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Monday, August 10, 2009

Family on the RUN

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This weekend was FUN for running with muscle man and the little studs. Hubs is really getting into training for the Northwest Trek Run Wild 5K in September. We just lined up our babysitters and will be registering this week.

Stats 8/8:
25:58- Time
Miles- 3.02
Pace- 8:36
Afternoon run with hills, hubby pushed the kids the whole way.

Yes folks our Friday run was GREAT! We did our usual route and hubs pushed the studs the whole way. His endurance and speed is really picking up. He was even able to run, push and give the baby a graham cracker, now that is talent.

Stats 8/9:
1:11- Time
Miles- 8.01
Pace- 8:53
First 5 miles with hubby on the Orting trail, last 3 faster pace solo run.

This run was special for 2 reasons. First, I introduced my family to the Orting trail (AKA the trail I have spent hours on training without them). Second, hubby ran 5 miles straight without stopping!! Yippee.. The weather has cooled back to a reasonable 70's and that morning there was a slight drizzle.. PERFECT!! We set out with the goal of 5 miles for hubs and 8 for me. No time in mind, just run comfortably. I was in HEAVEN running with my boys, family bonding.. and with the weather being cooler I can FINALLY wear my favorite Brooks T shirt (HERE)..
I have been wanting a new photo for the top of my Blog...I thought the photo below would work but the words just ran across my face. I switched up the header today, but I may go back to my old picture, what do you think??
Sippy cups, Graham crackers, portable DVD player and toys....I think we have everything? On the 5 with hubby the fastest pace was 8:16 and slowest 10:07...but we stopped to take a couple photos that mile..
Almost to the End...Good work honey!!
I was sooo sweaty by the end... Dropped the kids off and took off for another 3 miles.
Here is what they did while Mommy hit her stride...
I wanted to test my speedy legs after having run 5 miles at a comfortable pace. I was hoping for negative splits. Trouble was hubs wanted me to run on the path that parallels the road, which means there are intersections, cars and stop lights...makes it tough to keep a good stride. 6th mile 8:06...ROCKIN!! I could hear my breathing, I hate that, oops forgot to grab my Ipod, oh well not going back. I passed several bikers, everyone was chipper with a smile and a wave. 7th mile 8:05...AWESOME!! Garmin was having issue with the cloud cover, at one point I was zooming along with serious speed, checked my pace and it said 11:05...UMMM NO... I think that I lost satellite because when I got back to the park I had to make up .10...GEEEZZZ.. 8th mile 8:34, not too bad. Great Sunday morning work-out and I KNOW hubs will be back to the trail for more.
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busyrunningmama said...

I like the new picture! I noticed it right away! I have a ton of that Nike green and I love it! I need to drag my husband off the couch to get a picture of me running so I can add it to my blog header. I always love the pictures on everyone else's blogs because they are always in these beautiful places, with hills and trees or beaches and sand! I am not sure that a picture of me running on a flat, house lined street with no trees will be all that spectacular to look at ( welcome to Central FL)!! Oh well, There are few spots around that have a bit more scenery than my neighborhood, maybe if the neighbor is running with me on the trails, we will snap one! Thanks again for the kind words on my latest post! I was very excited about 5 and I know I will be even more ecited about 10! Congrats to muscle man on his 5 mile run, that's awesome! My husband would probably start running with me, but our kids are too big for a stroller and the 6 year old a bit too small to go 5 miles on the bike, so hubby watches the kids, while I go! Oh well, it is nice to have some quiet sometimes!!

Marlene said...

Liking the new header!

Those are some great shots of the fam and sounds like an excellet run all around. Woohoo!

Nice speedy finish, too!

Sarah Jane said...

I'm guessing the swahili comments will be few and far between....you're so funny!

LOVE the new banner!!! Very inspirational!

Also love how our last blog entries look so similar...pics of jogging strollers (although holy cow, yours is MUCH bigger than mine!), kiddos, and a park!

I LOVE family runs too. I love being the support AND being supported at the same time. :)

Nicole said...

I like the new picture (love that green), but I loved your old one. It was just so....picturesque lol! Ohio just doesn't have that many cool photo ops! Anyway, I finally see the trick to getting your kids to stay IN the stroller....portable DVD player!! I may have to give that a try.

Unknown said...

I immediately noticed the new photo in the blog header with the green shirt. It suits you! Keep that one for a bit.

Good running!

Being Robinson said...

ooo i like the new masthead, i think it's great. you look SPEEDY! and i LOVE that shirt, so cute. and what a speedy family, nice job with the fam and the three alone. rockstar :)

Aron said...

those arent little babies to be pushing in the stroller - that is a serious workout!! do you feel like you can run REALLY fast when you arent pushing them after you have been?

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