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Monday, August 31, 2009

Muscle Man Guest Post

Melanie (AKA Tall Mom) has asked me to write a Blog. Though I am not the writer, she is, I will try my best to entertain. As you know from Melanie's previous blogs I enjoy bodybuilding. I run for her because I think she likes having the boys and me partake in her passion of jogging or "Yogging, I believe it is a soft J" (Anchorman with Will Ferrell, excellent movie).

Melanie and myself, pushing the boys, went for a 3 mile run on her lunch break. The temperature was about 63' F and was mostly cloudy with little to no wind. Ideal for me. Hate the heat. The boys were good and gave us no trouble. I pushed myself pretty good for this run and had excellent build up of lactic acid in the quads while pushing the boys up the hills.

We finished our 3 mile run with a time of 24:46. Thursday I ran by myself (pushing the boys) and received a time of 26:40, a 2 minute improvement though it was sunny and a temp of 75'.

I've been bodybuilding for one year now and I enjoy it tremendously and will continue to body build until my end. I love it that much. I workout 4 days and take one day off, then repeat. I always mix things up with different exercises, weights, sets and reps. If you don't you will not build the muscles.

Example of a 4 day Workout:

Day 1: Chest, Front and Side Delts (Shoulders but not rear delts)

Day 2: Quads, Hamstrings, Calves and Abs

Day 3: Biceps and Triceps

Day 4: Back, Rear Delts and Abs

Day 5: OFF

Day 6: Repeat

I like to do 3 or 4 exercises per body part, 4 sets per exercise, with a rep range of 6-12. Generally takes one hour a day. I always do one or two warm-up sets with light weights before beginning. I do not stretch before lifting because the muscles are cold. It will not help you. Only stretch after you have warmed your muscle that you are training.

August 31, 2009
January 3, 2009
8:00 AM- 3 scrambled Eggs, 3 slices turkey bacon, 2 wheat toast, and glass of lemonade.
10:30 AM- Tuna Sandwich w/ tsp mayo, glass of Gatorade, and Sugar Cookie (oops).
11:30 AM- 3 Mile Run
12:30 PM- Two Cheeseburgers, Iced Tea w/ 1 tsp sugar.
1:45 PM- Workout- Quads, Hams, Calves.. During Work-out have 16oz Gatorade w/ Creatine and Glutamine.
2:45 PM- 2 Scoop Protein Shake, Nectarine, and 1 Granola bar.
5:00 PM- Steak, Baked Potato, Asparagus and Multivitamin.
7:00 PM- Bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats w/ 1 1/2 Cups of Milk.
9:00 PM- Protein Shake, and ZMA.
I shoot for 3,500 Calories, 350 grams of carbs and 250 grams of protein. On this diet I have lost 5 pounds because of the running and Body Building.
  • Melanie asked me to pick a number from 1-14 and I picked my Lucky number "7." She told me that The Running Briefs is the WINNER of the second pair of Pearl Izumi shorts, so CONGRATS! (7th person on the list) Email Melanie your address and she will Ship them out.
I look forward to Blogging on Tall Mom, perhaps once a week or every 2 weeks...if you have any questions or topics you are interested in let me know..

WINNER of 200 Pearls of Wisdom

Thanks to some creative commenting from many of you Bloggy buddies we reached 200!! I honestly did not think it would happen, so I truly appreciate the HELP and you not getting annoyed with my LIGHT recruiting (comment begging).

Without Further to do...I have no numbers on my comments...UM DUH.. So I had to use Excel again....took forever....again...one of these days I will get this Giveaway stuff down. Using Random.org for an integer between 1-200...

The WINNER Is lucky #121....

WINNER- Candice at I have Run. Candice gets to chose Medium or Large Pearl Izumi shorts. This lady is a dedicated Mom who just ran her FIRST Half Marathon and is training for her FIRST Marathon next Month, Top of Utah Marathon on September 19th...WISH HER LUCK!! I posted about her AMAZING 17 miles on the Dreadmill at the wee hours of the night. YIPPEE Candice, email me to let me know your address and size choice.

AND since you all played along so nicely and I am feeling a huge need to show some major BLOGGY gratitude....There is a second winner, who will get whatever size Candice does not chose.. I narrowed the list down to the Super Commenter's who posted more than 5 comments (removing Candice from the list as she can't win twice).

