6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Behind and BQ

I am BEHIND on Blog Reading and I highly doubt that I will find 3 minutes to rub together to catch up.. I pride myself on being a GOOD Bloggy friend but this week....I may not be... APOLOGIES and Hugs from Tall Mom..
It is Boston Qualifying (BQ) Time for a couple wonderful Bloggy Friends.. Thanks to Britt for the Garmin photo which I doctored to a stellar BQ time. I know my paint skills are AMAZING!! (JK)... Please send Speedy leg and good weather vibes to the WONDERFUL, DEDICATED and FAST ladies..

Aron at Runner's Rambles (HERE)- This lady will be running the Cowtown Marathon on 10/4 and is poised for success. Her infectious smile, addiction to Nike tempo shorts and dedication to running will keep you coming back for MORE. Get that BQ Aron!!!

Robin at Westford Mommy (HERE)- This Mommy blogger is no-nonsense. She has trained on vacation, with a stomach bug, as a single Mom when her hubby is away and still manages to put in BIG miles. Her weight loss and energy for running is infectious. Please stop by to wish her good luck in the Twin City Marathon. Get that BQ Robin! And Bonus while you there you can enter her AWESOME Giveaway HERE.

  • BIG PINK Announcement Tomorrow :)


It is not often that I cannot find my words, when I am Speechless... Today is a RARE day.. TRYING to catch up on my Bloggy friends I visited Running Circles Around the Turtles (HERE). It ALWAYS amazes me when I find my name mentioned on any Blog. I wrote a comment to Robin about who/what inspires me to RUN. Had she not put my name in front of the words I could never have claimed it.

"I don't have a specific person but when I ran the Race for the Cure in 2008 I was overwhelmed by the number of Breast Cancer survivors running.. So often people find reasons not to do things...reasons that have no real merit but are seeded in self-doubt. Then there are people who chose to keep going to "Do" instead of trying. Who live life to the fullest and say "Cancer you will not take my health." Those people inspire me."

Breast Cancer has not directly hit my friends or family (Thank God), but to me Cancer is Cancer and it all SUCKS!! The Cause and the Cure are close to my heart. I am working on a few things...putting plans in motion and will have an announcement SOON.. Here's a hint...
Tall Mom is going PINK!!!
  • Coming up on Tall Mom: Product Reviews, Giveaways, Good Luck BQ Shout Outs and High Five Friday....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seasons Change

My Collection is COMPLETE!!! When I visited New York a few years back..I was slowly strolling around Central Park sipping a latte and eating a $1 bagel. Perusing the street vendors, I purchased an AMAZING photo collage of the Bridge in Central park captured in every season. When I got home I had the photos framed and today the collage hangs above our couch. This INSPIRED me to TRY and get a photo of my favorite place to RUN, the Orting Trail, every Season. It is not the exact place on the trail in every photo...but that adds to the charm..
******Your Mission...should you chose to accept it, is to complete a set of Seasonal photos. Trust me this time next year you will be happy you did :) ******

Monday, September 28, 2009

Running Laur's Fall Five Miler TWICE

Running Laur's (Virtual) Fall Five Miler was PLANNED for Tuesday the 22nd... Since I was dead to the world sick on Monday and Tuesday of last week and ran 3 milers with my newly-wed work-lunch-running-buddy Shelby I postponed my RACE to Sunday.. And since I JUST signed up for a Half Marathon on Halloween...I needed to get in a LONG run. So I did the Fall Five Miler TWICE :)
Ready to go with my BFF on bike and with the camera..
Full gear: Brooks EZ T and gloves, New Balance Tights, Headsweats ear cover and Moeben Sleeves. The outfit ROCKED!!

