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Thursday, July 30, 2009

While in Traffic 5

The mind rambles of a wife, mother, breadwinner and runner, while on her hour++ commute in heavy traffic....Episode5:

-Yesterday it was 103 in Seattle!! Thank goodness we have a one story home, kiddy pool, sprinklers and a fan. Easton gets so sweaty his little curls come out it is ADORABLE..

-Oh hello there dedicated runner.. Internal thumbs up, I would honk but I would probably give her a heart attack.

-Those cell towers are so close to my house, why won't T-Mobile work? I have to sit on the little couch near the front window or on the back porch for reception.

-I hate to get gas in my Jeep, oh thank goodness my tank is 3/4 full.

-Oh the "Hot Chick" latte stands drive me nuts…Put a shirt on. Wonder how often their taught tummies get scolded with hot beverages? LOL

-I feel so bad for my friend her USELESS WASTE OF SPACE soon to be ex-husband (who she had been with since Junior High) cheated on her and left her for the girl he got pregnant. Oh how happy I am to live in Marriage lala land.

-I LOVE MY HUSBAND! Our 6th anniversary is coming up on August 2nd and he is planning something. He texted me to ask where my Marathon medal was?? I like to be surprised, so I just told him with no questions.

-We are going to see Wizard of Oz at a little playhouse this weekend and out to dinner... A DATE!! Yippee... Maybe we will hit some yard sales in the AM.

-At a Garage sale last weekend I bought an Under Armor Long sleeve shirt in perfect shape for $1, in the store that would be $50 at least. NICE! LOVE it when other people's junk is my treasure.

-Yum I love cheese. I think our scale is broken one day I will be up 4lbs, the next back to normal.. So weird!!

-"Duck Delivery" What possessed the owner of the company to name it that? Like a Duck could deliver anything… Or maybe they only deliver Ducks? Either way it is OFF.. Hmm if I had a company what would I name it?

-"26.2" magnet on the Ford Escape in the carpool lane. Internal thumbs up. They are passing me, I should catch up… Oh I am too competitive!!

-My Running, Blogging, high school friend Ang is in town from Utah. She texted me yesterday and wants to meet at 6AM to run 10-14 miles... HMMM!!!
1. That is early for my day to sleep in.
2. I have not run that kind of mileage since the Marathon over a month ago..
But I HAVE to do it...cant miss the opportunity to run with ANG...

-I have my gear today...running in 90'++ (Highs in the 100's today) does not sound like fun but it will make me stronger. What I would not give for the RAIN I used to complain about..


Mel-2nd Chances said...

wow, that's a lot of thoughts! i give internal thumbs up seeing runners outside too. Have a great run!

Meg Runs said...

I laughed about your scale "issue" because mine has been doing the same thing and I KNOW it's not my fault!!!

Jen said...

I love how cheese reminded you of your broken scale!

I give internal thumbs up as well. Better yet, I love seeing runners while I'm running. Major thumbs up there!

Have fun this weekend. Stay cool. I've been reading about the crazy heat up there. It's normal here, but I understand how triple digits when you're not used to it would be doubly awful!

PS - thanks for the snack idea...I like the idea of freezing it for the "ice cream feel." I'll make it work within my calorie budget! :)

Genesis said...

that Hot Chicks stand was featured on some travel show and I seriously thought the same thing to myself. its kinda gross to get your coffee made vy practically naked girls...

Irene said...

Awesome post!

Wow, that's uber hot for Seattle!

I figure, that as a runner, the scale IS going to up and down a lot during the week, so I quit weighing in daily and weigh in mid week, when I'm not carb loading... I never weigh in on Monday morning because it's almost always the day I weigh the most, especially if the food choices haven't been the best.

I wonder how those girls don't get burned?

Have a great day!

Sarah Jane said...

Love the stream of consciousness! I've been thinking of you - they're reporting the temps in Seattle on our news here in NC! PS - Happy Anniversary (we celebrated our 6th last week!) - isn't Marriage Lalaland wonderful?

Marci said...

I hate it when scales act up!!:) I just wrote a post about the weather, hope you are able to run in that heat!

J said...

Are all those thoughts from while you were sitting in traffic? i am excited to hear what your husband is up to for your anniversary!

Baylee♥ said...

Ha i seriously thought you managed to write all those things while sitting in traffic. silly me :) or did you? ha.

hot chicks coffee stand? this sounds quite hilarious..

gah..its so sad that no one can remain monogamous (sp??) anymore. congrats on having a WONDERFUL man who treats you right! happy 6 years!!!

runsher said...

Hi! Just started reading your blog, and I really enjoy it. It's great to read about someone's experiences with a passion that I also share.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I'm glad I am not the only one that has every other thought in my head somehow related to running! Good luck with the heat. I feel your pain. It was still 85 degrees when I ran last night at 8pm.