Gotta like those odds, 1 out of 15...BUT you will have to wait. Muscle Man will be selecting the winner and posting on his Guest post TONIGHT!! Ask and you WILL receive my friends...


Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
Leo Buscaglia

This weekend has been sooo fun... For the key reason that you all are AMAZING!! The comments have been flowing in for the Pearls of Wisdom Shorts Giveaway HERE. Our friend Marlene reminded me this morning that we are at 175!!! Hello this is stinkin cool.. So I have decided to Change the Rules...and give away 2 pairs of shorts.... Yes folks 1 medium and 1 large.. So go and comment and end the contest..

I love contests because I get to meet all sorts of new Bloggers to add to my Blogroll. I really try to drop in and return the comments, but there are times when the comment boxes don't work.. So I want to send a Tall Mom virtual hug to:

  • Britt at The Miles of a Mommy thanks for the link to my Giveaway, I would love to drop you a return comment but the box would not work.
  • Shelly at Swim, Bike, What? Thanks for the link and your GREAT comments. I hopped over to your blog to say "Hi" and no go.. Will stop back in and HOPE I can get the comment to work.
  • Caitlin at Former Running Junkie I am ready to be your 1st Follower... but the Blog won't let me?? I recently tossed my mesh shorts from the 90's and hope you can do the same with your Umbros :)

I REALLY try to return comments...because that is the fun of Bloggy land for me as I am sure it is for you all... I LOVE to meet new people and hear what everyone has to say. There are days when I get BUSY and may miss a reply here or there, but overall Tall Mom will return the comment. FYI I don't look for replies on your Blog, so if you can reply in a comment on Tall Mom that would be GREAT!!

Got up late....off to work from HOME!! Oh thank goodness I am working from home today. Hopefully we can get 25 more comments so those shorts can be in the mail to the WINNERS today!!!

****FYI if you want to get some nuun head over to Marlene's Blog and try to WIN HERE

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wigwam Product Review

There are a FEW comments needed to end the Pearls of Wisdom Giveaway...we are at 169.. Thanks to ALL who have commented. I have been having the BEST weekend reading your comments and will be checking in on Blogs this evening..

On the weekends Muscle Man, the little studs and I go for FAMILY training runs. We are currently training for the "Run Wild" 5K at Northwest Trek September 19th, it will be Muscle Man's first 5K and my chance to go for a CRAZY PR. WE have had Amazing weather this Summer but this weekend Fall decided to say Hello and brought the familiar RAIN.

Blaine said "Mommy the sprinklers in the sky make the rain." Pretty darn cute if you ask me. When we set out it was a drizzle.. Pre Run photo..
Since it was on the colder side I tested my new Wigwam arm Sleeves and Brooks pants. The headband was handmade from my buddy and fellow runner Ang...embrace the bright colors people it is FUN!!

We set out for a 4 mile run without the rain cover. The boys started fussy and continued to be fussy for the just under 36 minutes of running...NOT FUN!! The rain picked up and we were all getting WET. Thankfully we brought the rain cover for the double jogger and stopped to put it on. The rain felt amazing! I really like a nice rain, totally prefer it to the upper 90's it has been all summer... We SURVIVED and returned home in time to change and head to my parents. My Mom spotted a yard sale and told my sister and I to head there. BONUS I found some AMAZING second hand winter running gear for $1 each piece, will post some photos of my finds soon, good job MOM!!

After the run I was SOAKED but my arms were dry, how you ask? Well because of the Wind Break Sleeves from Wigwam. I have wanted a pair of these mainly because I think they look cool...just being honest. But also because I like the idea that if I get too hot I can toss them.
Wind Break Sleeve (HERE):
What WIGWAM says:
FreshGuard® eliminates odors • Dri-release® dries super fast • Snug fit for enhanced circulation.... And now for something completely different...socks for your arms. The Windbreak Sleeve is a protective shield to enhance circulation in the arms while on long bike rides. Our experts swear that it makes a difference in performance. 54% Stretch Nylon, 44% Wool Dri-release® (88% Polyester, 12% Wool), 2% Lycra® Spandex
Tall Mom Thoughts:
First off they look COOL! I battled tested these bad boys first time out in the RAIN and I was in heaven. My arms were dry, the sleeves fit perfectly and the break between my t-shirt was a nice breezy balance. I was afraid this type of sleeve would fit too snug and cut off my circulation, all fears aside. I know that these will be snuggly on my arms for MANY future runs and races.

