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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Suddenly I SEE

Yesterday was FILLED with appointments. I had some flex time at work so I jam packed all the doctor visits into one day. The day started with Easton's 18 month check-up. He is 35 1/2 inches tall and 31 pounds 6oz, off the charts.. We grow them BIG!! He is much bigger than his brother was at this age.

After his apt. I had my annual girly visit followed by a trip to the Eye Doc. My eyes get fuzzy after looking at the computer ALL DAY!! I am Happy to Report that I have GREAT vision...the Dr. said I probably need to take more breaks.. OOPS.. So with CRAZY dilated and sensitive eyes we went to the track for Interval training.

Thank the GOOD LORD that my friend gave me running Sunglasses because these saved my LIFE. See Review at the end of this post. I think sunglasses make me look faster..hehehe..

Fastest 400 meter interval= 1:20 or 5:04 mile pace
Slowest 400= 1:36 or 6:22 mile pace

Someone left a hula hoop in the track...that kept Big brother busy. He would roll it, chase after it and kick it.. Too funny!!

Me and little BIG man.. He NEEDS a hair cut. We followed intervals with a few sprints up the hill near the parking lot..that was tough because the boys were free to roam. Little guy gets into trouble.. The track has a gate which is NICE for toddlers, they are confined but free to roam.
OK what is with my hands?? This photo looks like I am not moving....trust me I was! I usually run a mile after the 400 sprints but I was TIRED. I also thought about running home, it is less than 3 miles. Instead we got Rocky Road Ice Cream and went home.. PRIORITIES!! LOL
Muscle man is getting so much better. Fastest 400- 1:16 he did not wear my Garmin this time so I am not sure of his pace.. We also ran this weekend but Garmin was not charged up and died at .46. It was a GREAT run. Hubs pushed the boys up the killer hills and did not complain at all. So fun having a running partner..we are going to ROCK our 5K in September.

Optic Nerve Eyeque Sunglasses Review:
Lets start by saying I DO NOT LIKE to wear sunglasses regularly, I get headaches from the pressure on the bridge of my nose. But I have noticed with the crazy summer sun my eyes hurt after my mid day run. To protect my eyes I need something so when my friend gave me Running sunglasses I was pumped!!

Enter Optic Nerve (Eyeque). These glasses are great! They come with various lenses and a carrying case perfect to toss in my gym bag. The frames are light weight, so I barely notice I am wearing them. In fact there is hardly a mark after running. Both days I have worn the shades have been HOT and there was no fogging. I own the shiny blue, but may be purchasing the black soon. Think of these as sunscreen for the eyes..

If you are interested in these or other glasses here is the website:
To view the Eyeque style:
Go to
Click on Collection 2009
Click on either "Interchangeable" of "PhotoMatic".
Click on Eyeque

Battle Tested... Tall Mom Approved...


Shelley said...

My sunglasses actually only fog on cold days. They're also useful for keeping the bugs out when it's hot and humid (a common midwest problem).

Nice work on the interval training! Keep it up!

robinbb said...

Way to go speedy!

Julia said...

You are one speedy lady! :)
I live in my sunglasses usually, and running is like, the only time I don't. I'm worried they'll get all sweaty and slip around or something. But I agree, they DO make you look fast!
I'm having a giveaway on my blog in thanks to you, I hope you can come check it out! :)

J said...

your form looks great on those track pictures. its all about moving your arms and not having them cross in front of your body! Love the sunglasses!

RunToTheFinish said...

i really want sunglasses to run in, but just haven't found any that fit me comfortably enough to want to ru nin them...yeah i'm a minimalist

She-Fit said...

haha. Sunglasses make you look faster and professional.

Marlene said...

Awesome track workout! (to both of you!)

I need sunglasses so badly when I run! Glad you're liking yours.

Funny, I also read Janice's post today about having eye damage from not wearing sunglasses. I was going to link it up but I see you already read it. :)

Unknown said...

Mel! What is the watch you are wearing in the picture too? I have been wanting a running watch or heart rate one. Any suggestions?
Sweet Job on the intervals, inspiring!

Unknown said...

I've been looking for some good sunglasses to run with. Thanks for the review.

Aron said...

awesome job on the speeeeedy intervals!!! so fun you all go there together :)

Janice {Run Far} said...

I def need the sunscreen for the eyes.

Baylee♥ said...

Aw yay! i definately agree - although it was a stressful day because of ALL of the appts (looks like we were both in the grind!) but its nice that now i dont have anything to worry about!

i wear my sunglasses most of the time - and SOMEtimes, but rarely when i run. they either a) get hot and sweaty and foggy. or b) hurt my head and my ears after a little while. i guess thats what you get with 9 dolla target sunglasses :)

Melanie Tait said...

I love how you guys all go together to the track - such a gorgeous family!! Lucky you with your eyes. My optometrist says I'm a shandy off having to get glasses for driving. Grrrrrrrrr.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

another great family run! I have my Oakley's for running and riding, and love 'em.

Being Robinson said...

i'm reading your posts backwards and after reading this... yeah i have total confidence you are gonna rock that 10K! YAYAY!