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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Racing schedule

FYI this is post 198...in case you are counting...

Next up on the RACING schedule for Tall Mom is the "Run Wild" 5K at Northwest Trek with Muscle Man on his 33rd birthday!!! My goals for that race are to run sub 21 minute 5K and to WIN for the women...

With my short distance training the past few months I MISS the LONG run... So I am now planning my FALL schedule before the real races are replaced with Turkey Trots and Jingle Bells..

Here are my options including the Pro's and Cons:

Spokane Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

  • Low cost race
  • Free lodging with the in laws
  • Pretty course along the River
  • Running on a new course


  • Cold Weather
  • Long trip to Spokane
  • Limited time to prepare for 1/2 and Full
  • Travelling home just after a race could cause cramping
  • Not a certified course


Tricities Marathon


  • Flat and Fast Course
  • Beautiful run along the River
  • Marathon Redemption
  • The race starts just outside the hotel


  • Limited time to prepare for full Marathon
  • Lodging and travel costs
  • May need to take Vacation day


Seattle Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

PROS for Half-

  • Use my speed training for a Half PR
  • Enjoy the beauty of Seattle
  • Close to home

PROS for Full-

  • Marathon Redemption before 2010
  • Beautiful course close to home


  • Training for the Full may be tough during Volleyball season, I play on Sunday nights starting late September.
  • RAIN...it could be a soggy sneaker day
  • Both races and expensive $$$
  • Not a fan of BIG races

That is my overall thought process in determining my next race. I am leaning toward the Seattle Half Marathon to give me time to prepare and possibly PR. Problem is I would also like Marathon redemption before the close of 2009.. Oh what to do?? Will keep you posted. I went on Marathonguide.com to get reviews to help...great site!!

How do you decide which races you run?

Anyone signed up for any of the races I have listed??


5 Miles Past Empty said...

You know my vote! And another pro is training over Thanksgivng! This was a huge factor in me not gaining my usual 5-10 pounds over the holidays!

As for marathon redemtption, not so sure but I did see where Olympia has a Christmas Marathon every year. You run the risk of cold and ice and possibly a cancellation (that happened last year during the bad weather).

I am not a fan of the big races either. Last year I almost killed myself trying to break out of the crowd. After 2.5 miles of 8:00 pace the crowd never thinned and I was tired.


Alisa said...

I've already given my opinion on Spokane. The 5 mile and the 1/2 are pretty the full course goes through boring suburbs.

Unlike you, I really like big races, makes me confident I won't be last =).

My vote would be for Seattle Half, despite it being expensive and big. Though a MAJOR con for me would be the rain---I HATE rain, in fact, I've run 20 mile runs on the treadmill to avoid the rain =).

Being Robinson said...

i've been eyeing the seattle on 11.29.... mmm-hmmm. the other one i might do is far closer to home but on 11.1. and HILLY. but it sounds like seattle will be hilly too. hmmm.

and yes, ed lawyer to the rockstars. rigggghhhhht. haha.

i finally opened the box you sent FINALLY! and ohhhhhhh it made my day. thanks mel! can't wait to try the nuun this weekend. i loved the card and lotion too. you are the best.

Marci said...

I would go for Seatle half. Give yourself the proper time to prepare fully for the full, then you can race your best! Good luck at your 5K!

Jo Lynn said...

YOU play volleyball? SHOCKER! LOL

Sub-21 5K? That would be cool.

My opinion is it's always nice to not have to travel after a long race. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Seatle Half... don't really have a reason it's just a feeling

Redhead Running said...

You are a running machine Mel!!!

Anonymous said...

I like big races, but I think it because I am so slow- the bigger the race, the less chance I will be last :)

Ps- my 100th post is next- I am wracking my brain with ideas!!!

Ashley said...

TOUGH decision!!!!! It's hard not to want to do them all! I've been debating on a couple local 10K's recently, but think I finally decided (just yesterday) on the one I want to do. Then...just possibly another 1/2 in November. What a fun time of year!!! :)

Lindsay said...

which would you rather do? new half-pr or marathon redemption? that's how i would pick. the seattle marathon may be a big race but if they have corrals (i assume?) you could use your half or 10k time to get decent placement in the pack. then of course if you decide to do a half all of them are good options with time to build up a few long runs. i love looking up next-races and have to talk myself out of registering for all of them.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

good luck, i'm sure you'll make a great decision :)

Casey said...

I wouldn't write off the first one for being "cold", yet. Remember how hot it was @ the October Chicago Marathon!

Shelley said...

I agree with the Seattle half. With all the pace and tempo work you've been doing, which totally paid off in the 10 k, you can add in the long run you want, and keep playing on the track! That is going to be one spectacular PR!

I choose races based on: overall location (If I'm training for that long, it had better be fun), travel time/cost, the cause, and race perks!

My favorite: Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. Although, if I could get back for the Seattle Marathon, it might be a tie, because I heart Seattle!

IzzyBubbles said...

Actually, I was eying Seattle in Nov. until I decided to wait until next spring to do another marathon..since I love Seattle so much! But I'm going to be all over the place between Sept. and Oct. so staying at home is probably the better option!

Sounds like you have a tough decision...I'd say if you're planning to travel for any big races next year, maybe opt for a race that saves you some $$, especially since you want to buy a new house soon, too?

Just go with what your heart is telling you! Whichever race you pick you're going to do great and really enjoy it.

Marlene said...

Decisions, decisions! I hear you on wanting your marathon redemption this year. If you got for a full, my gut suggests Seattle, mainly because it gives you more time.

With the way you've been running, I'll bet you could PR at the Spokane half!

Can't wait to see how fast you run the 5K!

robinbb said...

I would go for the Seattle half as well. That is going to be a huge PR and I can't wait to read about it!

Sarah Jane said...

Hmmm...I'm partial to the half. :) Like you, I choose my races based on cost, travel, and race size. I love big races because the large crowds totally get me going!!

Unknown said...

Before I even finished reading, I was voting for the Seattle Half. But I can understand the marathon redemption. I can't wait to find out what you decide!

Aron said...

sounds like you have some great options :) cant wait to see what you do choose!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a diificult list to choose from, but I would go with the one that works best for the whole family. Don't put added pressure on yourself, just figure out which one best suits your needs. When it comes to races, I write down all of the races I would like to do, then I check hubby's schedule( he's not around every weekend),and then I check the kids' activity schedules. Some races don't and others are perfect.
Good luck on your decision making.

RunToTheFinish said...

wow i have heard seattle is just a georgous run so that would be my choice!