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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Small Goals

Set out on my run and in an instant my stomach felt GROSS.. Could it be the result of too much Taco Bell and Funfetti cake? NAH! Oh I try to eat healthy, but there are times when I just crave BAD food.. My stomach then reminds me that "we don't eat like that" and I get back on track.

GOALS for today:
#1. To think more on my race plans, thanks for all the advice, will let you know what I decide.

#2. To get in some hill training with a SMILE

#3. To finish 3 miles in sub 24 minutes.

1- Oh if you could only jump into the mind of Tall Mom…the joy the joy….an uber-competitive, goal-oriented, driven person with a strong ability to make decisions for others, but seriously lacking the talent of committing to a plan for herself. Half Marathon PR or Full Marathon redemption?? That is the question?? Thinking back to the FINISH line of my (2) LONG races, I remember how happy I was after my Half Marathon. I want to feel that again. So I am going to 100% commit to my training for my 5K on September 19th, followed quickly by starting a modified version of the Hal Higdon Advanced Half Marathon training plan to prepare for the SEATTLE HALF MARATHON on 11/29… Thanks to everyone for helping me make my decision... I will wait for the cutoff date to register...but I am mentally in.. Goal #1- Accomplished!!

2- Want to know the Kryptonite of the Super Hero that is Tall Mom (College Basketball player turned Mom turned runner)? It is HILLS.. (OK I am not a superhero, but I have worn capes and run around the house to entertain my boys on occasion). Any incline, and my fluid strides and speedy pace, turn to tree trunk legs, detached from my body, struggling to reach the summit. I truly SUCK at hills!! But I managed to pull out 3 hills and sorta keep pace. Goal #2- Met, but not with a good attitude.

3- First mile I felt GREAT, I should I took 2 days off. Mile 1- 7:37 pace. The second mile was my 3 ups and 3 downs hill training. I sped up to avoid getting stung by the bees swarming a nest in the rocks but in general my turnover was slow. Mile 2- 8:24 pace. The third mile I came down the hill and knew I had time to make up. The beauty of having 1 mile left is that you have 1 mile left…Deep I know!! So I gave it my all. Mile 3- 7:40 pace. Goal #3- Got it, 7:53 overall pace.

Stats 8/26:
Time- 23:51
3.02- Miles
7:53- Pace
Sunny day, no breeze, hill training.

Thought I would mix it up and put my stats last… Stay tuned for tomorrow morning…you WILL like what you see.


Jennifer P said...


Kick ass pace. Nice work!

Irene said...

I liked how you talked about hills. I have yet to come across anyone who says they LOVE hills. :) They are worth the effort, though.

Velma said...

The Seattle half sounds like a great choice! You are going to rock it!

Anonymous said...

I haven't ran my first full yet, but I am super intimidated! I love the half distance- feel really accomplished but like I can function too.

Jo Lynn said...

Oh STOP! You did NOT play basketball in college? Oh my gosh, another shocker! :)
If you don't like hills then it's a good thing you don't trail run. Is it because your legs are so long and the hills mess you up? See, I have short little legs so they know no different when a hill comes because I have a tiny little stride.

Unknown said...

Not bad progress on your goals for the day. Woot!!

Redhead Running said...

Good job getting everything done girl!

Marlene said...

Ooooh, this is # 199! Yahoo!

Congrats on a strong hill workout. That is AWESOME!

Also good news on settling on your race plan/goal. I do love half marathons... you get to work hard but it doesn't take everything out of you the way a marathon does.

Have a great Thursday!

Felice Devine said...

Great job gettin' with the hills, speedy!

Alisa said...

I hated hills until I moved to Holy Hills land was forced to start running on them more regularly. I can't say that I love them now but I certainly don't despise them like I did before.

Keep on trucking up and down those hills.

Way to go with the sub 24 3 miles---wowza!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Oh YAY! Seattle it is!!! SEE YOU THERE! Hal's Advnaced a bit modified? Yeah, sounds awesome! What is your goal time? I am telling you, last year I kid you not it took me over 4 minutes to cross the start. My gun time was WAY off from my actual time. This is a big race! So get your mind ready for that. The crowd never thins. :)And this year I want to be closer to the start line.

Great job with your hills and training goals! You are on it!

Can't wait to see tomorrows surprise!