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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Loved every mile and every minute

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Stats for 8/1:
14.02 Miles
Time- 2:16:57
Pace- 9:46

Run starting at 6am on the Orting Trail with Angela who was in town from Utah. Had not run over 6 miles since June 27th (First Marathon day).

Funny how you can BOND with people through a common interest. Angela and I went to the same high school and reconnected through the WONDERFUL world of social networking. She runs Marathons and half Marathons and is a Mom to 2 beautiful children. Once I started running I found myself emailing Ang for advice.. she was ALWAYS quick with lengthy and informative responses. I had to call her after her Marathon because I needed ALL the details.. And she was one of the first calls once in the car after my First Marathon.

Well when she came to town from Utah and it was the PERFECT opportunity to get on the trail... Umm at 6AM, on my day to sleep in. I still could not pass up the opportunity to run with a friend.

Here we are chipper at 6AM.

Take 1.. I was sooo excited to run with Ang.

Take 2.. I seriously suck and self portraits..

I told Ang to do her "Ready to Run" pose. How cute is this girl?? I REALLY want to try a Running Skirt. And I need more pink..
Here is my pose... Not sure why I feel the need to flex.. LOL

So off we went with 10-14 miles planned. Ang was nervous to run with me but I was HAPPY to run at any pace. It was a real treat to have someone to run with. I loved every mile, every minute!!! We talked about everything from Running Skirts to having kids. It was GREAT!! This run confirmed that I would love to find a running partner. I am blessed to run while my BF Charity bikes along side. I would also love to help someone train for a race. I am planning to recruit my TALL MOM friends Megan and Shannon...they are tall and have kids. A Tall Mom running trio.. Will see if I can get them to join the Tall Mom training camp.. LOL..

The 14 miles went by so quickly. I tried a Carb Boom! and will be giving more details soon.. I realized that I can enjoy running and not worry about my pace...only glanced at Garmin once during the run...for an uber competitive athlete that is pretty darn good... Thanks to Ang for an amazing LONG run...


Kristin Miller said...

NIICE! I did my second double digit run since April today..they're tougher when it's been a while!

Unknown said...

Fun stuff!!

Being Robinson said...

man i'm behind on blogs! but nice run, and YAY for running buddies! i like 'em. i've been having MANY garmin free runs lately, and it's so freeing!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

I live in Tacoma! I noticed you live in Puyallup! Since you mentioned needing a running partner I must say I am in need of an occasional partner myself! I have a friend I run with but we sometimes have a hard time with our schedules. I am currently trying to train for Portland in October...any chance you are doing that one!? Drop me a line if you want to try a long run sometime!

Great job on your time by the way! And there is nothing better than running with an old friend!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

and P.S. I am tall too! 5'10 if you call that tall...

and P.P.S. I need help training!!! :)

Velma said...

nice run - I had almost the same exact run this weekend. It is fun to run 14 at that pace.

Southbaygirl said...

I need someone to run with as well!! I have my dog!! I love running with her but it doesn't make it any easier!!

Nice run!!

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

awesome job! I need a running partner. And a pink running skirt!

robinbb said...

I love my running skirts, you should definitely try one, it makes you feel so girly, even when you are soaked with sweat like I was today!

Aron said...

its always soooo awesome to have someone to run with :)

jessica said...

isn't it amazing how running with someone makes the miles fly by. It is great that you were able to run with a friend and catch up on 'old' times. I ran in Orting today also, but around 10 am and it got really warm, really quick. Did you know that you can give a dog water out of a camelback =).
I am not nearly as fast as you are (12 min/mile) and not nearly as tall (5'6' on a good day), but we could always run together and see if it works I'm on south hill also.

I usually run with the y-run club (based out of the Mel Korum YMCA). There are all levels of runners and I was their proud couch to 5k runner just a few years ago. http://yrunclub.wordpress.com/

Tall shannon donovan? I went to high school with her - you should totally get her to run a marathon - you girls would have fun!

I'm glad to see you enjoying running - isn't it an amazing feeling =).

PS. I love the finona by moving comfort - it worked when I was 30 pounds heavier and works even better now.
PSS try the Brooks outlet store in the Supermall for a running skirt, I found one for $10 and it rocks (but isn't pink...).
PSSS DO PORTLAND all the cool girls are doing it and it has an amazing expo, plus it's a fun weekend with lots of other runners....
ok off to bed to ponder why I haven't updated my blog, but can find time to ramble on others. =)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I am so inspired. I am finding myself scooting closer to my running shoes (which have been neglected for several months now) with every word I read here. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Having running friends is wonderful... hope the recruiting goes well :)

chris mcpeake said...

Running partners rule. Cool blog

Ang said...

I LOVED that run! It is soooo amazing how time and miles fly by when you have a friend! Thanks so much for joining me on my training run! Mile 14 in my next marathon is going to be dedicated to you!! So fun to catch up!

Unknown said...

Mel this is such a great post!! What a good time for 14 miles!! I am in desperate need of a partner too! A good running friend is hard to find!!