  • When I got to the Orting trail parking lot I turned on TRUSTY Garmin only to see a "Battery Low" warning. REALLY? I guess with my foggy head last week I never fully charged my Garmin...UGH. I headed to the Restroom...and vandals had covered the toilets and sink with toilet paper and other unmentionables.. UGH UGH! Being the nice person that I am I did my best to clean up the piles of white tissue....thankfully it all flushed down.
  • It was about 43' when I started, I could see my breath. My bargain $5 Brooks gloves, Headsweats ear cover and new butterfly Moeben Sleeves did the trick!! Loving my FALL running gear. Charity arrived wearing her Pink (the singer) concert T-shirt, "So What I am a Rock-star..." We stretched and hit the trail. Garmin went into paperweight mode before I even got started...so we used Biker Buddies watch timer, thankfully the trail has mile markers.
  • My legs felt AMAZING! I really wanted to test my pace, but without the Garmin help I just RAN...no watch, no music. At about mile 2.5 Charities bike was acting up...so I went on ahead. The trail smelled of Fall, wet leaves, moss and pungent River. It was a mix of good and REALLY bad...not sure if people left dead fish around after they got their full, but YUCK!! Running alone can be SCARY especially on secluded sections.
  • I ran past a man in a trench coat.. Ummmm...what is in his pocket? Internal Thoughts " You are Tall and could take him if he tried anything. But what if he has a tazer or gun? He may try to drag me in the bushes...Charity is not far behind. Speed up, and run to the FAR left you will be OK." Heart pounding and I made it past him. Why do I ALWAYS worry?
  • Half-way I tested a new flavor of Gu, which confirmed my theory, I am a PLAIN Gu person. The Moeben Sleeve pockets held the Gu and did not slip...BONUS!! I felt STRONG.. Charity caught up and we snapped a couple photos for my new header....what do you think?? The rest of the run we talked and I felt GREAT! My only issue was slight pain in my left arch...but I have new Brooks shoes coming so hopefully that will be fixed...
Me and my buddy...ALWAYS blurry..

Fall Five Miler TWICE= 1:25:33
Unofficial 5 mile time= 42:33ish

On a FAMILY note we went on our Annual trip to the Corn Maze and Pumpkin patch on Saturday. And to the the Fair just after I ran my 10 miles. I am one TIRED Mom today..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Have you seen that Commercial?

Have you seen the commercial where the guys are talking about their blackberries and the one guy does not have a certain network so his blackberry will not work in the building? And he says that it is in "Paperweight Mode." Today I got to the Orting trail to start my 10 mile run, forgot to charge my Garmin this week and you guessed it "Paperweight Mode." UGH and UGHERS!!

I used the 10 Miler for my Fall Five Miler for Running Laur...since I was a FEW days late I opted to do it twice. Full RACE report and new Orting Trail Fall pictures tomorrow..

The BLOG will also be getting a NEW photo in the AM....hope you LIKE it!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moeben- Where Fashion and Function Run Together

Yesterday when I got home there was a box waiting.. LOVE to get boxes!!! This box was from Shannon with Moeben. Shannon is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G runner, mom, and business woman!! I will be talking more about Shannon and Moeben in my full product review coming soon. For today I wanted to post a couple of the FUN photos we took yesterday. Moeben sent sleeves for the Little Studs, Blaine felt like a super hero in his sleeves.. It was ADORABLE. He has a personality a lot like his Mommy, you can often hear him say "Take my picture." And he is ALWAYS trying to hop in my product pics...so he was happy when he was the STAR yesterday.

The sleeves look cool, will keep the sun off his sensitive skin and are a great alternative to long sleeves.
The sleeves also have little pockets.. I do not want to know what I will find in my son's sleeves.
Butterflies in bright colors!! Hello...it is like these sleeves were made for me. I will be testing the sleeves on my 10+ (depending on 5 Miles to Empty?) run tomorrow.
I was losing my little model, but I thought it would be fun to get our tandem flex on.
The sleeves are made of a very comfortable material that is lightweight, I barely felt like I was wearing anything. And the fact that the sleeves brought the SMILE to my Little Studs face. Priceless.
More to come on MOEBEN soon.. If you are interested in finding out more click HERE. There are many more styles and colors...fashion and function.. Love it!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Experia Socks Winner and RACE

The WINNER of the Experia Socks is- Robin at Westford Mommy. Robin has been a reader and supportive/helpful commenter on Tall Mom for a LONG time. I appreciate her knowledge and positive vibe. She will be RUNNING the Twin Cities Marathon on 10/4 and is going for a BQ time!! Congrats to Robin. Please email me your address, sock size and color selection.

The search is OVER for now I am will be dressing up as this for Halloween...

That's right I will be a Half-Marathon Runner... I paid my money and will be running the Frightfest Half Marathon in Rochester, WA on October 31st...Halloween (Details HERE). At just over half the price of the Seattle Half this will leave me more options for more races and fill my VOID of having nothing on my racing schedule. Countdown starts now. 10 miler this weekend.. YIPPEE!!!

