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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lessons Learned and Race T

WELCOME to the new Bloggy Pack members and THANK YOU to those without Blogs who send me emails to say "Hi," I truly love to hear from everyone!!

After every race I like to list the things that I learned, big, small, OBVIOUS, etc... So here is my list from our 5K yesterday. I know seems silly since I PR'd...but we can always learn from the things that go well and those things we could have changed.

Run Wild 5K Lessons Learned:
  1. Always thank the Volunteers and cheer for the other runners. Yesterday when I was waiting for Muscle Man to Finish I was able to slow down, thank the volunteers and CHEER for everyone running by and crossing the Finish Line. This made the race much more enjoyable than if I had just run off in my own world. And the lady passing out the oranges, standing in a puddle of water, seemed happy that someone acknowledged her existence. A Thank you goes a LONG way!!!
  2. If you know it is going to be a wet day bring dry clothes, socks and shoes to change into after the race and CHANGE!! I brought everything but opted not to change and FROZE waiting for the awards. I was sick to start the day but I may have been better off if I had been smart and used the dry warm gear I brought. Fall is coming, plan accordingly.
  3. Use your strengths! For me the first mile of a race I can run FAST! Something about the start line, weaving and the adrenalin. Yesterday I let up a little that first mile to conserve for the last 2.1.... I could never find that extra SPEED and now I wonder what would have happened if I would have run with my strength. I had fuel in the tank when I finished, but no race left.
  4. Run a race with your best friend. Although I quickly left Muscle Man once the race started I LOVED the fact that he was there with me to pick up our race numbers, wait in line, and cross the FINISH LINE. A Race is so much more enjoyable when shared with those close to you..
  5. If you run with an Ipod/Music use it during the race. I am not sure if music would have made a difference in my race, but it could not have hurt. I left my ipod in the car so I could talk to Muscle Man. REALITY...if we are giving it our ALL we wont be chatting...

Posing in our race T's. Funny our last race together we got Red T-shirts too..
Second race, first 5K!
I ALWAYS seem to pick a size too big for Race T's..Muscle Man has inherited a couple (Including my AWESOME Sugoi Rock 'N' Roll Seattle Marathon Technical T). In my mind I am still an XL. This is me in Hubby's Shirt a Large.

OK earth to Tall Mom you CAN fit in a Medium and it WILL look much better. SWEET! I look like I lost 15lbs just by changing my shirt..
  • This week is going to be BUSY at work...I will TRY to get some Blogs lined up ahead of time. I am typing SICK and hope I can kick it... Maybe racing in the rain when under the weather was a little ummmm dumb? Live and Learn. Anyhow... Tomorrow, as promised I will host a little Giveaway.. Hint... New Socks Anyone???


Mel-2nd Chances said...

You're right, a thank you does go a long way and the volunteers are so important in a race. Congrats again on your PR!

Croughwell said...

Today, I was telling my daughter to thank the people giving her the water and the post race. I always thank the volunteers!

Anonymous said...

i love that you always have lessons learned; it's so true!

hmmm new socks; sounds exciting! (i just threw in a load of laundry just so i would have socks!)

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

ooh socks! Great shirt!! Congrats again on the awesome race :)

No Longer Using said...

awwwwwwwww!! RUN WILD!!!! :) loving the smiles!!!

i really like the after thoughts/lessons learned. i need to do this more often. i totally agree with all. the first thing i do after a race is take off my sneakers and socks! i have to have sandals with me. love changing into a dry shirt, too. often the race shirt makes this possible.

Alisa said...

Absolutely to:

Thanking the volunteers and to running with your best bud.

Mr. Pi is always miles ahead of me but just knowing he is there and will be waiting at the finish line is the best feeling ever.

Marlene said...

I never know what size to order. I can fit anything from M to L to ZL depending on the make. I hate when a race shirt doesn't fit!

Good lessons - thanks for sharing. I agree that we can always take something away from a race.

Good reminder on changing clothes. I've learned that the hard way too!

Hope your week is off to a GREAT start!

No Longer Using said...

yes!!! you can enter as many captions as you want!!! i will add that to the contest deets-- thanks for thinking of that!!!! :) and your first caption is PRICELESS, i love it.

Anonymous said...

I volunteer ALOT and as a racer I always remember to thank those on the course etc...it is amazing how many people ignore the volunteers. You are right...it goes a lonnng way!

Lisa said...

I agree, it's super important to thank the volunteers - especially when they're out there in the rain or snow, or even when it's 90 degrees! We wouldn't be running if it weren't for them!

These are all great lessons. I hope you feel better soon!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the lessons and cute photos. You look fantastic in the medium. What type of iPod do you have and how do you wear it? Although I train with an iPod, I usually don't race with it because the cord gets in my way when I'm trying to go fast (relatively speaking, of course!).

Miriam @ Sometimes Sporty said...

Although I know this is an older post I want to make a comment. A lot of 5k/road races in general, do not allow the use of headphones during the race. A smart idea is to do some of your training without headphones so it's not such a shock on race day :)