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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quote Wednesday

Today I have ZERO time to Bloggity Blog.. So I leave you with the quote above.. I received an email this morning that made my spirits soar...to be told that I am an "Inspiration" is the most amazing compliment imaginable. More about Inspiration tomorrow.
  • What made your Spirits soar today?

  • What will you do today to test your limits?


Unknown said...

great quote

Alisa said...

Wednesday is trifecta workout day so that will test me--big time!!

Surprisingly, my drive to work today made my spirits soar. I complain a lot about the weather in the NW but on days like today, I feel so grateful to live here. Things are green (even at the end of summer), the sun is out, the mountains are shinning in the background, people are friendly, I'm just so lucky! (Only wish I could take a long walk, run or ride out in this gorgeous weather...alas that will have to wait until later.)

Janice {Run Far} said...

I have been told I am an inspritation and I love it... but really I think I am just crazy when it comes to running. I am really now thinking about an ultra 50 miler Next May... you are the first I have told... wow!

TOday I tested my limits by doing 45 min of spin and then went out and ran 6 miles, with 15 min on the rowing machine to top it all off. It really wasnt hard, or really a test... but I have always wanted to do a tri and going from a hard a$$ spin class to running under 9 min miles for 6 miles made me think if I could get the time to start swimming... maybe I could be a triatlete too. :)
Have a great Wed.

Marlene said...

Love the quote. And you ARE an inspiration! I know you inspire me.

Your awesome comments this morning made my spirit soar!

Not quite sure what I'll be doing to test my limits today... so far I'm trying to channel some positive energy during a particularly craptastic day at work.

RobinLK said...


Definitely, definitely, definitely. I know you don't typically go back and read, but there's a message for you AND mom, if you get one minute. Meant a lot to hear how much....

Hugs from Orlando,
R. :)

Anonymous said...

What tested my limits? The girl in my class who would NOT stop making noise all night- tapping, clicking the pen, crinkling bags....AHHHH!!!!

Being Robinson said...

spirits soar? knowing that a few things are starting to look up for me ;) future race planning, big news in the robinson house.. you know!