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Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Running Date

Stats for 10/10/09:
Time- 2:01:01
Pace- 8:38
Cool morning on the Orting trail, 8 miles with Amanda and 6 miles solo.

I met Muscle Man on Match.com so I am not stranger to Internet dating....however Internet running dates, yesterday was my first. And I am happy to report that it was WONDERFUL!! As I pulled into the spot where we planned to meet there was a pony ride set up....UMMMM there was a pumpkin festival going on and cars everywhere. GREAT didn't plan on that! Thankfully Amanda found her way and quickly received a Tall Mom Hug...WARNED YOU :) HERE is Amanda's account of the day.. I am VERY sure that her fear of running with me is over...thanks to all who lightly convinced her to run :)

Quick self-photo before the Run. My plan was to run Amanda's pace during the first 8 miles and see where my legs were after that point for the last 6. Wow does a run go FAST when there is no shortage of conversation. We are natural running buddies, a match made in Bloggy Heaven. The trail was brisk just under 50' when we set out. Once we got past the BUSY town there were not many people on the trail...lots and lots of fishermen on the river. As promised I did not look at my watch.. Below are our stats from my Garmin 305:

mile 1-8:46
mile 2-9:07
mile 3-9:09
mile 4-8:58
mile 5-9:12 (I stopped to Gu and drink but turned off my watch)
mile 6-8:57
mile 7-8:56
mile 8-9:01

SUPER great pace and run. When we were done I was not ready to run alone...it was too fun having company. As running Moms the days are planned out...so I knew she had to go. A few more photos...
Amanda adorable in photos and in person..
I should have taken a picture of the Orting town festival. When we finished our run there was a Pirate Parade going down the trail. I TOTALLY planned it.. Just kidding. There were vendors, a car show and people dressed in costume. Not the usual quiet trail.
Amanda wins for the best self-portrait. My cousin's girlfriend, who is a Marathon runner, told me about a Marathon training program hosted by Fleet Feet. It is $100 and includes personal designed training plan, nutritional support, clinic sessions and group runs on the weekends. I can use my half price gift card to cover the cost. So it would be $50!!! Starts in January to prepare for the Tacoma Marathon the first weekend in June. I am considering signing up...Amanda is thinking about it too.. Will see.
I KNOW we will run together again soon!!
The rest of my run was BORING...I wanted to see if I could pick up the pace after having 8 miles on my legs.. Here are my post buddy stats, I took a quick break to change, say BYE and drop off my fuel belt.
mile 9-7:51
mile 10-7:55
mile 11-8:14
mile 12-8:19
mile 13-8:19
Half Marathon time- 1:53:41
Mile 14- 8:08
Other than the WEIRDO guy with no shirt on, the run was uneventful. I knew I would reward myself with a Smoothie after the run. Funny thing is the lady who helped me is a Marathon runner. She had just run Portland Marathon and said it was GREAT... Hmmm my in-laws just moved to Portland. Geeeezz this running thing is an addiction..
Congrats to ALL the runners this weekend. Beth, Morgan, and Carlee you ladies ROCK!!


ShutUpandRun said...

Glad the running date worked out. Great 14 miler at a fast pace!

Kelly said...

Awesome 14 miler! It's so fun to find new friends!

Lynette said...

HAHAHAHA...I was going to tell you about the Fleet Feet Marathon program, because we were in there on Friday night, and they told me to tell you about it:) I just happened to mention my marathon running friend...'cause you're cool:P

Native Stone Company, Inc. said...

So happy for you and your new running buddy! That is so fun to have someone to run with. :)
Great pictures! I love the running outfits. :)

RunToTheFinish said...

some of the best running buddies I have were a result of blogging!!

Teamarcia said...

How fun to have a running partner! And yes this running thing is totally addicting!


Totally hear you on the running buddy thing (happy to see you found a new friend)... I get to run with my best friend on every long run and I can't imagine having to do it without her.

And I almost always seem to find a race to run when visiting people/vacationing/etc ... seems like such a waste not to!

Jen said...

Awesome! Great times BTW. It sounds like you two had a lot of fun together! :)

Janice {Run Far} said...

So jealous. Glad you all had a great time and run together. Great pace speedy... :)

No Longer Using said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! so much fun. so glad it was a good match :)

i love all the photos! and you guys really match-- pants and head wear!!!!! hehe.

Marlene said...

Sounds like fun! Great photos!! I'm jealous! :)

Strong pace for the entire 14!

That marathon program sounds amazing... that would be $100 ($50!) well spent.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

awesome!! nice run and pics too!!

Jo Lynn said...

Yay for bloger buddy meet-ups. And yes, running with someone while you're chatting and laughing away is SO great. Even running with Boomer makes it nice. ;)

Juliet Fieldew said...

Hey Mel- a happy beginning! Glad it worked out so well, and I hope you have lots more happy runs together!!

X-Country2 said...

Yay for successful running dates!

Sarah Jane said...

I'm so envious! Hurray for Bloggy Meet-Ups. Nice pace, guys!!!

Um, MORE on weirdo guy with no shirt pls!!!!

Lara Robinson said...

YAY, running buddies! They make everything so much better! Glad your blind date worked out. :-)

Aron said...

arent running buddies THE BEST!!!! love them :)

Lindsay said...

sweet! hopefully you guys will be able to meet up and run often!

Velma said...

Looks like a fun run. Join Fleet Feet. You will love it - I know that I did :) I may do it again this winter if I can get the guts to do another marathon :)

Molly said...

how fun that you guys got to run together, I've been following her blog too, so I enjoyed reading both of your posts about it!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

YAY! Awe, you are so sweet! I must say you are adorable in blog, facebook, AND person too! I had a great time and can't believe how the miles seemed to fly by! Soon I will be able to hang in the sub 8 min/mile range!

And super excited about Seattle! Is this a secret!? Ha ha!

Swim, bike, what? said...

I love the notion of a blind running date :)

Glad it worked out so well for both of you!

Christina said...

what website did you find your blind date running partner?

Anonymous said...

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