Distance (HERE):
What Wigwam Says:
Always fresh and dry • Cushiony sole. Distance is an understatement for this product. Now knit with the super drying properties of Dri-release® and FreshGuard® odor neutralizer.
87% Dri-release®, 12% Stretch Nylon, 1% Spandex

Tall Mom Thoughts:
I love CUSHION and these socks have the cush in all the right places. The top of the socks is lighter weight for breathability. The socks are a bit high for summer running creating funny Runner's Tan lines, but for cool weather running these are great. The moisture wicks away, comfort ideal for short of LONG runs.
Ironman Lightning Pro (HERE)
What Wigwam Says:
Repels moisture • Prevents blisters • Lightweight • Breathable... A lightweight, yet durable design breathes, cools and refreshes feet faster thanks to a patented moisture control system and sheer fit. 40% Stretch Nylon, 33% Olefin, 23% X2O® Acrylic, 2% Stretch Polyester, 2% Spandex

Tall Mom Thoughts:
These socks were too big for my size 10's, I guess they run a tad big keep that in mind when purchasing online. This was OK because Muscle Man is a size 13 mens and the fit is GREAT! He is loving the lightweight sock and instantly noticed the difference when wearing the non-cotton socks.
Ironman Fastlane Pro (HERE):
What Wigwam Says:
Repels moisture • Prevents blisters • Foot hugging • Cushiony sole. Breeze by the competition in style and comfort. Moisture control is combined with unbeatable toughness and a foot-hugging fit, keeps feet blister free and refreshed. 53% Stretch Nylon, 27% Dri-release®, 17% X2O®Acrylic, 3% Lycra® Spandex
Tall Mom Thoughts:
Saved the BEST for last. These socks I want in EVERY color and bonus they come in PURPLE!! These socks are snug, so snug that the seems melt away. There is ZERO chance that I would get a blister because the fit is too perfect for my size 10's. The compression of the sock is tight making it ideal for a fast short run, or long distance blister free running. I wore these socks on the soggy run mentioned above and my feet were DRY!! High marks.
THANK YOU WIGWAM!! I am in love with every product and so is Muscle Man. Go check out the socks and MORE for yourself HERE.. Shop be height, cush, fit, gender, performance, etc.
Battle Tested...
Tall Mom Approved!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Talks about Socks

First off WELCOME to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members... And Second, THANK YOU to everyone who has commented on the Pearls of Wisdom Giveaway... As of this post we are up to 150 comments, just 50 more and the WINNER will be selected. Enter HERE...to win those Pearl Izumi shorts!! You know you want to...if the shorts won't fit you, WIN them for a friend, running buddy, or WIN on behalf of a Bloggy friend...it is up to you :)

Tall Mom has been on a QUEST to find the perfect running socks... if there is such a thing? I have been in the Tall Mom Test lab for WEEKS putting my size 10's to work.. OK I am in HEAVEN, I LOVE new socks!!! So for the next few days I will be giving BRIEF product reviews of some of the major running sock brands.

First up....our test of Wigwam see the website HERE. I say "our" because Muscle Man got a pair too!! We had an amazing, yet WET, 4 mile run today, putting the socks to a puddle hopping test.... But it is 9:00PM and I am TIRED... So you will get the full report and soggy post run photos tomorrow.. Off to catch up on all my Bloggy friends.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Run with me through Photos

