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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tall Mom's Marathon Play List

Disclaimer: I know NOTHING about music, I know what I like and that is about it...

With the WONDERFUL help of my best friend Charity, CD's from Ang and Jen and songs from friends, family and Bloggers...this play list was a GROUP effort.. If you find one song on this list that helps you during a tough spot on your RUN I have done my job.. This post took painfully longer than it should have, but here you have it ENJOY!!!


You Are My Destiny-Jai Ho (3:42) ******
-A. R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls
Have you heard this song??? If not, you NEED to
Untouched (4:14)- The Veronicas
Viva La Vida (4:03)-Coldplay
Closer (3:54)- Ne-Yo
Fighter (4:06)- Christina Aguilera
Let It Rock (3:51)- Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
My Life Would Suck Without You (3:32)- Kelly Clarkson
Single Ladies (3:13)- Beyoncé
So What (3:35)- Pink
The Climb (3:56)- Miley Cyrus
Womanizer (3:44)- Britney Spears

Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat) (3:10)- Jason Mraz
Slower song for my Husband

Life Is a Highway (4:36)- Rascal Flatts
My Son Blaine (Music From Cars)

Home (4:16) -Daughtry
Easton, my son….he has a dimple smile ready for me when I come home from running.

Lovely to See You (2:35) -The Moody Blues
My Dad -Anyone else have The Moody Blues on your I-Pod? I think not

I Feel The Earth Move (3:08) -Mandy Moore
Mom, she asked for the Carol King version but I already had Mandy, this is a GREAT SONG for running.

You Raise Me Up (4:50) -Josh Groban
This song makes me think of my Guardian Angel, my Grandpa Ernie.. He always inspired me in sports and is there with me as I run..

I Know You Want Me (4:26) -Pitbull
Charity, my best friend, chose this song.

Barbie Girl (3:18) -Aqua
Jayne, my sister because we used to play Barbie's together as girls.

Could You Be Loved (3:57) -Bob Marley
Jonathan, my brother chose this song.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (3:32) -Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Kiera, my Hawaiian Princess.

Stronger (3:24) -Britney Spears
Katie, Nancy, Cousin Kathy, Bernice, Syd, Jill, because they are all so STRONG and inspiring...

Here It Goes Again (3:00) -Ok Go
Shelby and Lynette chose this great song..

Aint no other Man (3:50) -Christina Aguilera
Ang sent me this song to make me think of Dave, instead I thought of her..

Another Night (3:59)-Real McCoy
My Boss- Leslie

I Run to You (4:16) -Lady Antebellum
Lora selected this song, really great pick.

When I grow up (4:07) -The Pussycat Dolls
Jen, My Work buddy

The Final Countdown (5:10) -Europe
My Bloggy Friends (thanks to FairWeatherRunner, she offered up this song on my last tunes post HERE)

THE REST (Sorted by Title):
Beautiful (3:59) -Christina Aguilera
Beautiful Day (4:08) - U2
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree (2:52) -KT Tunstall
Bye Bye Bye (3:22) -NSync
Crazy (3:19) -Britney Spears
Crush (3:34) -David Archuleta
Disturbia (4:01) -Rhianna
Don't stop the music (4:29) -Rhianna
Fly On The Wall (2:32) -Miley Cyrus
Glamorous (4:07) -Fergie
Goodbye (3:31) -Kristina DeBarge
Harder to Breathe (2:54) -Maroon 5
I Don't Care (3:34) -Fall Out Boy
I Don't wanna be in love (4:06) -Good Charlotte
If Everyone Cared (3:35) -Nickelback
Just Dance (4:02) -Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donis
Keeps Gettin' Better (3:03) -Christina Aguilera
Kill the Lights (3:59) -Britney Spears
Lay All Your Love On Me (4:29) -Dominic Cooper & Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia version)
Lose Yourself (5:20) -Eminem
No Air (4:24) -Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown
Numb (3:08) -Linkin Park
One Step At a Time (3:25) -Jordin Sparks
Please Don't Leave me (3:54) -Pink
Poker Face (3:57) -Lady GaGa
Pon de Replay (3:35) -Rihanna
Ready to Run (3:51) -Dixie Chicks
Rockstar (3:01) -Hanna Montana
Runnin' Down a Dream (4:22) -Tom Petty
Running (3:36) -David Archuleta
Seven Days a Week (3:03) -The Sounds
Shake It (3:00) -Metro Station
Shut Up and Drive (3:32) -Rihanna
Stronger (3:24) -Britney Spears
Stronger (5:12) -Kanye West
Stupid Girls (3:16) -Pink
Suddenly I See (3:22) KT Tunstall
Take me on the floor (3:32) The Veronicas
Tattoo (3:53) -Jordin Sparks
This is your life (4:24) -Switchfoot
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (3:24) -Fall Out Boy
U + Ur Hand (3:34) -Pink
Under Pressure (3:58) -David Bowie & Queen
Unwritten (4:15) -Natasha Bedingfield
Waking up in Vegas (3:21) -Katy Perry
Winner (4:12) -Corina
With You (3:13) -Jessica Simpson

If you have posted your Play list, or great songs for running, send me a link to your Blog and I will add to the bottom of this post..
Happy Tunes Bloggy Land!!!
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Marlene said...

Ohhh, there's some good stuff there! Thanks for sharing!

Irene said...

For my last marathon I asked just about everyone I know for one song that they like for my iPod marathon playlist, for the miles after 16. It was a diverse list, to say the least, but it was a blast. I had everything from pop to opera. A few surprises were "Sedated" by the Ramones, "Crazy" by Seal, "Time to Say Goodbye" by Andrea Bochelli, "Just Dance by Lady Gaga, "What I Got" by Sublime... There's more, since I ended up with over three hours of music from everyone. :) You can check out my playlist here: http://magazinesmiles.blogspot.com/2009/06/pump-up-jam.html.

Shelley said...

Ooooh, I've been waiting for this post!

I love learning about new songs and being exposed to bands I'd never heard of or thought to listen to.

I'll get started on what gets me pumped and post soon. I generally race and train with no music, unless I'm stuck inside. But there are definitely some certain songs that I sing to myself to get through marathon training distances!

This is a GREAT mix you have going. Keeps your mind moving as well as your feet!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! It's about time for me to update my own playlist and there's some great stuff in your playlist!

Aron said...

love it!!! untouched is one of my FAV running songs too!!!

Laura said...

Thanks! I'm in desperate need of new tunes! I'll download some of these tonight!

Monica @ a bold pace said...

Thanks for posting...my husband just made a couple of great playlists based on bpm/pace for myself and fellow blogger Jamie at www.aboldpace.com. Check it out... he starts his post in the same way but his is: Disclaimer...I am not a runner...

Ang said...

I just laughed out loud when I read that you thought about me instead. Too funny. I feel honored to have made the dedication list. Thanks for the shout out! I really needed a boost today!

Brandi said...

Hi!! Just HAPPENED across your blog and I LOVE IT!! :)
My husband and I are currently expecting our first child and I am SO excited to read motivating stories about "Running Mommies!"

I must say, I LOVE the idea of requesting songs from those dear to you to "dedicate" to them, while running. Though I've been told not to run anymore during pregnancy, I have SERIOUS marathon-fever! I can't wait to collect MY songs!! :)