6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Confessions of a Tall Mom

1. I can't FOCUS. Muscle Man and I were chatting about 2010 race plans. He is toying with running his first Half Marathon!! I am so excited I could barely focus on work all day. I just kept thinking about what race, which training plan he should use, how we will work babysitting so we can run together, getting him new shoes, etc..

2. I have an enormous Zit near my right eyebrow. I hope it does not show up in any of my race pictures. Seriously this thing could have it's own zip code. I wonder if 90211 is taken?

3. I was a BAD Eater this week. Brownies 3 days in a row, and more than one helping on each day. Chicken Fingers and Onion Rings yesterday. Countless trips to the Candy Lady's cube in my Office. Today my Stomach is acting up....What could ever be the cause??

4. I am secretly wishing that the High Five Friday Movement would spread and that I would show up on one of the lists.

5. My addiction to coffee is getting out of control. I used to have a Latte in the morning and be fine the rest of the day. Now I need a mid day jolt and have even fired up my coffee pot after dinner.
**I took the photo at the top of this post on my Blackberry and I think it is AWESOME!! What you cant see in the picture is the WIND and drizzle, oh how I hope tomorrow morning the weather is PERFECT.. Which leads me to my last CONFESSION.
6. I am NERVOUS for my Half Marathon (#2) tomorrow. Thankfully I work well under pressure. It is all the unknowns.. The Course. What to Wear? Run in Costume or running gear? Arm Sleeves or under armor shirt? Should I run with my fuel belt? Will it rain? How fast is my competition? The list goes on and on...
These are my confessions.. If you have anything you need to get off your chest feel free to leave your CONFESSION in a comment.


Kelly said...

Good luck on your Half Marathon! I hope you wear the costume but only for my entertainment, not if it's going to be uncomfortable!
I really want to take up the High Five Friday but doesn't it take you forever to write down what everyone is doing and keep it all straight? I don't know if I am that good haha

No Longer Using said...

i'm so glad you texted me!!! :) good luck mel remember FIERCE!!! i am a giraffe, hear me ROARRR!

i am currently watching sleepless in seattle, just FYI hehehe.

no worries on that coffee. as long as you are able to sleep...

and my secret for pimples cuz acne runs in my family BOOOOO--
Clearasil Acne Control Adult Acne Treatment Cream, Adult Tinted (it is a sulfur cream, and skin color tinted= amazing).

Indi said...

Just wanted to say good luck! I don't blog, but do read yours all time time. Such great accomplishments in such a short time. Good Luck on tomorrow's run, I'm sure it'll be awesome. And a total High Five for the very cool costumed Half Marathon!!!

Kerrie said...

I thought the picture was an oil painting! You're gonna do great in the race! Try to get some rest.

I wish I could think of a good confession, but I can't. Maybe there's just too many things I should confess...

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

1. I am jealous of your advanced planning abilities. Yeah for hubbs and the could be 1st half marathon

2. zit. Crush an asprin and mix with water to make a paste. Put on zit.

3. Bad eater. I just finished a carton of ice cream. (ok it was yogart but that's just extra sugar) Later comes the confession.

4. High Five Fridays. I don't think I am a good enough blogger for that yet but I'll work on it.

5. Coffee. As I am still breatfeeding, I try and limit it to the a.m. but I understand the addiction!!

6. Nervous. No way. You are so ready! No matter what you wear, no matter what the course, no matter what the weather. You are going to use all the training you did and leave it on the course and be successful. This east coast bloggie friend will be thinking of you and running with you virtually. (when is your start time, I'll start my long run "with" you!)

My confession: I am freaking out about not having a race planned until late November. My November marathon thoughts were dashed (sold out! even the half). So tonight I didn't run, didn't workout, just had a pity party and tried to find something yummy that would make me feel as good as running does. It didn't work. Gee, I just commented an entire blog. Sorry.

Run Strong!

Rookie on the Run said...

If your pimple gets the zip code 90211, it'll be close enough to come visit me once in a while!

You so deserve to show up on High Five Lists! Maybe I'll come up with my own version of High Five Fridays... I'll be sure to mention you. :)

Brownies are my most favorite indulgence! I especially love the corners and the edges. <3

Confession: I have eaten most of the little fun-size Peanut M&Ms from our giant bag of Halloween candy. Yum!

You will do awesome tomorrow! I can't wait to hear about it.

Cassie said...