Race photos from my Snoqualmie Railroad Days 10K race are up...and I borrowed these for my post (BLUSH). Thought you may enjoy the race through the pro photogs point of view...
Early on in the race. Feet barely hitting the ground, and BIG smiles. FYI I totally cheese at the camera's and usually give a wave. I have always LOVED getting my picture taken.
Later in the race...Still the wave, smile and CRAZY hair. FYI I did not find any photos of Sunglasses Calf Compression Socks guy...guess he was too grumpy for the photographers...DELETE DELETE
Ever wonder what the Female Winner looks like?? Well there she is...good thing the photographer had a FAST camera or he would have missed her. The 35 year old orange shirted fuzzy pony-tail wonder finished in 34:46.6 which is 5:36 pace. Many of her running club peeps finished in the front of the pack, there were some SPEEDY people.
The Little Red runner I TRIED to catch... Well here she is. She finished before me with a time of 45:35.9. I was right she was in my age group, Little Red is 35. Next time I will be on the hunt to pick some women off, like the guys do at the end..LOL...
And nipping on my heals with a time of 46:37 was this 65 year old beauty!! Holy WOW!! AMAZING!! I hope and pray that I will be hitting fast paces at that age. Once I was in my stride I did not get passed by any women, I finished 20 out of 156....My goal was top 20, so not too shabby!!
This girl and I could be friends. First off, she has my race number hello #333!! Second, she is totally matching from head to toe ( I am a matchy matchy freak). And third, look at that enthusiasm, LOVE IT!! I think I may try the double thumbs up in my next race, may be a little better than the one armed wave.
Do you think she bought this picture?? I am 100% confused why you would do a thumbs down? Anyone who has ever used this pose please explain as I am baffled. You CAN fake it for the camera for a few seconds...or just run for goodness sake.
And the winner of the Cutest Couple!! This picture just makes me smile. I know that Muscle Man and I have many races together in the future.. I may not give him the bunny ears, but I hope that we look this happy.
I don't know these people...but one thing we all have in common is that we were out there running toward the Finish together...
How will you look in your next race photo??
Careful you never know where that photo may end up..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

200 Pearls of Wisdom GIVEAWAY

APPLAUSE...APPLAUSE.... Oh Thank you!! You all make me feel so GREAT.. (Self applause counts right?)

Yes I am addicted to Blogging and have racked up 200 posts since March 17, 2009.. If interested HERE is the START of Tall Mom. Yep I was once "No Frills," I have sense added a few frills including GIVEAWAYS!!! Will get to that in a minute.

As I thought about my 200th post and what I could say....I pondered a list of 200 things about Tall Mom...very self-fulfilling but not very interesting. On my way to work this morning I hear a song that ALWAYS hits me..."If Today Was Your Last Day," By Nickelback..

If Today Was Your Last Day
Songwriter: Kroeger, Chad
My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day's a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride
If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last
Leave old pictures in the past?
Donate every dime you had, if today was your last day?
What if, what if, if today was your last day?....

I know it is very hard to live each day as if it were your last... You are tired, frustrated, sick, poor, old, young, ignored, overweight, underappreciated, overworked, underpaid...so many reasons to focus on the NEGATIVE.. As a RUNNER...the line that connects with me is "That first step you take is the longest stride." On my 200th post I ask you to take that first step, whatever it may be and leave your excuses behind. A Pearl of Wisdom inspired by my morning commute... And now to the good STUFF!!

This Pearls of Wisdom GIVEAWAY is sponsored by PEARL IZUMI.


Pearl Izumi Women's Infinity Shorts HERE... (Size Medium or Large) This updated version of Pearl Izumi's best-in-class Infinity short includes a 100% recycled polyester shell and their legendary Seamless UltraSensor® Float liner for miles and miles of comfortable running. A $40 value for the WINNER for FREE...


INDIVIDUAL COMMENTS FOR EACH ENTRY PLEASE....saves the Tall Mom time selecting the BIG Winner...
  • REQUIRED- Go to the Peal Izumi Website HERE and shop around. Leave a comment with your thoughts about the website, marketing and products.

This contest will end at comment 200... AMBITIOUS Right?? Well this is how WE will make it there TOGETHER.

Additional entries, 1 entry per comment, be creative:

  • Tell me about a Pearl Izumi product you own and what you think (if you have multiple products leave a comment about each).
  • Become a Tall Mom Bloggy Pack member (Follower), benefits include Giveaways, Inspirational quotes and stories, Good Luck Shout-Outs for your races, riveting race reports, return comments from Tall Mom on your Blog, TMI details and more... Leave me a comment to let me know you are a NEW Follower.
  • Share your Bloggy Pack Status.. Remind me in a comment that you are a Follower and tell me what you like (or UGH don't like) about my Tall Mom Blog...Positive comments in English, negative comments in Swahili please :)
  • Recruit a NEW Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Member. Become a Bloggy Pack recruiter, leave me the name of the person you invited to Follow.
  • Ask me a question.
  • Give ideas for future Tall Mom posts. Each idea is 1 entry if posted in a separate comment, multiple ideas encouraged.
  • BRAG....yes folks tell me about something you are proud of today!!
  • Share with others...put a link to this Giveaway on your blog and leave a comment with the LINK so I can check it out...
  • Ask your Bloggy buddies to drop your name. Bonus, this will be an entry for the person who commented and for you.