Tall Mom High Five Friday

Welcome to Tall Mom High Five Friday, never been to High Five Friday? Every Friday I will open up Tall Mom to all of you. Everyone needs a High Five now and then might as well come from me. Also the list gives you all a chance to Blog Hop and spread virtual High Fives to Bloggy friends near and far..

HIGH FIVE- Racing this weekend:

HIGH FIVE- Good Luck Training:

HIGH Five Giveaways-

Fairweather Runner

Killer Race Training Kit PRIZE

Drink the Kool-aid Now

HIGH Five- Generous Companies:

CLOUDVEIL (HERE): A Full product Review will be coming soon. This company is not a traditional running clothing company...but they sure do have some products that look and feel like running gear. Go check out the website and you will see what I mean.

Duo Tank and Skirt combo... So comfy and CUTE.. Have not worn the outfit to RUN yet but will soon.. More info soon! FYI this outfit is on HUGE SALE.. $34 for the top and skirt..
Stash Creek Hooded Jacket... Perfect for the drizzly Seattle days.

***If you would like to be added to one of the lists above let me know and I will LINK you in (as soon as I can).. Also, if you have something coming up for a FUTURE High Five Friday, let me know and I will add it to the Tall Mom calendar….If you give me the info you WILL end getting a HIGH FIVE or two, or three…
HIGH FIVE it's Friday!!!
*Winner of the Socks will be announced this afternoon...stay tuned..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

98 Days

I realized yesterday that there are 98 days left in 2009. Less than 100 days and we welcome a new year. Last month I decided that I would aim for a GOAL of running 1,000 miles in 2009.

2009 Total= 740.97
Miles to Go= 259.03

To get to my GOAL I will need to run roughly 2.64 miles per day, or based on 14 full weeks remaining, about 18.5 miles per week. TOTALLY DOABLE!I am very excited to be on track to reach my GOAL.

Thanks to EVERYONE for your comments yesterday. I will be searching the Running Event sites for a Fall 1/2 Marathon and Spring/Early Summer Marathon. I have been a little frustrated because no one website seems to house every local race (1 mile to Ultra-Marathon) in Washington State. If you have a "Go to" site that you can offer that would be GREAT!

  • With 98 days left in 2009...what would you like to accomplish before the calendar changes? And what are you doing now to reach those GOALS?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marathon Envy

Yesterday it hit me... I have a major case of "Marathon Envy." As I read countless Bloggy posts about long training runs, taper weeks, planning lists, pre-race anxiety and counting down to M-Day excitement, it hit me....I am envious of those who are poised to run a Marathon or who have just completed a Marathon.

It is sooo bad that I have thought about registering for a race that I am not ready to run or have trained for. It is sooo bad that I have toyed with registering for a race in the COLD of mid December.


When I crossed the Finish line of the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on June 27th I told my Muscle Man "Don't ever let me do that again." Oh how I forget!! Don't get me wrong running 5K's and 10K's is AWESOME! And probably the best races for me to compete in with a young childrenand stay-at-home hubby. B..U...T... I still long for Marathon Redemption. I want to RUN a race and have my dimples shine as I cross the Finish.

Not sure what the go-forward plan is. With Volleyball starting next Sunday, birthday parties to plan, holidays, few races offered and inclement weather approaching a Fall Marathon is not feasible.

Why am I telling you this? Not sure. I guess so I can pulse to see if I am the only looney in Bloggy land.

  • Do you have Marathon Envy? If so, how do you deal with it?

  • Have you ever run a Marathon that you did not train for? If so, what was the outcome??

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 4 Tuesday

I am still under the weather so a list is about all I can muster up today. Here is my 10 4 Tuesday:

1. Make sure you enter "Your Feet Will Feel Better" Giveaway HERE

2. I WON a Halo Headeband on Marlene's Blog!! Awesome. FYI Marlene is slated for Marathon redemption this weekend so make sure you show her some Bloggy Love this week.

3. Running Laur is hosting the Fall 5 Miler Today. GREAT idea, go check it out. I may not run today, but I WILL get it in this week.

4. My skin has been prone to break outs lately. UGH!! 30 years old and still PIMPLES!! I am in luck, Ashley contacted me and is offering some Artistry skin care products to test... Check it out HERE, review coming soon.

