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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I can see your Halo

As promised 6th Anniversary photos....well some of them. Blogger is mad at me and taking a zillion years to upload....and I have zero patience...

Muscle man matted and framed my First Marathon swag. LOVE IT! He is one AWESOME gift giver.
Here we are before leaving for our date. We went to Chinese followed by "Wizard of Oz" at the Musical Playhouse in Tacoma. My folks had the kids for the night, it was a TREAT!! Thanks Mom and Dad.
I searched for new clothes for us and the boys....but the one income pocket book is a little tight so we recycled old outfits...here we are in the gardens near Point Defiance where we were married.
Easton is not sure what to think of the Tripod... Oh well, I still love a good family photo.
And my wedding dress. It FITS!! After 2 kids. Oh I thank the miles and miles of Running...for I have really worked my a-- off and the results are more than I could have imagined.

Halo Headband Product Review:
"I can See your Halo, Halo, Halo..." Heheheh..I heard that song every time I was in the car this weekend... The wonderful folks at Halo Headbands sent me the Halo II- pullover (Click here) headband pictured above to test out. With Sweat blocking technology and 7 different colors to chose from this headband is AWESOME!! I wore it on the 3 mile run with hubby today, it was HOT!! I generally don't have issues with getting sweat in my eyes. I have read a few posts about runners irritated with that issue, this product would be GREAT for you. You know I think I may have Muscle man test the procut too, he is a sweaty beast! I love to have something to wear to keep the wispy stray hairs out of my face and the sporty Halo did just that.

I tested the headband on my work from home day for fear that it would leave marks on my forehead...that would not be fun on days when I run on my lunch hour at work. To my surprise and delight there were no marks to be found. The Halo folks also make visors, hats, and a tie version of the head band. SHOP HERE or from the Tall Mom Approved link on the right.

Go check it out!! And you too can be an Angel...get it Halo? Angel? I tried :)


Redhead Running said...

I will never forget when I finally started rocking a head band after swearing I never would... what a concept... it keeps sweat and whispy's out of my face! Who knew? LOL! Will def have to check these out! Thanks for sharing!

Marci said...

You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing pics! I love wearing headbands in the fall!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

what a beautiful gift, and the pics are great too! :)

Marlene said...

Great photos!!! What a fab gift from your hubs.

You look really great, Mel. Congrats on fitting into that wedding dress!

robinbb said...

Easton is hilarious in that picture.

Your hubby is quite the catch, he needs to start a blog so he can give tips to husbands who aren't supermen!

You look awesome! My wedding dress was a size 18 and I am a size 10, that thing would not fit! (And I can't blame the size on my kids) But I did have it made into a Baptismal gown for my girls, so it is still around.

Velma said...

Love the wedding gown!!

Baylee♥ said...


thanks alot! its gunna be stuck in my head now :)

awww such lovely pictures of you and your family! and i LOVE your wedding dress!

Sarah Jane said...

Of course your wedding dress fits, hot mama! Mine's still in the box after having it cleaned; I wonder if it's even there - I haven't ever opened the box!! Congrats on 6years!

Um, I had sweat dribble into my eyes today and it STUNG! That was a first for me. Your halo review could not come at a better time!

J said...

Love the pictures! that headband sounds great! I used to always wear a little elastic headband in bball otherwise my hair would get in the way!

Michal said...

yay on your anniverary. the pictures of you and your family are so beautiful :)

Jen said...

What a beautiful family! And what an awesome gift! :)

Ashley said...

The marathon collage thing is AWESOME!!! What a great way to treasure that accomplishment forever - NICE!!

Your family photos turned out GREAT! The flowers provide such a colorful background and those blonde little boys are just darling! :)

And look at YOU in your wedding dress!!! IMPRESSIVE! You look amazing!

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