Count that up.. You have 10+++ chances to enter. So get creative and get commenting. 200 will take a while, or will it??

Thanks for playing...and for running with me to 200!!

(Contest rules subject to change)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Small Goals

Set out on my run and in an instant my stomach felt GROSS.. Could it be the result of too much Taco Bell and Funfetti cake? NAH! Oh I try to eat healthy, but there are times when I just crave BAD food.. My stomach then reminds me that "we don't eat like that" and I get back on track.

GOALS for today:
#1. To think more on my race plans, thanks for all the advice, will let you know what I decide.

#2. To get in some hill training with a SMILE

#3. To finish 3 miles in sub 24 minutes.

1- Oh if you could only jump into the mind of Tall Mom…the joy the joy….an uber-competitive, goal-oriented, driven person with a strong ability to make decisions for others, but seriously lacking the talent of committing to a plan for herself. Half Marathon PR or Full Marathon redemption?? That is the question?? Thinking back to the FINISH line of my (2) LONG races, I remember how happy I was after my Half Marathon. I want to feel that again. So I am going to 100% commit to my training for my 5K on September 19th, followed quickly by starting a modified version of the Hal Higdon Advanced Half Marathon training plan to prepare for the SEATTLE HALF MARATHON on 11/29… Thanks to everyone for helping me make my decision... I will wait for the cutoff date to register...but I am mentally in.. Goal #1- Accomplished!!

2- Want to know the Kryptonite of the Super Hero that is Tall Mom (College Basketball player turned Mom turned runner)? It is HILLS.. (OK I am not a superhero, but I have worn capes and run around the house to entertain my boys on occasion). Any incline, and my fluid strides and speedy pace, turn to tree trunk legs, detached from my body, struggling to reach the summit. I truly SUCK at hills!! But I managed to pull out 3 hills and sorta keep pace. Goal #2- Met, but not with a good attitude.

3- First mile I felt GREAT, I should I took 2 days off. Mile 1- 7:37 pace. The second mile was my 3 ups and 3 downs hill training. I sped up to avoid getting stung by the bees swarming a nest in the rocks but in general my turnover was slow. Mile 2- 8:24 pace. The third mile I came down the hill and knew I had time to make up. The beauty of having 1 mile left is that you have 1 mile left…Deep I know!! So I gave it my all. Mile 3- 7:40 pace. Goal #3- Got it, 7:53 overall pace.

Stats 8/26:
Time- 23:51
3.02- Miles
7:53- Pace
Sunny day, no breeze, hill training.

Thought I would mix it up and put my stats last… Stay tuned for tomorrow morning…you WILL like what you see.

Fall Racing schedule

FYI this is post 198...in case you are counting...

Next up on the RACING schedule for Tall Mom is the "Run Wild" 5K at Northwest Trek with Muscle Man on his 33rd birthday!!! My goals for that race are to run sub 21 minute 5K and to WIN for the women...

With my short distance training the past few months I MISS the LONG run... So I am now planning my FALL schedule before the real races are replaced with Turkey Trots and Jingle Bells..

Here are my options including the Pro's and Cons:

Spokane Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

  • Low cost race
  • Free lodging with the in laws
  • Pretty course along the River
  • Running on a new course


  • Cold Weather
  • Long trip to Spokane
  • Limited time to prepare for 1/2 and Full
  • Travelling home just after a race could cause cramping
  • Not a certified course


Tricities Marathon


  • Flat and Fast Course
  • Beautiful run along the River
  • Marathon Redemption
  • The race starts just outside the hotel


  • Limited time to prepare for full Marathon
  • Lodging and travel costs
  • May need to take Vacation day


Seattle Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

PROS for Half-

  • Use my speed training for a Half PR
  • Enjoy the beauty of Seattle
  • Close to home

PROS for Full-

  • Marathon Redemption before 2010
  • Beautiful course close to home


  • Training for the Full may be tough during Volleyball season, I play on Sunday nights starting late September.
  • RAIN...it could be a soggy sneaker day
  • Both races and expensive $$$
  • Not a fan of BIG races

That is my overall thought process in determining my next race. I am leaning toward the Seattle Half Marathon to give me time to prepare and possibly PR. Problem is I would also like Marathon redemption before the close of 2009.. Oh what to do?? Will keep you posted. I went on Marathonguide.com to get reviews to help...great site!!