5. Muscle Man cleaned my car inside and out.. He does this often and I LOVE it every time!! Thanks honey.

6. I am EXCITED about my new Brooks Running shoes. Details soon!! I scored a pair of Brooks running gloves at the Outlet mall for $5.

7. I am working with Campus Quilts on a REALLY cool Project. Can't wait to share more with you..because YOU will benefit too :)

8. Candice completed her FIRST MARATHON this weekend. Check out her race report HERE.

9. The whole Tall Mom Family is STILL sick. In recovery mode and hoping to be on the mend soon. Lots of liquids and REST.

10. I am not registered for any races... UGH!!! I am on the HUNT for inexpensive races from 5K to 1/2 Marathon in the next few months. Within 100 miles of Puyallup, WA. ANY IDEAS? Also looking into the Spring running Season. I was thinking about running a Marathon mid-December but Muscle Man vetoed that quickly...something about running in frigid temperatures..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Your Feet will Feel Better GIVEAWAY

The Tall Mom Test Lab is going to be shut down for a few days as I try to KICK this sickness gunk. Thankfully I was able to test these Bright Yellow Pillows before I fell ill.
In my Sweats, chipped nail polish, no makeup.. Umm Hi World!! I am SICK.

EXPERIA by Thorlo (HERE):
  • COOLMAX fabric is the original permanent high performance moisture management fabric that helps move moisture away from the skin and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.
  • Experia eliminates all but the essential Thorlos exclusive think cushion padding, which is sculpted and contoured to match the foot's natural ball and heel strike pattern.
  • Protection without the weight and an aero-dynamic fit that hugs your foot.

Tall Mom Thoughts:

  • Wore and washed 3 times. The socks still feel new and COZY.
  • The padding is enough for comfort but not too much to be too hot. My feet felt cool even on a 90'++ day.
  • The Moisture wicking fabric worked on a hot day and on a rainy day.
  • I was sent the Yellow pair to test. I am a MATCHY-MATCHY girl so I had some issues with the color since I have no yellow running gear. I NEED a white or Orange pair. Once I put the color issue aside I was truly happy with the fit and comfort of the socks.

Because THORLO is excited to teach the world about Experia they are the sponsors for the YOUR FEET WILL FEEL BETTER GIVEAWAY today. Thank you THORLO!!

What will you win?

1 Pair of Experia XCCU Experia® Multi-Sport - Thin Cushion
with CoolMax®. Powered by THOR·LO pads

Pick your color: Yellow, Lime, Orange, Pink, Black, Blue or White
Pick your Size
Socks for Women and Men
*Guys FINALLY a Giveaway for you too :)
$13.99 Value


1. (Required Please) Go to the Thorlo website and click around. Learn about some of the great products and promotions including
  • Thorlos to the Troops (HERE)
  • Pink Ribbon Socks (HERE)
  • Thorlos Activities Socks (HERE)

Leave a comment and let Tall Mom and Thorlo know what you like about the website and which products you are interested in learning more about.

Extra Entries..

**1 COMMENT PER ENTRY Please :) Pretty Please :)

2. Tell me what you do to "Make Your Feet Feel Better" after a long, run, walk, ride, Work-out, etc. Leave a comment.

3. What do you LOVE about your favorite pair of socks? Leave a comment.

4. If you own a pair of Thorlo's tell me what you like about them. If not, which pair are you interested in purchasing from Thorlo.

5. Link back to this Giveaway and leave me a comment with the link.

Contest Ends on Friday 9/25 at 6:00AM (PST) with the Winner being announced later that day.

FYI if you REALLY want to win these socks go visit Busy Running Mama and enter her GIVEAWAY HERE.

And More Giveaways:

  • And Her Little Dog Too HERE **Please tell her Tall Mom sent you :)
  • Fun Faster Mommy HERE


I am home SICK!! I am sure it has nothing to do with running in the cold and rain when I already was feeling under the weather. Anyhow... The Giveaway will be up this afternoon sometime...

Happy Monday! Back to bed...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lessons Learned and Race T

WELCOME to the new Bloggy Pack members and THANK YOU to those without Blogs who send me emails to say "Hi," I truly love to hear from everyone!!

After every race I like to list the things that I learned, big, small, OBVIOUS, etc... So here is my list from our 5K yesterday. I know seems silly since I PR'd...but we can always learn from the things that go well and those things we could have changed.

