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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Online shoes and Socks

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I was SOOO excited to spend my $100 gift at Online shoes last night. Well lets just say that I have not spent my money yet. I just bought running shoes, so I can look into other items.. Things I need:

1. Running socks
My favorite pair of Balega socks disappeared after the Marathon, maybe the poor socks were traumatized. I have a few pairs of socks that are OK...any recommendations? On online shoes the cheapest pair of socks is $21.95, I know that the money is free but REALLY??

2. Tights for Fall/Winter
My running tights are all too big.. There is a cute pair of New Balance tights I may be purchasing, only question is what size? UGH!! At 6'0 I REALLY need to try things on. The anxiety of online shopping.

3. Pink shirts
OK this is not a NEED so much as a want. I want a cute pink shirt to go with my Recovery Socks. I would love to try running in my pink socks, but I have to match (it is a mental thing).

4. Comfy post race shoes.
I want to take my running shoes off when I am done running. So it would be great to have a pair of sport slip-ons.

5. Purse and Dress shoes
It may be FUN to get a new purse or some fun off color dress shoes for work. I looked around a little. But the sticker shock (I know it is free BUT) scared me back to the Sale and Outlet section.

So I am going to look again today...probably on my lunch break because the Seattle Weather Man says highs of 96' today.. Talk about Mel Melting..

Has anyone found anything they really like or have purchased on Onlineshoes.com??


Genesis said...

I feel the same way about matching outfits for workouts...let me know if you find some good tights for fall/winter because i'm looking into getting some for the harsh winters here in the Palouse.

Marlene said...

Shopping for free is FUN!

I recently bought slide sandals and LOVE them! So much more comfy than flip flops and I knoew thye will be accompanying me to many races!

Aron said...

wright socks are the only socks i run in! :)

robinbb said...

I love my balegas, I don't run in anything but those. I would look for post-run shoes. I wear-tested some New Balance recovery shoes this winter and they are awesome. Sadly, they are not available to purchase yet, and they made me send them back after I tested them. But it was nice to have support for my feet after runs, just like the recovery socks.

Melanie Tait said...

You are soooooooo funny. Your socks were traumatised? Hilarious!