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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tempo and Family Runs

FYI I will be answering ALL of the questions posted on the Pearls of Wisdom Giveaway...so if you have a question let me know...

9/1 Tempo Run
Time- 40:06
Pace- 7:59
5.01- Miles

Cool day, running solo on the trail near work.

My FIRST ever attempt at a Tempo run (Rookie, I know)..McMillan says that my Tempo pace should be 7:29-7:48…but I am trying to get a FAST 5K on September 19th which gives me 18 days to connect with my inner Gazzelle. The run started off poorly, my Ipod Shuffle is MIA…have looked EVERYWHERE. UGH!! Thankfully my Zen-Runner Co-worker was not using her Ipod Touch and let me borrow…she has GREAT music!! My Nike phone arm band fit the Ipod perfectly and I was OFF..

I set out for a 40 minute tempo run, I decided to run a slow first mile, fast 2nd and 3rd, and cool down 4th and 5th.
  • Mile 1- 7:56
    Oops this was supposed to be a slow warm-up.
  • Mile 2- 6:52
    First FAST mile. My body loved the speed for about 1/2 mile, then got mad at me for holding it and responded with a KILLER side ache.
  • Mile 3- 7:29
    The side ache continued as I ran over the train tracks where I ALWAYS lose Garmin. My pace was a bit slower due to the turn and the loss of signal.
  • Mile 4- 8:59
    When I got to 3.1 I SLOWED and settled into a relaxing run back.
  • Mile 5- 8:50
    Sped back up at the end TRYING to get a sub 8 minute 5 miler.

First Tempo run I did OK.. I need to run the first mile slower and keep my speed in the middle. From this run I am VERY curious if I can get sub 7 minute miles for 3.1 miles?? Muscle Man and I ran a lot this weekend, below are our stats..

STATS for Family runs:
4.01- Miles

Time- 34:57

Pace- 8:43

Rainy run with fussy boys. Started FAST the first mile then faded. I pushed for a few miles because Muscle Man had tight legs from lifting.


4.29- Miles

Time- 38:24

Pace- 8:56

Pushing only Easton, we were supposed to do 6 miles...it didn't happen. I planned to drop them off and head back out but will make up the 6 miles solo this week. Still getting hubby in running shape, he is getting WAY better.


3.01- Miles

Time- 24:45

Pace- 8:14

Misty day, perfect temperature for a RUN. The boys were great and Muscle Man was pushing had to get a 3 mile PR. Great training run, he is going to FLY when he does not have 80lbs of kiddo to heave around.

Why do I look so crazy you ask? Because I am sporting my $3 Garage sale finds. The tights are Brooks and nearly NEW- $1, retail around $50. The top is Nike $1, bummer the top is a bit tight and rode up on the run, so I may see if it fits Blaine (Compression Top= Toddler Track Cool). And the beanie just in time for FALL Running!!!

This Brooks hat is still for sale at Fleet Feet for $18.. SCORE!! I know some people may be a little grossed out by second hand gear but really once you wash it is HOT a few times it is all yours... and put it this way, if you opt to throw it off in a race you are not out a bunch of money (I am talking about the Hat of course).
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5 Miles Past Empty said...

Wow! Great garage sale finds! I have the brooks tights too! But they are SO tight, which I don't mind but I have bigger legs I am certain! They aren't the best fit for me.

Awesome times! You can do an all out death run to get sub 7 min miles in your 5k. Right? It is only 3.1...keep telling yourself that!

And good job with your tempo runs! Funny that you sped up in your last mile to get a faster time. Too competitive with yourself! :)

Native Stone Company, Inc. said...

Awesome deals! Nothing better than a great running bargin. :)
Your times are awesome! I'm so jealous! You'll kick butt at the 5K. :)

Unknown said...

Wow!! Great times, I WISH I could run under 8!! I did 8:50 tonight so that is good for me! Sweet running finds by the way!!

Jo Lynn said...

A 6:52 mile? Holy moly! For an ENTIRE mile? Gawd!
Gazzelle? More like a Cheetah, girl. ;)

No Longer Using said...

lol! looking good!!!! i need a garage sale like WHOA! but all i ever find is crap,.. not running gear! :)

i totally think you are right on the edge for the 5k pace!!!!! the key will be to not burn out the tank on the first mile to get faster the second mile and run your FASTEST mile that third mile. when is your 5k??????

and i'm totally interested in your jewelery venues!!!

Marlene said...

My first thought was that you look like a super hero! You just need a cape. :) Sweet finds!!!

AWESOME on the tempo run. You have some SPEED in those legs. Sub-7 miles for a 5K are in reach.

Melanie Tait said...

Looking sharp, Mello! Thanks for the advice on the sleeves - they would be great, but it's my upper arms and shoulders that really need protecting. I'm waiting on some $$ back from the tax office - then i'll get a technical shirt... :)

Felice Devine said...

Love the running bargains. Woo hoo!

Nice job on the tempo.

Alisa said...

I never even though to look for running gear at a garage sale =).

Tempo runs are great at building speed and endurance at the same time. I really should do more of them!

Redhead Running said...

You look HARDCORE in your gear woman! LOL! :) Rock it!