How do you decide which races you run?

Anyone signed up for any of the races I have listed??

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pearl Izumi Review at the Track

First off WELCOME new Tall Mom Bloggy pack members...I will be touring your Blogs later this week...

Stats for 8/23:
Interval 6 x 400's
1- 1:33- 6:02 pace
2- 1:29- 5:46 pace
3- 1:31- 5:52 pace
4- 1:35- 6:17 pace
5- 1:32- 5:49 pace
6- 1:33- 5:58 pace
Track training the day after my 10K race in preparation for a speedy 5K on September 19th.

The day after my Railroad Days 10K Muscle Man and the the little studs and I hit the track for some Interval training. It was a great day to keep up my speed work and test some new Pearl Izumi gear.
Here I am sporting my new race T...my Marathon T was too big so I got a smaller size this race and it seems to fit OK..
Never heard of Pearl Izumi?? Check out any major Running magazine and look for the BRIGHTLY colored ads...this company has some great gear in Men's, Women's and Kid's for Cycling, Triathalon, Running and active outdoor wear. I was lucky to test a few items.
W's Infinity Split Short (HERE):
What Pearl Izumi Says:
Offering the same great fit and performance of our industry-leading Infinity short, the Infinity Split Short includes a side split for enhanced mobility.
•Lightweight PI Ripstop woven shell with a Transfer finish
•Seamless UltraSensor® Float liner for cool, dry, chafe-free comfort
•Zippered pocket and internal key pocket
•Reflective logos
•Inseam: 2.5”
•Content: Shell: 100% recycled polyester with a wicking finish, Liner: 96.5% nylon/3.5% spandex
Tall Mom thoughts:
I am a self-proclaimed spandex runner, but I am open to trying new shorts options. The fit for me was not 100% but I think they will be spot on after a few washings. The pocket in the back is a great size for a couple Gu's. I LOVE LOVE that the shorts are made of recycled material, THUMBS UP!!

W's Elite Tank (HERE):
What Pearl Izumi Says:
Sleek, simple, attractive, the Elite Tank uses fabric that is ultra-soft to the touch, flexible and elastic for freedom of movement. The integrated bra is designed for comfort and better fit.
•ELITE UltraSensor® -Transfer fabric
•Inside support liner and adjustable straps
•One back pocket for storage
•Reflective element on center back pocket for night visibility
•Content: Main: 87% Polyester/13% Spandex
Tall Mom Thoughts:
I would love to have this top in PINK.. The fit in nice, tighter on top and a little giving in the mid section. The cross back design and LOW back could make for some pretty crazy runner's tan lines. If you want to feel feminine while running try out this tank.
W's syncroPACE III (HERE):
What Pearl Izumi says:
MODERATE STABILITY. The perfect shoe for runners looking for moderate stability and pronation control combined with excellent cushioning.
•High Rebound SKYDEX® forefoot propulsion pad for long lasting cushioning
•New low profile SyncroFrame Stability Frame – Run Tuned Suspension System
•Seamless Race Upper
•SKYDEX® Heel crash pad
•Carbon rubber medial outsole increase stability performance
•Hybrid blown rubber and carbon rubber forefoot with carbon rubber heel crash pad
•Forefoot Flex Groves for a smooth efficient ride
•High performance dual density EVA insole for increased arch support•360° degree reflectivity •Weight - Size 7 10.7oz
Tall Mom Thoughts:
I want stability and CUSH.. I don't want to feel the road, but I want to know that my shoe is gripping. I was NERVOUS to have a shoe sent to me without first trying it on for comfort. This shoe fits me like it was made for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shoe...I want it in every color, too bad it only comes in 2 colors. The shoes are high quality and made very well. I have tested these shoes on the track, pavement and in a race. I have not tested the shoes in the rain or on a long run so the performance there is TBD. Overall these are my new go-to racing shoes. If you are interested in seeing the other shoes that Pearl Izumi offers click Women's HERE and Men's HERE and check out the amazing colors and styles.
****Stay tuned because Pearl Izumi loves you too...Giveaway at post 200..
Back to the track...look at my 3 guys...track time has become a favorite weekly family activity.
My speedy Muscle Man is working on his STRIDE..
Don't you wish you could look this COOL crossing the Finish Line?? AMAZING!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

10K Lessons Learned

I had PLANNED for a great Giveaway today....but we decided that we are going to SELL our house so I was immersed in de-cluttering all weekend. FYI this is my 196th post...WOW!! I have only been blogging for 5 months, ummm can you say addicted?? So post #200 will be a Giveaway, stay tuned.

