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Friday, October 9, 2009

HIGH Five Friday

HIGH FIVE- Racing/Events this weekend:
Heather- Baltimore Marathon
Jill- Baltimore Half Marathon
Morgan- Chicago FIRST Marathon
Beth- Chicago Marathon
Mrs. CJ- Chicago Marathon
Carlee- Hartford Marathon
Rick- Hartford Marathon
Marci- Steamtown Marathon
Lindsay-Bourbon Chase
Jen- Run Austin RUn Half Marathon
Suzy- FIRST Half Marathon HMRRC Marine Corps
Ashley- Tufts Health Plan 10K
Lacey- Tufts 10K

HIGH Five LONG runs-
Chocolate Shoestrings- 16 Miler
Kat- 15-22?? Depends sickness

HIGH Five Giveaways- Please Tell them Tall Mom sent you
Lazy Bones Running- Book Ends 10/15
Shut Up and Run!- Kisses
Team Marcia- Trader Joes Ends 10/18
Tall Mom- Gu Ends tonight
Molly- Amazing Grass Ends 10/31
Tall Mom- COMING SOON!!!
Run to the Finish- So Many Giveaways Ends??
HIGH Five- Hugs to the Injured/Sick/Nervous:
Me Too Marathon- Stress Fracture
Shut Up and Run!- Rockin the Stress Fracture Boot at Target
Miles of Kate- Surgery
Kat- Getting over the GUNK
Shannon- GOOD Luck on the GMAT!!

***If you would like to be added to one of the lists above, or start a new list, let me know and I will LINK you in (as soon as I can).. Also, if you have something coming up for a FUTURE High Five Friday, let me know and I will add it to the Tall Mom calendar….If you give me the info you WILL end getting a HIGH FIVE or two, or three…

HIGH FIVE it's Friday!!!


Marlene said...


Happy High Five Friday! Have a GREAT weekend!!

ShutUpandRun said...

Hey thanks for the shout out to me on your blog for the kisses and the injury. I appreciate the love!

Suzy said...

Thanks for the High Five!! I hoep everyone has a great weekend. GL to all the racers.

Velma said...

Thanks Mel - good luck to all the racers :)

X-Country2 said...

I love high 5 Friday! Have a great weekend.

Laura said...

High 5's to all. You guys are my motivation/inspiration/celebration.
Happy weekend -a 3 day one for us Canucks.

Running, kind of. said...

HA! I was definitely not referring to you with my giant shoe picture! :)

See you at 9!

Britt said...

High fives to everyone! Good luck this weekend!

Mel - I'm giving a BIG HIGH FIVE to you! I think you're freaking AMAZING to remember everyone EVERY friday!
You're awesome! :)

Lacey Nicole said...

wha-whaaaatttttt is UPPPPPPP happy friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehehe. gosh i get so much energy here. i was so happy to see someone listed under my race i totally didn't know! i went right over to her blog and HOLLA-d at her and wished her luck :)

high fiveeeeeeeee!!!!

Amanda said...

High five's and happy friday's all around!!

Molly said...

High Five Back, and have a great weekend, would love it if you could link to my Amazing Grass Giveaway:



RunToTheFinish said...

you are such a sweet blogger, seriously!

onelittletrigirl said...

You forgot me :( I am running Baltimore this weekend too :)

Love the hugs! <3

Jen said...

You totally rock! Thanks so much for the high five! Can't wait to tell you all about the race! :)

KAT said...

Haha, I didn't see my high five at first, but THANKS!!

Marathonman101108 said...

Thanks for the shoutout! Good luck to everyone else.

Jo Lynn said...

Your high-five list is GROWING!

mengembalikan jati diri bangsa said...

This familiar greeting from blogger Indonesia
good luck and keep the spirit

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lindsay said...

thanks for the shoutout/high five!