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Monday, August 3, 2009

Recovery Socks Review

Oh I am LATE, late, late in my product review for Recovery socks... I was BLESSED to Meet Marco at the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon expo and pick up my Fuchsia Recovery socks. I had no clue how these socks would save my life. During my First Marathon (Read the details HERE) I was running more hills than I had every run, more miles than my body was ready for that day and I am VERY sure I was salt deprived. At the end of the race my calves began to CRAMP, and I mean balled up excruciating, debilitating, cramps... Thankfully my pink saviours were in my race bag. I put them on and the cramps never came back.. I was SORE, but I cannot imagine the pain without the benefits of the compression socks. I did not take the socks off (except for the 333% NECESSARY shower) for the 2 days recovering from the Marathon.

This was me at Starbucks the day after my race.. The cool thing was that by wearing the bright adorable socks I had a good way to talk about my Marathon...hehehhe.. And don't we all need a good way to enter Running into every conversation with a Barista (or anyone for that matter). HEY I JUST RAN 26.2 MILES!!!

Marco said that I could wear the socks while running but it has been unseasonably HOT in Seattle, so I have yet to test that out. I know that the pretty pink socks will be a staple in my ensemble come Spring.. First I am in NEED of a pink running shirt to match.. Gotta match..

Information from the Recovery Socks Website HERE.

Benefits of Recovery Sock:
Extra comfortable trim
Ultra stretch
Reduces foot and leg swelling
Superior fit & comfort
Gradual compression to stimulate blood flow
Extra smooth toe seam
Latex free

Why go for Recovery Socks?
High technology for your performances, health care for your body
Improves oxygen delivery to muscles
Lactic acid production reduced
Proven cramp relief
Tested and used by World Class athletes
Exclusive wicking and antibacterial fiber

Recovery Socks... Battle Tested..
Tall Mom Approved


Mel-2nd Chances said...

great review, love the pink color and it matches your shirt!! i really need to pick up a pair...

RunToTheFinish said...

you know I have been dying to try these. I've worn my calf compression sleeves and they help, but I wonder how different the socks are

Marci said...

I love recovery socks, your pink ones are super-cute!

jessica said...

I totally got a pair of these (pink also) and they work wonders! I am recovering from a skin graft on my shin and my doc recommended compression socks while I run to keep the swelling down - these socks have been my livesaver as I start to ramp up my running again after the surgery. The doc didn't really have a specific sock to recommend so when I showed him the recovery socks he was excited - they were exactly what he was thinking of!
I was apprehensive about the fit in my shoe, but they are great, although the first time I wore my running sock over the recovery sock - oops. It is pretty cool that they are pink, maybe they'll come out with some more colors for us girls.... Also, due to the heat, I have only been wearing one - my conversations at starbucks are that much more interesting =). So two thumbs up from this runner for recovery socks! Maybe I'll get some photos when I run my half marathon this weekend in them =).

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Oh wow! I was wondering about those! Great review and thanks!

Ashley said...

GREAT TIMING - I've been contemplating getting some recovery socks! Do you think they would help with shin splints too?? Hmmmm.....and yours are so CUTE - my fave color!!! :)

Marlene said...

I LOVE MY PINK RECOVERY SOCKS! I agree, total (running) conversation starter!

You're so lucky to have met Marco. We've only communicated via email, but he seems like such an awesome guy.

Marlene said...

I LOVE MY PINK RECOVERY SOCKS! I agree, total (running) conversation starter!

You're so lucky to have met Marco. We've only communicated via email, but he seems like such an awesome guy.

Janice {Run Far} said...

I have been wanting to try some of these.

Being Robinson said...

ashley and i have been both contemplating getting some recovery socks. i wanna get some FREE to review... tips? thoughts on how i can swing that?! ;)