Bloggy friends fun Giveaways:

FWR Protein Powder HERE
Erica Lift Your Sole Jewelry HERE
Chasing the Kenyans Gu HERE
Paige at Running Around Normal 100th post HERE


1. Respect the distance- Don't go out too fast or you may not have the energy to finish strong. My pace was not consistent, which is something I need to work on. Start strong and finish strong.

Mile 1: 6:55

Mile 2: 7:17

Mile 3: 7:20

Mile 4: 7:30

Mile 5: 7:30

Mile 6: 7:37

Mile .2: 7:08

2. Stay focused on your RUN- Don't let annoying people jockeying for position distract you.

3. Make sure you do your TEMPO runs during training-I think I skipped 2 on my plan and I know those would have really helped with my overall endurance. The hill training was great for quad strength but I should have incorporated more speed.

4. Warm up, stretch and use the facilities- My Pre-race routine this time was spot-on which set me up for a very successful race.

5. Smile near the Finish line...you never know where the camera will be.

I wish I had more profound knowledge gems to pass on to you about my 10K experience. Basically it is a BIG blur. This distance would be GREAT to have as part of training for a FAST half Marathon. The 6.2 miles will test your speed, endurance, and heart. My ONLY regret is that I did not muster up the Green Giant strength to pass the annoying guy in the sunglasses. Oh well there is always next year :)

Happy Monday
Tall Mom Bloggy Pack!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

10K Debut Snoqualmie Railroad Days 2009

FULL stats to come soon...my usb cord for Mr. Garmin is at work...

The night before the race we ate our usual Spaghetti...but on Thursday after a nice run with Shelby we picked blackberries on the trail near my work enough to make this..
YUMMY! So pre-race blackberry crumble and ice cream.. I think it was good luck.

The night before my Marathon I didn't sleep a wink...I slept GREAT last night...well except for Blaine's bad dream at 2:30AM and Easton being hungry at 4:45AM. We woke at 5:45, I had Peanut butter toast and some Lemon Lime nuun. We gathered the boys and headed to Snoqualmie, about 45 minutes from our house. The race director said to arrive early to get the packet, so anal me wanted to be there promptly at 7:15ish for a 9:10 race start. We got great parking and I headed to the "LINE." Ummmm there was no line I grabbed my race number and timing anklet and was back to the car. We had nearly 2 hours to kill.
In the stroller ready to watch Mommy RACE..
Happy and eating a hot dog for breakfast....only on race day :)
Railroad days so we had to get a train picture.
We wandered around and I hit 2 different Honey Buckets...and tried to rest my legs while they played. There was a yard sale we got a CARS bike helmet for Blaine for $1, SCORE!!
Had to take a photo with the BIG Wheel
LOVE race people, they always offer to take our photo. Runners are NICE!!
Bandmill Wheel, I did not take the time to read about it...but it makes me look small, so I thought it was cool....
Time ticked away SLOWLY and we still had 30 minutes. I refilled my blue bottle at the nuun booth, AMAZING to have nuun at a small race. I needed ANOTHER pit stop, I have a nervous bladder. You would be proud, Tall mom with ZERO patience, waited in a LONG Honey Bucket line!! I am learning. I stripped off my outerwear and ran to warm up a little then took place toward the front of the pack. ROOKIE me had my chip on the wrong leg, thankfully a nice runner told me before I screwed up my time. I asked a couple people about the course and they said the words I have been wanting to hear "Flat and Fast." The Angels came down from the sky and played harps...OK that is a bit dramatic.. This was quickly followed by a lady showing me how she peed in a yard before the race, she pulled on her spandex...you know the rest. Oh the candor, can't beat it!!
The TRAIN Whistle blew and we were OFF. I knew Muscle Man Paparazzi would be down the road a bit and moved to get a cheesy race picture..
I will crop this for my Stats post...it is pretty cute. As you can see my Pearl Izumi shoes made their race debut and so did my GREEN shirt. The start line pee lady told me I looked like a hurdler...is that a compliment??

