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Thursday, September 3, 2009

You have ?'s Tall Mom answers

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The FUN part of the Peals of Wisdom Giveaway was reading all of the ?'s.. This is going to be a LONG post but I will answer every question.. Here goes...sorry no pictures...

Velma as Running with Boys asks:
Do you really like being tall? If you could be 5'5' would you want to change?

I LOVE being Tall and would not change my height. I am 5'11 and 3/4 but I round up to 6'0 because it sounds TALLER. My entire family is TALL with my "little" brother at a near giant 6'9. I have always used my height to my advantage is my sports playing Volleyball, Basketball and throwing in Track and Field. The best part about being Tall and running in races is that I am easy to spot for those watching for me and I can see above the crowd.

Tobi the Busy Running Mama asks:
How do you know if you are getting enough calories and the right calories for the amount you are burning exercising?? I am always starving and not trying to lose weight so I struggle with this!!!

Gosh wish I had a great answer for this one, I too am always starving. I have found that I crave specific things, which I feel, means I am lacking in that mineral.. I am always craving salt so I have started taking salt tabs which has helped with those cravings. There are some great books out there on nutrition for Runners..and tons of tips online. My trick is to make sure I stay very hydrated and take a good balance of vitamins and minerals.

Fair Weather Runner asks:
Do you have animals?? what's your favorite meal, and how do you cook it? do you weight train?

  • Yes we have 1 box Turtle named Tally. We had a water Turtle named Hermie that I found at a Golf Course while living in Spokane, but sadly he passed about a month ago.

  • My FAVORITE meal is anything that someone else makes....you see I DON'T COOK...Muscle Man makes amazing Chicken Enchiladas and Homemade Chicken Stew, he would have to tell you how he cooks it, I just chop things.

  • Muscle Man is always recruiting me to lift with him, he lifts 6 days a week. I get in there maybe twice a week. As a college athlete I lifted nearly every day...and I got pretty burnt out. Now that I can lift on my terms I am less dedicated. I know that to be stronger and faster in my running I will need to work on my legs, arms and core..
Amanda at 5 Miles to Empty asks:
How exactly do you know which foot to put the timing chip on?

This question is in reference to my recent 10K when I had the re-usable timing chip on my right foot when it should have been on the left. Will have to do more research on this one. From now on I am going with the left foot to be safe..

Croughwell at Running in Hawaii asks:
What position did you play in basketball?I was a Center/Post and played for Gonzaga University. At 6'0 I was pretty short in the Division 1 ranks, but what I lacked in height I made up for in heart. I played hard and never gave up. I really attest my current semi-speed to years of sprinting up and down the court.

Ashley at Journey to a Better Me Asks:
What's ONE running accessory you could not live without?
Can I please pick 3?? SPANDEX...I love Spandex more than anything. Short, mid length, capris, tights, etc. I have Athletic thighs which can rub together and cause issues over the LONG run...but spandex keep me comfortable. GARMIN 305 running watch, I love knowing my pace, distance and all my stats. This watch was the best Christmas gift EVER. Ipod Shuffle, I hate running without music and my little shuffle keeps me moving!

Alisa at Ambitious Aspirations asks:
What is/are your favorite brands of long running pants/tights? The verdict is still out on this one. Since I run in Washington I tend to steer toward tights because the rain is less likely to add major WEIGHT. I have tested LONG pants from Lucy, Brooks, and Nike.

Jenna Z asks:
How long have you been running?

Running...I used to run around my neighborhood to stay in shape for my sports. If I was sitting in front of the TV Mom would hand me a basketball and say "Go dribble this around the block." I ran a 5K when I was 19 for FUN and ended up winning, we won't talk about my time because I may never see that SPEED again. I started to think of myself as a RUNNER when I registered for my first Half Marathon and was training 4+ days a week. So really I have been a RUNNING for about a year seriously. I got my Garmin for Christmas last year...that was when RUNNING got to be techno stats fun..

I Run for Fun asks:
What is the best part of being tall? (I am a shorty...barely 5' 3").
Hmmmm...I like being able to reach things on high shelves, see above the crowd and find my family easily in a busy area. I would say that I loved being tall growing up because it gave me an advantage in athletics. My height helped me find a niche in life..

Heather at Run Faster Mommy asks:
Question, hmmm, what's your sign? haha just kidding :) What is your favorite post run food to indulge in? good or bad
I am a Gemini.. And I LOVE Ice Cream...would eat it all day long if I could. Generally Post Run I crave salty chips and Smoothies.

KK at Running Through Life asks:

1) Love that green shirt you are wearing in today's picture post. Care to share where you got it?

My BRIGHT green racing shirt is Nike and I bought it at Nordstrom Rack.

2) Do your kids like to run with you (ie: in the stroller)? Are they going to become fellow runners one day?

Our son's are loaded in the Double Jogger, all 80lbs of them, for our family runs. Most days they like to come along. Blaine, our oldest, tells me that he will run Marathons someday and is very excited when he "Runs FAST!" I know they will play sports, not sure which ones yet..

Candice at I Have Run asks:
What do you do for a living?

I work in the Event Planning group for a very large Company. I am blessed to make enough to support my family so that Muscle Man can stay home with our boys.

Robin at Running Circles Around Turtles asks:
(Okay, get ready to laugh)... Do runners really NOT wear underwear (other than the lining in running shorts)?

333% for comfort reasons I just wear shorts. I am not sure what other "runners" do but i recommend trying out many different options. Most running shorts are made with the insert so you can avoid the extra fabric of underwear.

