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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moeben- Where Fashion and Function Run Together

Yesterday when I got home there was a box waiting.. LOVE to get boxes!!! This box was from Shannon with Moeben. Shannon is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G runner, mom, and business woman!! I will be talking more about Shannon and Moeben in my full product review coming soon. For today I wanted to post a couple of the FUN photos we took yesterday. Moeben sent sleeves for the Little Studs, Blaine felt like a super hero in his sleeves.. It was ADORABLE. He has a personality a lot like his Mommy, you can often hear him say "Take my picture." And he is ALWAYS trying to hop in my product pics...so he was happy when he was the STAR yesterday.

The sleeves look cool, will keep the sun off his sensitive skin and are a great alternative to long sleeves.
The sleeves also have little pockets.. I do not want to know what I will find in my son's sleeves.
Butterflies in bright colors!! Hello...it is like these sleeves were made for me. I will be testing the sleeves on my 10+ (depending on 5 Miles to Empty?) run tomorrow.
I was losing my little model, but I thought it would be fun to get our tandem flex on.
The sleeves are made of a very comfortable material that is lightweight, I barely felt like I was wearing anything. And the fact that the sleeves brought the SMILE to my Little Studs face. Priceless.
More to come on MOEBEN soon.. If you are interested in finding out more click HERE. There are many more styles and colors...fashion and function.. Love it!!


Nicole said...

Love the sleeves! Such fun prints. As for what you'll find in your son's pockets.....this week in the washing machine I found rocks and some matchbox cars. Sand from the sandbox would be a good bet, too!

robinbb said...

I am SOOOO jealous of your sleeves. I saw Moeben at the Boston Expo and went to order them when I got home and the variety of prints was not the same. I have been waiting to order them until their online store has the ones they had at the expo. So cute on the boys as well, my girls would be in heaven!!!

Irene said...

Your little guy is so cute with his "muscles!"

I've never tried those before, but they look comfortable.

Marlene said...

How cute are those sleeves? Yours AND his! Love 'em.

AWESOME that you got your headband so fast. Just mailed it on Tuesday. :)

Hope you likey.

MCM Mama said...

What a cutie! Those sleeves look awesome!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

too cute that the little man got sleeves too :) I just picked up a pair last week for cycling.

Marci said...

Aw those pics are so cute!! Love the matching sleeves!

Unknown said...

I love those sleeves!! Definitely something a MN runner could use. It is supposed to be 50 here on Monday! Hello fall!

Jo Lynn said...

Lots of people here wear those. I'm considering getting some for cycling. The butterflies are really cute. ;)

Jennifer P said...

Sweet sleeves -- I think I'll be needing a pair (much cheaper than buying a mat long sleeve shirt).

You will find in your son's sleeve pockets, in no particular order:
- rocks
- broken sticks
- crushed goldfish crackers
- dirt
- parts of cars

At least that's what I'd find in my son's.

Anna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the motivation! Your son is ADORABLE in his sleeves!

fancy nancy said...

How can you stand the cuteness?! I love the sleeves too! Definitely good for those cool starts!

RunningLaur said...

Hey Mel,

Did you get to do a Fall Five Miler (or 5k) run this week? If so, send along your time and I'll add you to the list.

Hope you're feeling all better too :)

5 Miles Past Empty said...

WOW! Those are SO cute!!! I love the butterflies!! And pockets too!? How genious!! And your little man...that is too cute! Now if we can put in special orders I would be getting some spiderman arms!

Sorry I didn't make it out for your long run today! But for sure soon!!!


5 Miles Past Empty said...

Pt. Defiance is right close to my house! That is where 5 mile drive is and it is hilly! We could totally meet there! The only problem is that Sunday morning Levi is having a friend over, so we could do it Sat AM or Sunday afternoon??

No Longer Using said...

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! this is the cutest photo shoot EVER!!!!!!! look at those smiles!!!!!!!!!! awwww. the prints on the sleeves are awesome! so cool!

Native Stone Company, Inc. said...

Oh man! Love the Moeben's! I've been thinking I "need" some for my fall marathon. Such a cool concept and the butterfly's are cute! The boys look to cute for words in their little sleeves! :)

Alisa said...

How stinkin' cute are these photos?!?!?! UM-VERY!

What a cute little guy!

I've never tried on arm warmers, I think they look kinda silly but maybe if I found ones with butterflies I'd think differently. =)

Lisa said...

Cute pictures! I've never tried sleeves like this but they're definitely tempting. They'd be perfect for weather like this!

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