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Monday, September 7, 2009

Super 7

Stats for 9/6:
7.03 Miles
Time- 1:04:54
Pace- 9:13
Fastest Mile- 8:03
Less Fast Mile- 9:53
Hilly run with the double jogger. First time Hubby has run more than 5 miles!!

We got up early on Sunday. Muscle Man looked outside and said "We better go the rain is coming." The plan was to run 7 miles. We loaded the Little Studs, snacks and the DVD player with CARS. To avoid fussy kiddos we opted to run in our area, which means HILLS! Those of you new to Tall Mom have not experienced my creative names for the local HILLS. "HILL" takes on a whole new meaning pushing 80+lbs of kiddo.

We went down "Car Killer Canyon" and headed toward "Mount Doom." (Mount Doom is about .4 of gradual incline with a Fire Station at the top.) Hubby and I pushed the Little Studs up TOGETHER, it was TOUGH...steering especially. Once we made it to the top we got to rest and wait for the light at the crosswalk. Green and we were off. Blaine dropped his baggy from his Little Smokies so I had to run back to grab it, I have a STRICT no littering rule.. (LOL)

The next section I had never run, only drive. Running past the Golf Course and to newly developed housing. The bumps made for a fun game of "Fetch the Sippy Cup." The tunes of CARS kept us moving and the boys were content. We looped around to make sure we had 3.5 and headed back toward home. There were a few rain droplets, but it was not raining. My stomach felt WEIRD around mile 5 and I knew I needed to get to a bathroom fast.

Down "Mount Doom" and Muscle Man was SPRINTING.. Stroller aided but still, he was FAST! I could not get my legs to speed up or my stomach to calm down. I fell behind. Eventually I caught up, next up "Car Kill Canyon." (The Sharp incline gets the name from the countless cars that stall waiting at the light at the top...and for the winter when the icy roads sent cars sliding back down) I had planned to push the stroller to get some MAJOR training in, but I did not count on having a sour stomach. Muscle Man went ahead trying to use his momentum to get up the hill.

WOW!! I could not keep up...AMAZING! WE both had to walk the last little bit of the hill, but I was 333% impressed that hubby was favoring so well on his longest run EVER. Last .5 to HOME! We sped up and I was thankful to see my garage door open...made it just in time... YUCK! (Sorry TMI) The boys were great, Muscle Man was strong, and we all did 7 miles together. And FYI 5 minutes after we got home the RAIN POURED buckets...and buckets... We ran during the only dry hour of the day...LUCKY!!

**So I know you are wondering when is the next GIVEAWAY? If you understand my obsession with 3's you may be able to guess. If not stay tuned...fun times AHEAD!!


Sarah Jane said...

7 miles WITH the jogging stroller? You guys are unstoppable! I love it!!

Happy Labor Day!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite number is 3!!!

I am super impressed by the 7 minute miles WITH a stroller! I don't think I could run 7 minute miles if a bear was chasing me!

Kerrie said...

Great job on the 7 miles! Sometimes I get an upset tummy while running, too. It's SO annoying.

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

holy crap! You guys are super couple!

Unknown said...

that jogging stroller makes for some killer training it seems. well done!

EricaH said...

i think it's really wonderful you and your husband run together, my husband wouldn't run if I paid him :)

Jo Lynn said...

Congrats to hubs for running more than five miles!

And, that pace of yours - seems a little slow. :)

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Oh man! No fun to have a yucky tummy! What happened? Something you ate? And to run so well despite! You are pretty much amazing!

Oh yeah, and no it would not be creepy or stalkerish if you looked me up on facebook! :) I'll email you here in a bit!

Hope you feel better!

Marci said...

Sounds like a great 7 miler!

Swim, bike, what? said...

Wow. So inspiring. My longest runs have been 5ks...and I'm proud of that...but I hope to have a time when 7 miles doesn't seem so unreachable. RunMan (my hubby) just got back from a 5 miler as part of his 10k training. He's done some 7 and 8 miles...and I hope to join him one day.

Keep up the awesome and inspiration family work!

Marlene said...

Woohoo, congrats on the 7-miler! Muscle Man is doing SO WELL! Sorry about those tummy troubles...that happens to me all too often.

Hmm, I've been wondering about those 3's... lol!

busyrunningmama said...

Great job on the 7 miles, and the tummy troubles, I had the same issue last week.....It's terrible. I had to stop running and walk fast with cheeks clinched to get home, talk about TMI territory! Glad you made it home " just in time" , cuz I know it's a bad feeling!!
Love that muscle man did his first 7 miler, I am due for my first 7 miler this coming weekend, yikes!!!

No Longer Using said...

you're getting some rain, huh???

i cheated and read your next post first, lol.

congrats on hubs' long run!