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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Double the Fun- Jogging Stroller

Colleen had a question about our Double Jogger... We have the the Expedition double Jogging Stroller similar to the one found HERE. When I was pregnant with Easton I was nesting and NEEDED to buy a double jogger for his impending birth. I did not do much research, I knew I wanted a stroller with seats that could lay down and move independent. I wanted a newer version with big wheels and storage. I wanted a stroller with style and tall enough for us to push comfortably. I looked and Craigslist and found the Expedition stroller for $100 with the rain cover, SCORE!!!

Muscle Man did not want to dish out the funds because he did not think we would use it...fast forward this amazing stroller has some major mileage..
We have used this stroller for trips to the beach, hiking and running and LOVE it!! The rain cover is especially useful in Washington.

*Seats move independently and can lay flat
*The harness straps fit babies to toddlers
*Large Sun cover moves up and down to block the sun at any angle
*Storage nets are large and easy to grab from
*Wheels move easily on flat track
*Cup holder to grab water bottle with ease
*Kids have enough room for toys, sippy cups and DVD Player
*Rain cover keeps kids warm and dry

*HEAVY as the kiddos grow
*Hard to turn (hubby has no issue, I do)
*Big, may not fit in all trunks

Overall the stroller is BATTLE TESTED and Tall Mom Approved. I give this Stroller high marks. Try to find one second hand if you can.. If not, shop around for the deals..

I am taking today OFF as my knee was SCREAMING on my Happy Run yesterday..... Check in tomorrow for something FUN!!!


Marlene said...

I often wonder about those jogging strollers. I suppose I'll need one some day. :)

Take care of that knee! ICE, ICE BABY!

Colleen said...

Thanks for the info on the stroller. It sounds like a pretty good one. There are so many out there and it is good to get some advice. I enjoy your blog!!!

Sarah Jane said...

OMG that picture of the kiddos is priceless!