Running Laur asks:
You show a bunch about your kids at races and the track. I love to know what your thoughts are about them being in sports or other activities. Do you have plans for them or are they showing interest in anything of the sort? Ready to drive to all those soccer games, etc?

Not sure that I am ready for Soccer, that in one sport I have never played. I truly feel that being active in athletics helped me growing up. Sports helped me to be goal oriented, make new friends, travel and just have something productive to do. I hope and pray that my boys will want to compete in athletics. At this point I would love it if they played Basketball or Ran, mainly because I would have a knowledge base to help them. Blaine is REALLY good at kicking a ball, so I guess I should buy a lawn chair with an umbrella.. Soccer mom!!

Shelly at Swim, bike, What? asks-
1) I recently injured both my ankles after mile one during some training. I hobbled back home, but need to know what to do to strengthen them so I can get back out again?
There are several ankle strengthening exercises you can do..my recommendation would be to make an apt with a Sport Physical Therapist and have him/her teach you the recovery exercises you should be doing. I tore my ACl in my knee my senior year in college, I was blessed to be surrounded by sports trainers and therapists. Often the best this you can do when you are hurt is go to the experts.

(2) how often do you replace your shoes? And what shoes do you like? I am VERY aware when my shoes are done, comes from years of athletics. Generally I will replaced shoes from 300-500 miles. I will keep the pair that is nearly done to wear on shorter runs and save my good shoes for the LONG runs.

I currently trade between Asics Gel Kayano 15's and my bright green Pearl Izumi W's Syncropace III HERE. I am on the hunt for some new shoes as the Asics make the top of my foot hurt. I would really like to try Brooks. I will need a new pair for the rainy season as both my current pairs have too much mesh for the Seattle Rain.

Marlene asks-
Do you ever miss college basketball?

I miss my teammates, traveling, the food and feeling strong in my sport. I do not miss the long hours of practice, followed by tape, strength training, rehab, skill work, etc. It was hard to balance school, sports and any sort of social life. I am GLAD that I was a college athlete and would not trade that for the world. But miss it? Nah, I love being a Wife, Mom and Runner!!

There was a common theme so I grouped them together..

Marlene Asks-

How do you find the time to work full time, take care of your family/home, spend time with your boys, blog like crazy, read and leave comments on tons of other blogs, etc. etc. etc.?

I can do it all because I am married to Muscle Man and he lets me have my time... Thanks honey!! It is called multi-tasking.. I get up a little earlier and stay up a little later. I am a fast writer and typer, posts don't take too much time. I am also a fast skim reader, but will come back to the certain posts when I have time to FULLY dedicate. I draft MANY Blogs on Sundays when the baby is napping. That way if I have no time during the week I can just hit GO.

The Running Lawyer-
HOW DO YOU HAVE TIME FOR ALL THIS STUFF? Do you sleep? Do you drink enormous amounts of caffeine?

I LOVE coffee and although I do not drink enormous amounts, I will take Coffee breaks to Blog and comment.. I run on my lunch hour and I Blog before and after work. I find the time because I love it...

Morgan at Caution Redhead Running-
How on earth do you manage to find the time to blog, comment and manage that manly little household? You are a machine woman!!!! :)

Well thanks Morgan!! Make no mistake, I do not manage my household. I make the money but our household is a partnership. My husband and I balance the workload, often he takes on more than me. He knows that I love to run and to Blog, so together we find the time..

Thanks for all the fun questions... OK now that I have bored you all completely... Do you want ANOTHER GIVEAWAY?? Or should I wait a week or so??


Native Stone Company, Inc. said...

I think this was my favorite post of yours! I cought myself saying "ME TOO" for most questions. :)
I think it's so great how close your little family is and the support you all give to each other!

RunningLaur said...

It's so cool that Muscle Man can be a stay at home dad, you're so fortunate to be able to do it with just one income!
Here's another question for another time - how do you pull together all the giveaways for us? Is it just asking? Hooray giveaways!

Jo Lynn said...

A real-life Mr. Mom? Oh, he probably doesn't like being called that, does he? I don't think it matters which parent stays home with the kids but I think a family is damn lucky to be able to have one do it. ;)

Yes, I take my camera all the time! You never know when a photo opportunity is going to pop up.

No Longer Using said...

holy crapola you played for Gonzaga?! wow i learned so much about you from this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND you tore your ACL.. hello!!!

1. i played college bball (albeit, D3-- middlebury college in VT-- NESCAC)

2. i tore my ACL my junior year!!!! pt/rehab was an incredible experience. i think it was the same/even more so for you, we were lucky to be college athletes when we were injured.

Felice Devine said...

I knew I liked you for a reason -- fellow Gemini!! ;-)

Marlene said...

I LOVED reading all of your answers. Wow, some people had GOOD questions. Thanks for sharing!

Did you say GIVEAWAY? Bring it on! :)

busyrunningmama said...

Thanks for all the answers today!!
Oh and yes to the giveaway!! I haven't one one yet so bring it on!!!
Hope you have a great long weekend!!

Aron said...

awesome post!!! so many great ?s and answers :)

Anonymous said...

So many answers I was nodding along with!!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Great answers to fun question!

Another giveaway!? did anyone say NO? Because i totally say YES!! :)

Laura said...

It makes me feel a little better actually, that your husband stays home, because I couldn't figure out how you do it all either. I try not to compare myself to people but geez...Glad you get help...You're awesome.