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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amazed and Brooks

First off welcome to the NEW Tall Mom Bloggy pack members, WELCOME!! Don't forget to enter the nuun Giveaway, click the picture to the right.

Here is a list of a FEW things which AMAZE me today:
  • Candice at I Have RUN ran 17 miles on a treadmill last Sunday night while her family slept, she got off at 11PM!! The treadmill was smoking by the time she was done. Read the story HERE. Make sure to drop in and wish her GOOD LUCK on her 1st Half Marathon this Saturday!!
  • Kara Goucher ran a 1:08:05 Half Marathon win at the Chicago's Rock 'n' Roll debut race…beating the male winner by 19 seconds… That is 5:12 mile pace or 3:14 K pace. Did her feat hit the ground? There has to be robot or alien DNA in there somewhere. Read Here.
  • Fairweather Runner's ambitious Shoe's for the World Drive. You still have time to mail your lightly used shoes to Wichita.. Click HERE.
  • All the positive comments and feedback that I have received this week, you people truly are AWESOME and know how to make a Tall Mom feel good.
The AMAZING people at Brooks Running sent me some FUN gear to TEST. The Brooks corporate headquarters is just down the road here, gotta love the PNW Running connection. I am blessed to have a Brooks Running Outlet near my house, but it is also VERY easy to shop online HERE, with Tops, shorts, shoes, outerwear, and more. There is a "Brooks for Her" section with pretty pink gear...when you buy Brooks will donate 6.25% of the suggested retail price to three organizations that research and support those affected by breast cancer.

Here are the results from the TALL MOM TEST LAB (LOL I once had visions of lab coats before college Chemistry...so this is filling a little dream of mine)
Viva Flare Pant (HERE):

What Brooks says about the pants-
The Viva Flare’s anatomically correct design and moisture-transfer nylon fabric enhance your body’s shape during your run—and day—in comfort and style. Around Brooks HQ, we think of this pant like a push-up bra for your behind. Fabric: 86% moisture-transfer nylon/14% spandex.

Tall Mom thoughts-
The Viva Flare come in TALL, oh thank the Running Gods (Not to leave out my "Fun-sized" friends the Viva also come in Petite).. I put the pants on and was amazed at the fit and comfort. It is too early to tell how the pant will work on the RUN, but as a working Mom I LOVE to have something comfortable to slip into after a LONG day. These pants are it!! As you know I wash EVERYTHING together.. These pants came out of the dryer (UGH) and still fit PERFECTLY!
Pacer Sport Tank (HERE):
What Brooks says about the Tank-
Function: This stylish racerback tank with compression/encapsulation liner offers moderate support for A to B cups, feminine shape, and longer length. Fabric: Main Body: PR Stretch Mesh (92% moisture-transfer polyester/8% spandex stretch mesh) Inner Bra: Cupliner (94% polyester/6% spandex); Meshliner (82% nylon/18% spandex
Tall Mom thoughts-
This tank is TIGHT!! Yes folks it hugs the curves and keeps on hugging. The bonus is that those with smaller upper sections can RUN comfortably without needing a sports bra. For HOT weather this tank is ideal. And there is a POCKET in the back big enough for a Gu and more.. The long length provides for comfort and no tugging to keep the belly covered. The purple color is very feminine, if you are worried about the tank showing more than you want, try the tank in Black or dark blue.
Drawstring Pack (HERE):

What Brooks says about the Pack-
Function: 15.5"x 19" mesh bag with large, zippered front for secure storage; perfect for stowing and transporting gear before and after the meet
Fabric: 100% nylon mesh and nylon pack cloth

Tall Mom thoughts-
I tested this bag at our Fun Run last weekend and it was GREAT! There is a large zipper pocket to keep valuables like youe phone, camera, keys, jewelry, wad of cash, etc.. And the main section for the clean gear before the race and stinky stuff after the race. At $12 the price is right for a light weight way to keep your gear.
***In the past I have talked about my FAVORITE Brooks brand gear...the T-Shirts, I love the EZ Fun T and Runny Happy EZ T go HERE to buy your own...or keep an eye out for a Brooks Running booth at your larger race expos. GUYS I do not want to leave you out, Brooks has an AMAZING line of Men's apparel and shoes HERE. Muscle man will be sporting his new gear I bought at the outlet once I get the right size...

Brooks Running....
Battle Tested
and Tall Mom Approved
I hope to get a pair of Brooks shoes one of these days.....will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you cross the finish line Saturday:) Love you babe, two days away.

Redhead Running said...

Sooooo jealous of your swag!!! That's awesome! So if Brooks is right there do you ever see them testing out new products? You should creep Frayed Laces blog from when she went to the Brooks Camp... so interesting!!! Congrats woman!

Marlene said...

The gear looks and sounds great! You wear it well.

I always love the format of your reviews - very fun & thorough. :)

IzzyBubbles said...

I love Brooks, unfortunately no Brooks outlet anywhere in KS. Could you tell them to work on that? Thnx. My fav running shorts of all time are Brooks, I own 3 pairs and have never found any other shorts I like nearly as much.

Felice Devine said...

Nice review! I love Brooks -- I've been wearing the Addiction shoe for about 7 years now and I swear by it!

Alisa said...

Ooooh nice SWAG! Love that top, super cute.

Also, the pants...LOVE LOVE LOVE anything that comes in TALL, at 5'11 everything is a high water on me!

Brooks outlet, I'm jealous!

Marci said...

So jealous of all the Brooks gear... i live by there running stuff!

Jo Lynn said...

A 1:08 half? Unbelievable!

"Fun-sized" friend? OK, that's super funny. I can now tell all my friends, they have a "fun-sized" friend. LOL

Aron said...

geeeez you get SO MUCH stuff to review!! lucky girl :)

Unknown said...

Love the Brooks gear, especially the pants. Aron is right -- you are a lucky girl! Thanks for the shout out about my 17 miler and for sending me luck on my half!!

Unknown said...

Brooks makes great shoes and shorts, but shirts "pill" badly and don't seem to last. I wear their shoes and shorts exclusively, but found that the shirts simply didn't stand up. Also have found that their customer service - via their website - is horrific, leading me (after purchasing alot) to give it up and go through other venues. Given that I'm burning through 6-8 pairs of road shoes/year and 1-2 pairs of trail shoes, I'd hoped for something better!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

The things that amaze you amaze me as well! 17 miles on a treadmill...I can't even fathom.

Love all the new Brooks gear! I need to get to that outlet one of these days.

Good luck tomorrow!!!!!!

Being Robinson said...

thanks for the shout out! and WOW, okay my desire to move to PNW is growing stronger with every post you write!! :)

Anonymous said...

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