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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wigwam Product Review

There are a FEW comments needed to end the Pearls of Wisdom Giveaway...we are at 169.. Thanks to ALL who have commented. I have been having the BEST weekend reading your comments and will be checking in on Blogs this evening..

On the weekends Muscle Man, the little studs and I go for FAMILY training runs. We are currently training for the "Run Wild" 5K at Northwest Trek September 19th, it will be Muscle Man's first 5K and my chance to go for a CRAZY PR. WE have had Amazing weather this Summer but this weekend Fall decided to say Hello and brought the familiar RAIN.

Blaine said "Mommy the sprinklers in the sky make the rain." Pretty darn cute if you ask me. When we set out it was a drizzle.. Pre Run photo..
Since it was on the colder side I tested my new Wigwam arm Sleeves and Brooks pants. The headband was handmade from my buddy and fellow runner Ang...embrace the bright colors people it is FUN!!

We set out for a 4 mile run without the rain cover. The boys started fussy and continued to be fussy for the just under 36 minutes of running...NOT FUN!! The rain picked up and we were all getting WET. Thankfully we brought the rain cover for the double jogger and stopped to put it on. The rain felt amazing! I really like a nice rain, totally prefer it to the upper 90's it has been all summer... We SURVIVED and returned home in time to change and head to my parents. My Mom spotted a yard sale and told my sister and I to head there. BONUS I found some AMAZING second hand winter running gear for $1 each piece, will post some photos of my finds soon, good job MOM!!

After the run I was SOAKED but my arms were dry, how you ask? Well because of the Wind Break Sleeves from Wigwam. I have wanted a pair of these mainly because I think they look cool...just being honest. But also because I like the idea that if I get too hot I can toss them.
Wind Break Sleeve (HERE):
What WIGWAM says:
FreshGuard® eliminates odors • Dri-release® dries super fast • Snug fit for enhanced circulation.... And now for something completely different...socks for your arms. The Windbreak Sleeve is a protective shield to enhance circulation in the arms while on long bike rides. Our experts swear that it makes a difference in performance. 54% Stretch Nylon, 44% Wool Dri-release® (88% Polyester, 12% Wool), 2% Lycra® Spandex
Tall Mom Thoughts:
First off they look COOL! I battled tested these bad boys first time out in the RAIN and I was in heaven. My arms were dry, the sleeves fit perfectly and the break between my t-shirt was a nice breezy balance. I was afraid this type of sleeve would fit too snug and cut off my circulation, all fears aside. I know that these will be snuggly on my arms for MANY future runs and races.

Distance (HERE):
What Wigwam Says:
Always fresh and dry • Cushiony sole. Distance is an understatement for this product. Now knit with the super drying properties of Dri-release® and FreshGuard® odor neutralizer.
87% Dri-release®, 12% Stretch Nylon, 1% Spandex

Tall Mom Thoughts:
I love CUSHION and these socks have the cush in all the right places. The top of the socks is lighter weight for breathability. The socks are a bit high for summer running creating funny Runner's Tan lines, but for cool weather running these are great. The moisture wicks away, comfort ideal for short of LONG runs.
Ironman Lightning Pro (HERE)
What Wigwam Says:
Repels moisture • Prevents blisters • Lightweight • Breathable... A lightweight, yet durable design breathes, cools and refreshes feet faster thanks to a patented moisture control system and sheer fit. 40% Stretch Nylon, 33% Olefin, 23% X2O® Acrylic, 2% Stretch Polyester, 2% Spandex

Tall Mom Thoughts:
These socks were too big for my size 10's, I guess they run a tad big keep that in mind when purchasing online. This was OK because Muscle Man is a size 13 mens and the fit is GREAT! He is loving the lightweight sock and instantly noticed the difference when wearing the non-cotton socks.
Ironman Fastlane Pro (HERE):
What Wigwam Says:
Repels moisture • Prevents blisters • Foot hugging • Cushiony sole. Breeze by the competition in style and comfort. Moisture control is combined with unbeatable toughness and a foot-hugging fit, keeps feet blister free and refreshed. 53% Stretch Nylon, 27% Dri-release®, 17% X2O®Acrylic, 3% Lycra® Spandex
Tall Mom Thoughts:
Saved the BEST for last. These socks I want in EVERY color and bonus they come in PURPLE!! These socks are snug, so snug that the seems melt away. There is ZERO chance that I would get a blister because the fit is too perfect for my size 10's. The compression of the sock is tight making it ideal for a fast short run, or long distance blister free running. I wore these socks on the soggy run mentioned above and my feet were DRY!! High marks.
THANK YOU WIGWAM!! I am in love with every product and so is Muscle Man. Go check out the socks and MORE for yourself HERE.. Shop be height, cush, fit, gender, performance, etc.
Battle Tested...
Tall Mom Approved!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

oooh! I love those sleeves, and was just thinking this morning that I'd love to pick some up more specifically for riding. i'm the queen of over-dressing... so these would be perfect!

Kelly said...

I love that you are doing family training runs....so fun. I might have to try some of those socks, I never really wear running socks but I should!

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Sounds neat! Those arm sleeves are awesome. And much more convenient than a long sleeved t or jacket!

Jo Lynn said...

Is there anything better than great socks? (Well, you know what I mean.) LOLOL
I'm still trying to warm up to the arm thingies. I'll probably try them this winter.
Thanks for the review. ;)

Genesis said...

interesting sleeves. im guessing they werent sliding down?

IzzyBubbles said...

LOVE those arm sleeves with the thumb holes - those may be an x-mas list request for me!! If you like sleeves, you should check out Moeben sleeves. Snuggly AND they come in animal prints! Yep, that's right. I have a pair of giraffe print sleeves and they are my FAVORITES.

Running, kind of. said...

Nice reviews! I had never hear of Wigwam until now! the arm socks are pretty neat. I remember last year I was buys the long actual foot socks and cutting finger holes in the foot for my hands. I am not sure if these were available last year or not but I will be looking into them for sure!

Shannon said...

I love running in the rain - as long as I don't have makeup on... :) I did 5 miles in the rain on Friday and loved it. Great job on getting everyone out in the rain!

Marlene said...

I want arm sleeves! Those look great on you and bonus that they did the job. :) Sounds like a fun, rainy family run!

SCORE on the garage sale goods.

Lacey Nicole said...

awesome reviews!!! battle tested and tall mom approved!!!! very cool. i can't believe the arm sleeves kept your arms completely dry?!?! and yes- they do look cool :)

Swim, bike, what? said...

How cool are those Ironman socks! Rockin'.

And I love your note about bright colors. I am slowly moving the direction of light and loveliness!