Run Wild 5K Lessons Learned:
  1. Always thank the Volunteers and cheer for the other runners. Yesterday when I was waiting for Muscle Man to Finish I was able to slow down, thank the volunteers and CHEER for everyone running by and crossing the Finish Line. This made the race much more enjoyable than if I had just run off in my own world. And the lady passing out the oranges, standing in a puddle of water, seemed happy that someone acknowledged her existence. A Thank you goes a LONG way!!!
  2. If you know it is going to be a wet day bring dry clothes, socks and shoes to change into after the race and CHANGE!! I brought everything but opted not to change and FROZE waiting for the awards. I was sick to start the day but I may have been better off if I had been smart and used the dry warm gear I brought. Fall is coming, plan accordingly.
  3. Use your strengths! For me the first mile of a race I can run FAST! Something about the start line, weaving and the adrenalin. Yesterday I let up a little that first mile to conserve for the last 2.1.... I could never find that extra SPEED and now I wonder what would have happened if I would have run with my strength. I had fuel in the tank when I finished, but no race left.
  4. Run a race with your best friend. Although I quickly left Muscle Man once the race started I LOVED the fact that he was there with me to pick up our race numbers, wait in line, and cross the FINISH LINE. A Race is so much more enjoyable when shared with those close to you..
  5. If you run with an Ipod/Music use it during the race. I am not sure if music would have made a difference in my race, but it could not have hurt. I left my ipod in the car so I could talk to Muscle Man. REALITY...if we are giving it our ALL we wont be chatting...

Posing in our race T's. Funny our last race together we got Red T-shirts too..
Second race, first 5K!
I ALWAYS seem to pick a size too big for Race T's..Muscle Man has inherited a couple (Including my AWESOME Sugoi Rock 'N' Roll Seattle Marathon Technical T). In my mind I am still an XL. This is me in Hubby's Shirt a Large.

OK earth to Tall Mom you CAN fit in a Medium and it WILL look much better. SWEET! I look like I lost 15lbs just by changing my shirt..
  • This week is going to be BUSY at work...I will TRY to get some Blogs lined up ahead of time. I am typing SICK and hope I can kick it... Maybe racing in the rain when under the weather was a little ummmm dumb? Live and Learn. Anyhow... Tomorrow, as promised I will host a little Giveaway.. Hint... New Socks Anyone???

Run Wild 5K 09

This week the Little Studs and Muscle Man came down with runny noses and scratchy throats. I TRY to avoid catching the gunk...but I must have cuddled with the baby too much because on my way home Friday my throat was on FIRE and Muscle Man had major fatigue.. GREAT!!! WE went to be early hoping that a good night of rest would work miracles.

Lights out 9:05PM... During the course of the night, for various reasons, I saw EVERY HOUR. The baby was up at least 7 times....that child has a knack for pre-race nightly interruptions.. Eventually 6:45am chimed and I was UP! I had heard the rain pouring at 3, 4 and 5 AM, so I knew what we were in for.

Breakfast, Nuun and off to the Run Wild 5K at Northwest Trek. The In-Laws were in town for Muscle Man's 33rd Birthday so the kiddos were tucked in bed when we departed. The cars were piling in slowly to the Park and I realized this was going to be a BIG race.. COOL!!

Parked and snapped a picture...because we would not have a photog during our run..

Got our race numbers 69 and 70..and waited in the Honey Bucket Line. My Garmin was not happy with the Clouds but eventually found a signal when I rested it on a stump. Muscle Man was feeling faint and I told him he did not have to run. He toughed it out. TIRED, SICK and in the RAIN...the odds were stacked against us.

At the start line, in the RAIN, I noticed the 65 (now 66) year old woman who I barely beat at the 10K last month..Hmmmm... We were near the front, had our chips on and the horn blew. The plan was for Muscle Man to try to keep up. I weaved around a few runners and before I knew it I had lost him.... SORRY HONEY!!

Mile 1 I felt strong I told myself not to go out too fast and I knew the mile would be flat, out and back where we drove in. I could see 3 females ahead of me, one took the 8K path, I passed the second, but the 3rd was about 100yards ahead. I sped up!! We turned and headed back toward the park. I saw Muscle Man and he said "She is about 100 yard in front of you." I said "I know!" Seeing him was the highlight of my race because I knew he was there for me 333%. Mile 1- 6:58.

