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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Stats

This will be Marathon week at TallMom... I went on the the Rock 'n' Roll website this morning to copy my Stats and a WEIRD thing happened, my time changed. Yes folks I finished 3 second faster than they originally posted...FUN!!!

Clock Time: 4:14:17
Chip Time: 4:11:48
Overall Place: 1723 / 5618
Gender Place: 621 / 3067
Division Place: 132 / 574
Age Grade: 53.8%
Pace: 9:37
5 Km: 25:55
10 Km: 51:34
9 Mi: 1:14:42
Half Way: 1:50:29 30 (Pretty GREAT half time)
Km: 2:49:08
24 Mile: 3:45:30

I was soooo DETERMINED to cross the Finish Line.
The photo is too small to tell but it sorta looks like I am yelling.. Who knows maybe I was? It is all such a BLUR now..
I wanted to do something cool at the Finish line...but I was too tired to think about it.. So this is the result... SUCKY!! Could have been worse I guess??
In my delirious state I put on my best smile and am in LOVE with this photo.. YIPPEE!!! I think I will wear my race tank in future warm races, it worked well and I really liked the crowd cheering me on.
I have been telling you for months about my AMAZING, TALENTED, ADORABLE, WONDERFUL, running-work-buddy Shelby. The last day at work before the BIG Race we posed for a team photo (LOL). The funniest thing was that we just happened to be wearing nearly the same outfit, guess we have spent too much time together... had to crop because I am a DORK and kept on my work badge...
Me and my little buddy Shelby

Shelby ran the Half Marathon with a goal to finish in under 2 hours. AND her time was 1:57:20 CHEER!!!!! She calls me "Coach" so I am taking a tiny bit of credit for her accomplishment. GOOD WORK BUDDY!!! We went to Thai food yesterday to celebrate our accomplishments, it was so nice to sit and chat. We are not sure what the next race will be or if/when we will TRAIN again.....but running together has become a habit that we won't be breaking anytime soon. Don't be suprised if we pump out a 30 minute walk/run later this week...


robinbb said...

That first picture reminds me of this one of mine:


And then I turned around and took this:


Yeah, smiling for the camera even though I was dying only minutes before that.

Here is my race report from that race, I died!


Aron said...

that is the most determined look i have ever seen :) loooove the medal pic too!!

Shelley said...

Sorry I'm a bit late, but CONGRATULATIONS on the finish!!! Hooray!

What an adventure! Thanks for sharing it! Keep on running and blogging!

Recovery socks: Do you think they're worth purchasing? My next full is in San Francisco, the Nike Women's Marathon, and I have to sit on a plane the day after back to the midwest. Can you make any comparison between your long runs without recovery socks to your marathon with recovery socks?

Hope today finds you feeling more and more recovered! Congrats again!

Jen said...

Congrats! Great time!!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great pics, and I totally understand it all being a blur!! :D

Teresa said...

Just found your blog. Great pics and a great time too! Love the race tank.

RunMom said...

Mel- Just catching up on some blog reading...sorry this is so late, but CONGRATS! And can I just say I have no idea how you look so gorgeous following your 26.2. I might as well have been beat with a baseball bat I look so haggard and worn out when I'm done and then all I got left is the strength to give half a grin. Scary!!! SO what's the next one or is it too soon to ask ;-) Great job! Going to read about your giveaway now...

RunningLaur said...

Congrats congrats congrats congrats!!!!

You're officially in my reader now. I really thought you were before, but that clearly didn't work out. Expect more following and comments from me!

And congrats!! I love your posed photo.