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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goals for August 22nd 10K

Stats 8/5:
5.79 Miles
Time- 48:54
Pace- 8:26
Cooler day first half of the run with Dave and the boys. Incorporated 6 big hills and tried to work on long fast strides.

Yesterday we ran after we let our dinner (homemade pizza with shrimp, olives and mushrooms) settle. I had 5.5 on my 10 K plan but hubs was sticking to his 3 mile plan for 5K training. We started out at a good clip and muscle man was doing great!! He pushed the jogger our entire run. We went to the training hill and I hit it twice without stopping, VICTORY!!! Blaine ran up and down with me. He was SPRINTING down next to me and I said "Honey slow down you will fall." He replied quickly, "I am fast Mommy, I won't fall." Oh that kid is an ATHLETE..

We had planned to depart for the last .5 so I could finish up my mileage on the sidewalks, but hubs asked that I drop him off in our neighborhood.. He said I am his inspiration to keep going.. Gotta love that. So I dropped off the boys and did a quick 1.5 mile loop back home. It was a GREAT RUN. Just near my house there was a tiny little guy riding a bike with training wheels with no parent in site. Mommy mode kicked in, I wanted to stop and move him off the road. Just as I slowed I saw a Mom in the distance, PHEW!! Home and time to stretch, my left knee and right shin were a little sore today. I tested some Balega socks today with adorable pink detail, more details soon..

My next race Railroad Days 10K is now just a couple short weeks away and I am VERY excited to test out the 10K distance. From what I have heard it is HARD, mainly because you need the speed of a 5K and the endurance of the longer races. I have TRIED to follow the training plan but I just can't seem to fit running in 5 days a week. Maybe now that the weather is cooling down it will be more tolerable. I know I have the potential to be FAST! If I could only get back my 19 year old legs back (19:30 5K legs)...oh well maybe I will get there again.
Since I have never run a 10K, I opted to use the advice of the McMillan Running Calculator to estimate my goal time.. (Try it HERE) I crunched the numbers based on my half Marathon time in May 1:43:39. My Marathon time was not a good indication of my potential, it was a BAD running day.

The results say that I should be able to do the 10K in 46:35 at a pace of 7:29 per mile or 4:39 per K. Hmmmm? What do you think?

Being the competitive lady I am, I checked the results from the Railroad Days in 2008. With a time of 46:35, assuming everyone ran the same, I would place 5th for my age group, 19th for women and 61st overall. Not too shabby for my first 10K. So my goal on August 22nd is 46:33...give or take a few seconds..

Do you set goals for all of your races?

Or do you just GO and hope for the best?
After Marlene's AMAZING advice I will be setting 3 goals:
A (hope I can)
B (think I can)
C (know I can)
Stay tuned...


Fair Weather Runner said...

sounds like you are going to do GREAT in that 10K. i have no doubt you will hit your goal time. i'm running a 5k on saturday with no goal, only because lately, this year it seems, with the exception of one race, i'm not hitting my goals and it frustrates me. but being a normally goal oriented girl, i usually DO set goals for races. it keeps me going during a 10K when i feel like stopping so i can BREATHE! :)

Manderz said...

My #1 goal is to finish the race! Good luck with reaching your goal - you are one fast momma!

Jen and Rob said...

It depends on how I wake up the morning of the race. I usually set people as my goal. I try and finish before them. Good luck!

Kathleen said...

I've run only one race. I had three goals: 1) Finish under 30:00 (didn't do it, unfortunately) 2) Run the whole way (yes!) and 3) Don't throw up. (yes!)

busyrunningmama said...

Although I have only run a handful of 5K's, I always have a goal.... It usually is to beat my PR by at least 1 second.
I'll agree with Manderz....you are one fast mama!!!
My PR for 5K is 27:45 and I had to really work for that. I used the calculator link and my 10K time would be 57:39 ( way slower than you!!!) I am running my first 10K in November and a 1/2 marathon in December. Maybe by then, with all of my training, Ill be a bit faster!! We shall see!!

Jen said...

That's a great goal! Thanks for sharing the calculator, looks pretty cool.