Mile 2 and my head was playing games with me. Since I hoped Muscle Man would be with me I left my Ipod in the car and was forced to listen to my breathing...SUCKY!! Through the beautiful overgrown green forrest, getting pelted by rain drops, Washington at it's finest! I could tell I was slowing a bit. Mile 2- 7:02.

Finally the park, that meant the finish was not far away. I had lost Female #1, no sign of her, I was internally settling for second. I got passed by a man maybe in his 60's in a bright orange shirt. I vowed not to get passed by anyone else and sped up. The park is filled with amazing Northwest Animals, Cougars, Bears, Coyotes, did I look at the animals while running? NOPE!! I looked at Garmin, and he was not behaving...I was not running 10:35 pace!!! UGH!!

Tired as I rounded the switchback downhills, this is treacherous for a 6'0 oaf...so I slowed careful not to slip on the wet concrete and break my head open. There were several wonderful race volunteers along the way.. THANK YOU!! A very welcome distraction. I could not get the negative thoughts out of my head, "Slow Down this hurts, Slow Down you have a side ache, Slow Down why are you doing this?" It was all I could do to silence the STUPID inner IDIOT!!

The last stretch there was a steep little hill that my knees hated...at the top the FINISH LINE. My A goal was for sub-7 minute miles. My B goal was to have a time in the 21's. The clock had a 21 as the first number so I S-P-R-I-N-T-E-D!!! Chip time 21:54. More than a minute faster than my race last weekend... Can you say PR Baby??

I cut off my chip, and stood waiting for Muscle Man. The orange shirt guy said "You Inspired me the whole way." I am not sure what that meant, but I took it as a compliment. I thanked a few volunteers and cheered for the runners. Here comes Muscle Man Chip Time 25:59 . I was so proud of him for fighting through the sickness and finishing his first 5K....For me!!

We went back to the car to get our sweatshirts, I was FREEZING!! We also got the camera. To left just above my should is an Eagle...probably can't see it.
Muscle Man happy to be done running and sporting Gonzaga gear. He said his favorite part was the beautiful scenery, the finish line and that he was 33rd overall on his 33rd birthday. He wishes he would have had the energy to stay with me. Next time Honey!!
There was Water, Bananas, oranges and COFFEE!! Hello Coffee, Yes please. I took 2nd overall for Females, hence the #2 or peace sign pose.
Hubby sporting the 33. It was wet!! There were puddles and mud everywhere. I had brought dry shoes, socks and clothes but decided not to change... DUMB!! I froze while they passed out the awards and 50 door prizes... Yes 50!! Crazy. We didn't win anything...BUMMER.
Blue Ribbons 2 weeks in a row, makes a Tall Mom Smile :) The woman who beat me was 41, so I took 1st for my age group!! They passed out the Age group certificates ahead of time and then handed out the prizes for the top 3 overall.. We saw Mary, aka #1 Female, on our way to the car and I congratulated her...her time was 20:16...she said she was hoping for a sub 20 but thought it was a tough course with the tight turns, rain and the hill near the finish.
Spotlight on Tall Mom. I won an ADORABLE wood medal, and passes to several local attractions. They gave out Fleet Feet gift cards for $50 as door prizes...I wish the winners would have won that..
  • STATS for 5K:
Time- 21:54
Pace- 7:02
(Missed my A Goal by a few seconds)
Age Group- 1/43
Gender- 2/137
Overall Place- 17/223

Saturday, September 19, 2009

WINNER Lift Your Sole Giveaway

Muscle Man and Tall Mom had a sick, tired and rainy race today.... WE were both fighting a sore throat and fatigue. Easton was up at least 6 times last night because he is sick too. The Heavens opened up and it RAINED!!! Poured!! And Rained some more.

In the end there was an AWESOME outcome....Muscle Man took 33rd overall on his 33rd Birthday. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? The fact that 33 is my favorite number makes the coincidence even cooler. Soooooo in celebration of Muscle Man how he Lifts My Sole...the WINNER is Comment #33..

Congrats to Emma, plase leave me a comment with your email address by Wednesday. BIG Hugs and Thanks to EVERYONE who entered. This was the most popular Giveaway to date with 213 comments!! Make sure you check in Monday because I just LOVE giving you all chances to WIN..
  • Curious how I did??? Hmmmmm.... Sorry it is my hubby's Birthday so I am off to play doting wife. Race Report coming soon. I will give you a little hint... PR Baby!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hitting the Wall with the BEST

Runners Lounge and Jill at Finishing is Winning teamed up to present the GREAT question below for TiaRT...yes this was supposed to be done Thursday....OH well!!

