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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taking back my RUN

Welcome to new Tall Mom Bloggy pack members!!

Thanks to ALL for your comments on my last post...I really want to be smart and not suffer an overuse injury. I also want to PR in my Halloween Half. I have decided to just go with my body, I know I am more than ready. Now it is just putting one foot in front of the other.

I am soooo EXCITED for Bloggy buddies Britt and Jesse for their first Marathons...wonderful race reports for both. CONGRATS!! I am on pins and needles waiting to hear how Lacey did...UGH every Marathon should have the option to (stalk) track athletes.

Stats for 10/17:
10.51- Miles
Time- 1:30:19
Pace- 8:35
Afternoon run to try to beat the rain. Sore knees and a soaking wet last 2 miles.

I had planned on doing a 15K self-race (was on my training plan last week). I took the first .5 at warm-up pace then planned to increase the speed. As I zoomed up the first incline I realized that I did not have the SPEED in my legs. So instead of stressing about my pace I planned to just RUN and incorporate some TOUGH hills. Here is the bullet point version of my LONG run.

  • Dressed for the rain in my thick long sleeve jacket...I got HOT at mile 1. Should have run home and dropped off my jacket.
  • Stopped at mile 3 because my head and HEART were not in the run. I turned off my Ipod and looked around. Self-assessment and internal conversation, "It does not matter how fast you run! Just put one foot in front of the other, don't look at your Garmin, and enjoy this crisp Fall day." Polly Pessimism was left at mile 3!! FINALLY
  • I tied my jacket around my waist and it drove me CRAZY!! Must be sure to under-dress on race day.
  • Smells: BBQ, Dryer exhaust, Wet leaves, car exhaust, and Burger King.
  • The BRIGHT Red, orange and yellow leaves are soooo PRETTY!! I plan to get out with my camera before they are all gone. Made for an amazing setting to run.
  • Felt light headed at mile 7.5, I did not bring water with me, but ate a Strawberry Gu Chomp and felt a little better. I need to wear my Nathan Fuel belt, I was thirsty the whole run.
  • The RAIN started to pour at mile 8...funny all I could think was "I hope that I am channelling the rain so that Lacey and Robin can be DRY in their race tomorrow." LOL like I have any power over mother nature. I was GLAD that I still had my jacket because the rain made the temp DROP and it was COLD!
  • The last 1.5 miles I kicked it up and was PROUD that I did not let my bad week and sore legs get the best of me.

So there you have it, one more LONG run in the books. I am OFF to the craft store to put together my costume and to Fleet Feet for something SUPER EXCITING!! Happy Sunday!


Kathleen said...

YAY for your awesome run! Haha, I ALWAYS smell Burger King on my morning runs- their breakfast biscuits smeelll so good :)

Suzy said...

Way to leave Polly Pessimism at mile 3!! Sounds like the rest of the run was good and you learned a few things. It is always good to enjoy a fall day..even if there is rain.

Ashley said...

Just found your blog and I love it. It is such an inspiration for a beginning runner. I'm using the C25K program. Do you have any suggestions or tips for someone just starting out?

Bernadette said...


Any chance you sent Polly Pessimism heading California way??? I think she may have tried to interrupt my 5 miler this morning, I almost let her but decided not to and was glad I didn't.

I can't wait to hear who wins the necklace tomorrow! (pick me pick me)

Happy Sunday!!


Relentless Forward Commotion said...

great run! I can't wait to see what kind of costume you come up with!!

Mrs. Spencer said...

Thanks for your posts! I love reading them! Good luck with the Halloween Half...I have many friends that are running it and I so wish that I could...but I did suffer an overuse injury training for the St. George marathon and now I'm rehabing it and getting stronger but still not allowed to run that long of a distance yet. It's kindof hard when you want to do everything...but sometimes your body tells you otherwise. Don't push yourself too hard...but have fun and you'll do great!!!

Unknown said...

good job with the long run. glad you kicked polly pessimist off the trail!

Janice {Run Far} said...

I hate it when Polly Pessimist visits.... way to shake her out of your run. I had a GREAT marathon today... I will get a post up tomorrow. let's just say... sub 4 hr...... with 18 min to spare... :) BQ was in reach.... but didn't even know I was going for that time, so didn't try till the last 3 miles. I am certain my last mile was my fastest... how cool is that?

Unknown said...

Do you wear a ball cap on rainy runs? I never did, till my friend Jenn told me about it. The most annoying part of the rain for me is it running down my face and into my eyes and the brim works wonders!

Good job on listening to your body and just enjoying the run, it's creepy sometimes all the things we smell isnt' it?!

robinbb said...

Love the bullet points. Your channeling didn't work so well, it was a soaking wet run and way too cold, but thanks for thinking of me! I figure my next marathon can't be any worse so it was great training.

sam said...

I love the "just put one in front of the other" self talk. sometimes i feel like i cant get out of my head and i think that is a saying that will keep me going! i am stealing it from you!

Native Stone Company, Inc. said...

You are just awesome and so inspirational! I don't think I would even think to do a self assesment. Look what it did for you!
Laughing at the BBQ. That's what I smelled all through the race and it wasn't very pleasant for me.

Thanks for the happy thoughts! I have to say reading back on all of your marathon reports/advice helped SO much! :)

Jen said...

Good job sticking with the run. I always feel better after finishing a bleh run!

Velma said...

Way to go. Sometimes you just have to go where your body takes you. It sounds like you are READY for the race. I can't wait to hear about the costume.

Cassie said...

Thanks for your great post today. I thought about you saying you noticed the leaves, etc and it helped me to enjoy my run more than I thought I would.

I Run for Fun said...

Great run...and loved the internal dialogue! Fall is such a pretty season.

Lynette said...

I got my Fleet Feet gift card in the mail Friday:) And I also found new running pants at the Adidas Outlet for $6.95!!! Yay for frugal mommies! Great job on the run babe:)

Jo Lynn said...

I've experienced some of those things myself. Being over dressed is horrible. Tying a jacket around your waist and having the sleeves to deal with - blah! Stopping at mile 3 and assessing the situation? Oh yah, been there. You either have to start over from there or turn your butt around and go home. Good job on regrouping and continuing your run. ;)

Kerrie said...

Good job on pushing through! So excited for your Halloween run -- can't wait to read all about it!

Marlene said...

Taking your run back - I love it! Way to push through and not let those internal AND external factors get you down.

How do you run that far without water? I can't go more than 5 or 6K without needing a drink.

Anonymous said...

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