  • OFF I go... The main advice I received was not to go out too fast. WELL I Always go out too fast, that's how I roll. Mile 1 was GREAT I had amazing energy and was passing people, a lot of people. The BUMMER about this race is the 5K racers start at the same time. It was weird to me running with 6th graders, especially when one with an untied shoe was passing me. First mile was flat, lush and green 6:45 pace.. Uh oh too fast!!
  • Mile 2 I had a side ache, the result of my over ambitious first mile. I seriously need to work on my core strength. When I get a side ache my trick is to focus on me cadence...focus on my stride and not think about the pain. I slowed a bit but kept a great pace 7:04 for mile 2, I think.
  • We crossed a bridge and everyone slowed a little. Just after the river crossing I noticed a girl, who appeared to be in my age group from behind. I told myself that I would keep pace and try to move in front of her little red-shirted self. At the 5K mark I was at 22:36 and still had a full tank, red shirt little runner girl was about 50 yards ahead of me and I settle into a 7:14ish pace. Then came Mr. Calf Compression Sleeves. He was between me and little red. As we rounded a baseball field I thought it would be a good time to pass unnoticed...not easy to do at 6'0 tall and wearing bright GREEN. I passed him and took my place back in line.
  • Apparently Mr. CCS did not appreciate being passed by the Jolly Green FEMALE Giant, so he quickly took his place back in front. This would go on for the next 2 MILES....and practically ruin every ounce of fun of this race!!! We swapped places as the leaders were running toward us. Switched positions as we hit the 4 mile turn around. Traded spots as we sped past those we were miles ahead of. If I could only shake this GUY!! I wanted to leave him in the dust...BUT mentally I did not have it. And my left arch HURT, I didn't swap my Berry insoles and was paying the price... Eventually I let him keep a 10 yard lead and totally lost sight of little red shirt...FAIL!!
  • I am disappointed in how easily I caved...letting his squatty stride and flashy glasses get in my head. Funny thing is MEN in his age group were passing him and he did not even speed up... At mile 5, I wanted to turn on the after burners...instead I prayed my Green tennies would keep moving. I was not tired physically but I was UPSET with letting CCS get the best of me. He took away my fun... I did not realize we were at the end until I spotted the BIG WHEEL.. Home stretch, less than 1 lap around the track....YOU CAN DO THIS!!
  • Mr. Grumpy Gus CCS turned and looked at me, JERK!! Of course there were the usual guys who save the last .1 to pass the CHICK...Man I hate that....at least they passed CCS too :) Here is the progression of how the last few strides to the FINISH LINE went...it is not pretty but it is me...
CCS is just to the right of the hoodie lady... I am just behind the tall sweaty guy...TRYING to PUSH!!
Sweaty guy came from nowhere the last .15 and overtook me... See the 5K guy to the left walking...I beat him...LOL
Looks like I am singing...I am not, I am breathing and ready to be DONE... I wanted to leave it all on the road today...

I bet these people were ready to call the medics to help me. Why do I always look so horrible toward the end?? I did not see Muscle Man so I had no idea he was taking my picture.
Oh so close, finish STRONG...
OK I look CRAZY... Look at the kid to my right, I think he was wondering if I was going to make it... Need a closer look?
BAD RACE PICTURE!! Oh well, it is me, T-rex arms and wide open mouth and all.
The FINISH LINE...FINALLY.. I knew that I would make my A Goal. Muscle man and the little studs kept busy and were very excited when I crossed, Easton fell asleep because of all the excitement...
# 97 Race RESULTS
Time: 45:54.6
(A Goal 46:33)
Pace: 7:24
Place: 104/333
Age Group: 6/42
Female place: ? They did not judge this?
I was very proud of my time and HAPPY that my boys could all be there. Blaine was a great helper for Daddy...he loves to have his picture taken so we cheesed for the camera.
I bent down and he thought I was picking him up... SO fun being a racing MOM.
OK... I am TIRED and ready to hit the BED.. Will have some post race lessons learned and mile paces SOON. For now THANK YOU to everyone for your GOOD LUCK wishes and congratulations. I am so NEW to racing (<>