You get to run the last six miles of your next marathon with 6 different people. They can be dead or alive; famous or not famous. Who are these people and why did you pick them? Furthermore, why did you pick them for the specific mile you did? Remember, you get an extra .2miles with runner #6.

1. Mile 20- YOU!!! My Bloggy friends who live near and far…Call it a Tall Mom Bloggy Pack meet up. When I hit the wall I think of you ALL, so why not have you there with me? Of course we would STOP just for 3.3 minutes or so... I would prearrange for a professional photographer and news crew to capture the moment. After the race you will receive a framed photo, video and race medal. And because I know you love SWAG, a HUGE table full of Giveaways designed especially for each of you. One condition..I EXPECT you to get to the FINISH line and Cheer as LOUD as you possibly can!!!
Charity and Kiera after the Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Marathon
Kiera's traditional Girls Night Baby bump rub photo
Getting pampered the day before playing Bridesmaid in Katie's Wedding. She has done 2 Marathons and Triathlons.
2. Mile 21- Charity, Kiera and Katie….these girls have been with me through thick (literally) and thin and know "Me." Every version of "Me." Weddings, funerals, births, graduations, surgeries, birthdays, disappointment, elation, etc…My girls are the BEST! Someday this MAY come true I would love to run a Marathon with any of these ladies. Between the 3 of them they would figure out a way to keep me GOING at mile 21…
3. Mile 22- Coaches- Every coach I have ever had (includes my Mom and Dad they were at EVERY game and toss growing up and coached me every step). I would LOVE to have all of my coaches together at one time and make them run a mile.. HEHEHEHE… Just Kidding!! Each coach I have had made an impact on who I am today. Sports are run by those who chose to show up, regardless of the paycheck. Those who put their heart into training the next generation. These people I am sure would have the right words to get me through mile 22. This would be a my "Thank You" mile, run with and dedicated to those on the sidelines.
4. Mile 23- SHAQ.-I have always always wanted to meet SHAQ, he would be one of few people to make me feel SMALL. Watching "Shaq vs." this summer I know that he is willing to try different sports. Imagine a 7+ foot man in a Marathon, LOVE IT!! His sense of humor and childlike playfulness would make the mile go by fast. Plus if I was running with SHAQ I would get an awesome amount of publicity and to be on TV… Watch out Hollywood here I come!! (FYI as a child my dream was to be an actress, I still posses a small amount of hope for fame and fortune)
5. Mile 24- Muscle Man and the Little Studs- My guys are my world and have been so much a part of my journey, to have their love with me toward the end of the race, to make me smile and remind me that I am STRONG would be heaven. I also imagine this mile to be filled with entertainment for my boys; ballons, cartoon characters, large video screens, etc...LOL. Since this is my scenario…I get to spend a few minutes in the transition to the next runner, call it a Tall Mom hand off. I would LOVE for Grandpa to meet my sole mate and our boys..
6. Miles 25-26.2- My Grandpa Ernie- I inherited most of my athletic ability from this tall athletic fella.. He has been my guardian Angel since he died when I was in 8th grade. In his lifetime he excelled in Basketball and Baseball, played professionally in both. I bet he would have LOVED to cross the finish line of a Marathon. I know that he is looking down and is so proud of me for everything that I do and who I have become. What I would not give to be with him for even a moment, I would walk the last 1.2 just to be with him longer (And that is BIG for me, you know how competitive I am). I chose Grandpa to cross the Finish because I would love for my Mom and all my extended family to be able to see Grandpa again...The Finish Line photo would be my cherished treasure.
  • Wow that was LONG but I Loved the topic, Thanks to Jill!
  • Don't Forget to go back and HIGH FIVE those listed on High Five Friday. Muscle Man and I in the Run Wild 5K tomorrow.. Race Results and WINNER of the Giveaway tomorrow afternoon.

Tall Mom High Five Friday

Welcome to Tall Mom High Five Friday, never been to High Five Friday?? WELCOME!! Every Friday I will open up Tall Mom to all of you. Everyone needs a High Five now and then, might as well come from me and YOU. The links/list give you all a chance to Blog Hop and spread virtual High Fives to Bloggy friends near and far.. Click names to go visit these AWESOME Bloggers and give them a HIGH FIVE....