Good luck tomorrow Mel! It will be great. I have been a twix monster today..get me through Halloween!

Another good thing is to use visine on the zit, it'll reduce the swelling and make it less red for the pics!

Unknown said...

You are totally not alone in the eating. Today, the day before the half, all I had was JUNK. AH! Why, what am I doing?? It's called the eating holiday!! I had a good dinner and a solid BF planned. I am nervous too! I will check in when I am done!!

High Five Fridays...you want that to catch on? I thought it was your thing, with your own little logo and all!! I am sure if you were ok with it, others would start!!


Unknown said...

You can run in anything!!! If it sucks, peel it off and toss it. I am using my fuel belt even though there are water stops. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you said it best yourself "Thankfully I work well under pressure."
Use the butterflies to your advantage and let them carry you across that finish line.
I have no doubt your going to Exceed your expectations.

I can't wait to read your race report!


Taylor Tribe said...

Mel- just wanted to wish you all the best with your race 2morrow. You will do GREAT!! Here's a HIGH FIVE from all of us to YOU :)

Jo Lynn said...

Good luck tomorrow. Knock 'em dead!

As far as your bad week of eating goes - eating brownies three days in a row - you can't just jump into that. You need to train, just like running. Your body needs to be conditioned slowly to be able to process those brownies. I know, I know, I make eating like that(dessert after every meal) seem so easy but you seriously have to remember, I'M OLD! I'm conditioned. Got it? ;)

Suzy said...

Have a great race! You are ready and thus won't say good luck. My confession: I eat sweets, lots and lots of sweets.

Kasey said...

my newest confession is that I went to the movies last night with the fam and me and my husband (and my children- a little) ate 2 med buckets of overly buttered popcorn. What is wrong with me I ask you? I think its all the extra running that is making me so hungry! I need more fuel in the tank maybe! But it was so good!!!!

Kim A. said...

Have a good race! My husband is running a Halloween 4 mile race today; in the pouring rain! I hope you are having better weather.

Anonymous said...

Have an awesome race. I'll be thinking of a speedy giraffe all day

Unknown said...

Ooohh..I love confessions!! If it were me I would totally be nervous about the unknown, too. I would use the costume, lose the fuel belt. I would not worry about the brownies, just make up for it next week with lots of veggies.

I would love to do a High Five Friday. You should post some specific instructions, so we can do it Tall Mom style!!

Good luck at the race!

Katie said...

I will start doing High Five Friday. I think it's a great idea! We all need a little encouragement. Cough my eating has been out of control. And my face is mess... Wow who knew we were so in common? I would totally help form a challenge with you for eating for the bloggers until Turkey Day if you would like? If we could come up with good guidelines.

Unknown said...

Your eating sounds very similar to mine this past week. I need to get the brownies out of the house!! Add that to my confession that I did not run once in the past week, and things are not good. My little girl is starting to feel better though so NO EXCUSES next week!

That would be awesome if your hubby runs a half! So fun to do together!


did you write this post about me? I think you did. Pretty sure most of those things also happened here this week!

Hope the 1/2 went well. Can't wait to hear how you rocked it!

fancy nancy said...

Good luck on the half! I'm sure you ROCKED IT!!! My confession....I've eaten more Halloween candy than one human should ever eat!!!

Marlene said...

Hope it helped getting all of that out. I'm not sure of the race time/time difference, but you should be racing now. Can't wait for the results. I know you killed it!!!

SO EXCITING about MM running a half!!!

Alisa said...

Go MM, he should do Eugene Half when you could come and do it or Race for the Roses.

I have a HUGE zit on my chin too, ugh! Hate those, I thought we were supposed to grow out of them.

I too, haven't eaten great. I had fried chicken, I NEVER eat fried chicken. Man was it good but I have a lump in my tummy still.

Tricia said...

Hope the 1/2 went well!

Unknown said...

I hope your half went well, can't wait to hear about it!!

Unknown said...

DID YOU WIN!?!?! :) Hope you got a new PR--I hit all my goals! Thanks for the encouragement!

Redhead Running said...

I hope you had a great run today girl!!!

Aron said...

i used to do shout outs every friday to all the racers but i just couldnt keep up with it!! :) you are awesome with your high fives lady!

Megan said...

I'm glad to hear you have a caffeine problem too. Between kidos, half-marathon training, and work, I have to take 5hr energy drink a few times a wk to get it all done. But I guess that's standard mom stuff.

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