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Monday, August 24, 2009

10K Lessons Learned

I had PLANNED for a great Giveaway today....but we decided that we are going to SELL our house so I was immersed in de-cluttering all weekend. FYI this is my 196th post...WOW!! I have only been blogging for 5 months, ummm can you say addicted?? So post #200 will be a Giveaway, stay tuned.

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1. Respect the distance- Don't go out too fast or you may not have the energy to finish strong. My pace was not consistent, which is something I need to work on. Start strong and finish strong.

Mile 1: 6:55

Mile 2: 7:17

Mile 3: 7:20

Mile 4: 7:30

Mile 5: 7:30

Mile 6: 7:37

Mile .2: 7:08

2. Stay focused on your RUN- Don't let annoying people jockeying for position distract you.

3. Make sure you do your TEMPO runs during training-I think I skipped 2 on my plan and I know those would have really helped with my overall endurance. The hill training was great for quad strength but I should have incorporated more speed.

4. Warm up, stretch and use the facilities- My Pre-race routine this time was spot-on which set me up for a very successful race.

5. Smile near the Finish line...you never know where the camera will be.

I wish I had more profound knowledge gems to pass on to you about my 10K experience. Basically it is a BIG blur. This distance would be GREAT to have as part of training for a FAST half Marathon. The 6.2 miles will test your speed, endurance, and heart. My ONLY regret is that I did not muster up the Green Giant strength to pass the annoying guy in the sunglasses. Oh well there is always next year :)

Happy Monday
Tall Mom Bloggy Pack!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 10K! I just did my first 10K yesterday and ran on avg, 11:00 minute miles, so you are my hero :) Love your picture, too. I'm pretty sure I'm not smiling in any of mine, LOL...

Alisa said...

Great work! Respecting the distance is always key.

6.2 miles isn't a 5k but it isn't a half either...I've never run a 10k so I'm no help with a race strategy but respecting distance is key.

Marci said...

Congrats on your very fast 10K race! I giggled at your description of the other runners on the course!

Questionably Texan said...

Wow, you did great on the 10k!! And 196 posts in 5 months?? I don't have kids and there's no way I'd find enough time to write that many posts. Not sure how you do it all.

Cindy said...

great job on your 10k! how did you manage to run so fast and still look so relaxed for the photo? congrats!

Marlene said...

Good lessons learned! I'm still pretty terrible at pacing. It's just too easy to go out fast! :)

200 posts in ~5 months! Wowzers! I've loved every one that I have read, so keep it up. Can't wait to find out about your next giveaway.

Have a great day!

Marci said...

Great lessons learned for your 10k. I'll have to keep looking back at it as I prepare for a few 10ks this fall.

IzzyBubbles said...

I love the 10k distance...long enough to be challenging, short enough to be a lot of fun. Very first race I ever did was a 10k, so I'm partial to them. Have never been nearly as fast as you, though - something to work on, I guess!

Shelley said...

SPECTACULAR 10K!!! I am wondering if you may have found your favorite distance?

I don't know much about running splits and how close they should be together, but in swimming distance, it is pretty common to go out a little faster, slow a little as you settle in, and then bring it home with everything you have left in the end. So when I look at your splits, it looks a smidge fast at the start, but OVERALL they're AWESOME!!!

Congratulations on a great finish!

Irene said...

Nice job!

I also like the 10K race distance. ;)

I also find it hard to run my own race, meaning: not letting other runners distract you. It took me a long time to learn to zone out everyone else and pay attention to what I'm doing. :) It's still is hard, especially when it's smelly guy in front of you! Hahaha!

X-Country2 said...

That's still a pretty gosh darn good 10k time! Great lessons learned- go get 'em next time!

runsher said...

Congrats! Ten k races are great because you want to run it with 5k speed but it is twice the distance, so it becomes that much more challenging.

Unknown said...

You did awesome!! Thanks for sharing your Lessons Learned.

Aron said...

great lessons :) you did amazing, congrats again! i still havent run a 10k - they do sound like torture :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

nice job on the 10k!! Smokin' fast and great lessons learned!!

RunToTheFinish said...

you crack me up, running 7:30 miles and saying you didn't do enough tempo work

Jennifer said...

Give me a 10K over a 5K any day.

I have a pair of Pearl Izumi Sugar cycling shorts and I love them! Their tech clothing is awesome, not a fan of the socks or shoes though.
And what a great way to incorporate your family into your track workouts. I think I'll be giving that one a try (in about 40 weeks from now....)

Lindsay said...

congrats on a strong 10k - good lessons to keep in mind for the next go around! thanks for the shoutout also :)