I always set goals. I'm always surprised, most of the time I'm pleasantly surprised, in one instance It was not a good surprise.

I think goals are good. It gives you something to work towards (other than finishing the race!)

Morgan said...

I love a good 10k! Have fun!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Jo Lynn said...

You're a fast girl! I was never fast when I did road races. I was happy with 10 minute miles.

I have that saying (I know I run like a girl, Try to keep up!) on my license plate frame. WOOT! ;)

Shelley said...

1. I heart Balega socks! I just got the ones with the pink detail. I like the thick sole for extra cushioning/warmth, but I also like that you can get thin ones to keep cool.

2. I am totally a goal-oriented girl, but I prefer to keep them to myself. Lots of times I put too much pressure on myself to achieve what I've told people, and end up overthinking the race, strategy, competition, etc. Self-sabotage is no good! :) I like the idea of focusing on "just finishing" or "beating my PR by 1 second" that people before me have posted.

3. I think you will be AWESOME at the 10k distance. It is HARD to set a legit goal for a course you have never run, that has a reputation, for a distance you're newer at racing. Have FUN, attack the hills like you practice, and triumph when you reach the top!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I set goals, but not time goals, because i'm not fast, not athletic, seem to be constantly injured, etc.

my goals are usually about having fun. when I have fun, i consider it a success.

having said that, for my 'bigger' races, i usually have a tiered set of goals and some of the a or b goals include times.

that's just me...

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i'm probably different than a lot of runners out there in that I'm not competitive. everything i do since my brain surgery is bonus... it is what it is. I go out for the enjoyment, hope to cross the line, and enjoying the moment with others that enjoy the same thing i do. Sure, I'd love to be faster, beat my previous times. If it happens, cool, if not, no biggie. You're speedy though, so I have no doubt you'll accomplish your goals :)

Marlene said...

Great runs Tall Mom, Muscle Man AND Blaine! :)

I just about ALWAYS set goals for every race. I'm also ADDICTED to McMillan. That time sounds reasonable to me... I think you could even go faster. :) Your HM time is almost 10 minutes faster than mine and I managed a 10K just undder 48 minutes. I bet you could do 45... (just sayin' (: )

I like to set THREE goals - an A (hope I can), B (think I can) and C (know I can)... that way you won't be disappointed. It gives you something aggressive to shoot for but also allows for an 'off' day - you never know.

Good luck!

Sarah Jane said...

You're so hardcore! I love it! I LOVE that bumper sticker!

For me, goal setting depends on the race. For shorter distances, I set more specific goals (finish the race in 28 min). For longer distances, my goals are more general (just finish the race). Based on your training times, I think your 10k goal is appropriate.

Marlene said...

SoOoOo happy you liked the advice. Can't wait to find out your THREE goals. :)

As for Zensah... you called me on the no pics. *blush* Truth is, the fabric is a little clingy and shoes more lumps & bumps than I feel like sharing with the world. (Should probably have mentioned that in the review...) I'm totally fine wearing it out for a run (I NEVER look good running anyway - hah)... just not posing. :)

aron said...

how cuuuuute is that?!? such a little athlete :)

i def say go for the 46:33!!! you can totally do it! i like setting A, B and C goals too :)

Chellie has Issues said...

I usually have a time in my head that I want to beat. For my last 10K I wanted to be under 50 min. I was mad that I finished in 52 min but it was a great motivation to have the goal in my head. I bet yur run will be beautiful if it's in Snoqualmie...and hilly I assume?

Croughwell said...

Good luck in your race. I usually set a goal for my races.

Running, kind of. said...

Wow! Good luck! What a great time to shoot for! I hear ya on wanting those 19 year old cross country running legs back! Those were the days when I would do a 5K in 18:45! Man, I had no idea how great that was!

I set goals:
1. to finish
2. finish alive
3. and usually a finsish between such and such time.

I alway make my goal but I set them a little on the easy side. Like finish my half in 2:06. I know I could do better but I play it safe.

Good luck! I may see about getting my son to that race for the 1K! he loves to do races too!
Are your kiddos gonna do it?