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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Skies parted

Labor Day morning and I was TIRED!! The plan was to hit the track for interval training in the AM, and hopefully beat the Football team practicing on the field. Well...Tall Mom needed about 3 cups of coffee to even get moving. So Track time was postponed.

Once lunch settled (Tuna fish was a bad choice) I was READY! The Skies were full of dark clouds ready to dump at any moment. We put sweatshirts on the Little Studs and brought the Double Jogger and rain cover just in case. As we approached the parking lot to the track the windshield wipers were on FULL BLAST. A little debate and we drove away....only to U-turn less than a mile away. If we were going to get a run, we were going to get WET.

New plan, Boys in the jogger, Muscle Man and me, drenched testing out a new HILL we found while trying to make a decision to get out of the car. FUN!! Blaine was upset that we were not going to the track so I told him we were going to look for "An Animal in Trouble." (For those of you who do not watch cartoons this is a Diego reference.)

We RAN up the hill, rain drops pushing us down. It was refreshing! The total out and back on the new sidewalk was 1.5 so we ventured over to the track. Muscle Man told me to go while he unloaded the boys. THE SKIES PARTED!! Seriously the timing was PERFECT. As I finished my .25 there was not a rain drop in sight. Blaine called me "Magic."

We ran a few laps, sorry no pictures did not want to get the camera wet. As we headed out the High School Football team was getting ready to practice. Blaine was mesmerized by the tall players dressed in pads and cleats. He wanted to stay and watch, TOO CUTE!!

Not the Interval plan, but we made it work.. OK off to catch up on all of you lovely Bloggy friends....GEEEZZZ you have been busy.

Have a GREAT day!!


B.o.B. said...

Sounds like you are Magic! Way to improvise. Sometimes you just have to say "Eff it, I'll run in the rain!"

(Thanks for the compliment on my photos!)

X-Country2 said...

I love that you get your kids so involved in running. Yay for healthy life styles!

Kathleen said...

I love running in the rain :)

Marlene said...

Way to tough out the rain with a fun family run!

Looking for an animal in trouble... too cute. My niece would LVOE that!

Jen said...

Blaine is smart...all moms are magic!

Sounds like you guys had a blast! :)

No Longer Using said...

future footballs star!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can get those intervals next time :) sounds like you got some great work in!!!!!!!! i absolutely adore your family workouts!!!

Velma said...

I thought the wonderpets sang about animals in trouble :)

BTW, love the new outfit.