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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fleet Feet Bonney Lake Half Off!!

Want to see this view?? Head to Bonney Lake, WA
A Seattle based Radio Station is offering $100 Fleet Feet Bonney Lake Gift Cards for $50. That is HALF OFF people!! There are 22 left to purchase. If you live local check it out. The store, like most running specific stores, has slightly expensive gear....BUT the people are great. And if you need to be fitted for shoes I HIGHLY recommend making the trip to Bonney Lake... (AKA Tall Mom's Home town)..

Find the website HERE


Genesis said...

i cant believe you only paid $50 this year. that's a pretty steep climb to $85 for the half. So are you gonna run the half or full?

5 Miles Past Empty said...

YAY!! I got mine this morning!! I can't wait to get it!! I need some winter gear big time!

Oh man, and gorgeous pic of Mt. Rainier! I love that mountain! I can't see it enough and each time I do it takes my breath away! Absolutely beautiful!

KmCaCFamilyof5 said...

Great pic of the mountain... one of my favorite views of Mt Rainier is right at the top of 410... there's something about driving up the hill, and seeing that giant thing right when you get to the top that takes your breath away.

{will run for margaritas} said...

Love the picture - so beautiful!! I wish I lived out there!

Marlene said...

Sweet deal! Definitely take advantage!

(Nice view, too!)

Jo Lynn said...

Aaaaw, so sad I don't live near by. Glad you said that though (being priced high). Some things it's worth paying the high price for but I think those stores, you are paying for the service you get.