's voice.

Sooo envious of your fall running weather. We've had our hottest October on record 90's+ x 12+ days straight w/ humidity to equal; hoping for a break in temps this weekend. Cross your fingers and send some of your weather (even if it is soggy!).

Hmm... from the Running Wizard? Strength - looking for inner strength to go the distance. (It's coming!) :)

Hugs from Orlando,

busyrunningmama said...

I would ask the running wizard for NO PAIN, everyday it is something else! Heels, knee, etc I want to run as many miles as I can and feel great afterward without stretching, ice, etc.....is that selfish???

Jo Lynn said...

It's nice to hear what people sound like. ;)

I would definitely ask the running wizard for some cartilage for my knee so I could be rid of my arthritis. :(