HIGH FIVE- Racing/Events coming soon:

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HIGH FIVE- Proud of you:

  • Fairweather Runner- Shoe Drive Success (Please DONATE if you can)
  • Jesse at Run to the Border won a 10k
  • Jill for her AWESOME TiaRT topic (I will be posting on the topic soon)
  • Running Lawyer 1/2 Marathon PR
  • Mel's 6K Triumph and new Garmin
  • Robin for making a connection with another runner during the race and crossing the Finish line with a stranger, who became a friend.

If you would like to be added to one of the lists above let me know and I will LINK you in (as soon as I can).. Also, if you have something coming up for a FUTURE High Five Friday, let me know and I will add it to the Tall Mom calendar….If you give me the info you WILL be getting a HIGH FIVE or two, or three… **So sorry if I have missed any, it is bound to happen...please send again if I have..

HIGH FIVE it's Friday!!!
PS.. Can Anyone teach me how to get my links to open in a new window??

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Penny Pincher Race Anxiety

"It's good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it's good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven't lost the things that money can't buy."
George Horace Lorimer

  • Tall Mom- "I am Going to Disneyland!!"
OK maybe someday....but not anytime soon. Many of US live on one income, making pinching pennies a necessary evil. This weekend is my last officially registered race. I have been toying with running the Seattle 1/2 Marathon on November 29th (HERE)...I have printed training plans, put the date on my calendar, etc.. Today I went as far as to click the Bright shiny REGISTER NOW link... Then the $75 price tag shot me in the wallet..and I closed the window.
  • Can someone please help me to get past the race fee and REGISTER?

  • How do you rationalize the high cost of race fees?

Tall Mom Test Lab- WrightSock

I had HOPED to have a post ready about Inspiration today....but alas life is BUSY... So SWAMPED that I may be a little distant in commenting this week, trust me I am as sad as you are :)
The Tall Mom Test Lab has been HOPPING... so many wonderful things to tell you all about. Next up WrightSock (HERE). When I test socks I have specific lab conditions....wear and wash 3 times before review. I have 2 pairs of socks to tell you about today..
WrightSock Running (HERE):
What WrightSock Says:
Our Running sock is our Original sock and all other styles are variations off this core product. The Running sock is a flat knit (no cushion) midweight sock designed for all running activities. Features the perfect combination of moisture management and friction-free control. This sock provides all the protection you need without shoe sizing issues.
Tall Mom Thoughts:
I was sent the SLX to test (Not 333% sure that is the sock linked above?). I find the website a little confusing in selecting the right socks?? Make sure to pay attention to the Wrightones link to the left for SLX, SLR, SLC and SLT versions. This sock is double layer....which honestly SCARED me. I have visions of wearing 2 pairs of socks while playing basketball, SCARY!! The Double-Layer antiblister system was a deterrent at first, but performed GREAT! I never had bunching with the layers, in fact I could hardly tell I was wearing socks at all. I would prefer a lower sock, but this higher version will be great for the winter months.

WrightSock Running II (HERE):

What WrightSock Says:
NEW!!! Our new Running II sock is a variation on our Original sock. The Running II sock is still a flat knit (no cushion) midweight sock designed for all running activities. This new style also has a bit more Lycra® and a Stabilizer ZoneTM for a snug (but not tight) fit. Features the perfect combination of moisture management and friction-free control. This sock provides all the protection you need without shoe sizing issues. Perfect for the Running sock user who would like just a slightly snugger fit.
Tall Mom Thoughts:
I like a snug sock and this sock is TIGHT, in all the right places. The heal and toe cushion is lovely, with the no cush strip for breath ability mid foot. You can see the pair I was sent in the photo of me stretching above. Because I am matchy-matchy obsessed I only wear these socks with blue....I know I am WEIRD!! I would prefer an all-white pair. Color aside this sock has no distance too great...I loved them at 14 miles as much as I did at 2 miles.
  • WrightSock carries a Pink ribbon Crew and Quarter style sock...HMMMM new socks with PINK... and portions of the proceeds of these socks are sent to breast cancer research. APPLAUSE to WrightSock!! Totally on my Tall Mom Christmas list.
Battle Tested
Tall Mom Approved
  • If you have tested WrightSock and posted a Review, and I know many of you have through RunnersLounge, let me know and I will add your review link to the bottom of this post.