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Monday, July 27, 2009

Moving Comfort- Tall Mom Approved

The RIGHT gear can make a WORLD of difference on the run. As a woman the foundation of COMFORT is the Bra.. I cannot speak for the cup-runneth-over females, but for us cup-half-full I have found an AMAZING and comfortable option.

Meet my new Best Friend Alexis... HERE

For just $34.00 Movingcomfort.com promises: Never feel smooshed again. This thin-strapped number is known for its brilliant, built-in shape that's ready for any physical challenge. We created this bra with seam-free padded cups that have stabilizer fabric for support and a dose of modesty.

The fit is tight, the straps, although small, are STRONG and the padding, OH the padding- having shape is NICE!! I lost the baby weight, ALL of the baby weight, if you know what I mean :) The folks at moving comfort have a range of sizes and styles to keep the "ladies" happy. Check out the bra finder feature HERE.

The folks at moving comfort also have other types of GREAT gear.

Meet my Training friend 7.5 Compression Runner... HERE

For $34.00 Moving Comfort promises: With full-thigh coverage meant to keep from riding high, there's nothing our longer Compression Short can't do with confidence. We made sure the seams flatter, the waistband won't roll, the crotch is reinforced and the supportive mesh side panels have extra breathability. Features an internal pocket and reflective logo.

I love seeing race pictures of you adorable runners with the cute little multi-colored shorts (Aron that is you), well those don't work for my ummm THIGHS!! But I will sport a mean pair of black compression shorts or spandex.. These shorts are amazing! The compression keep things tight and there is no ride up. I tested them on interval day, passed with flying colors.. The only thing missing is a zipper pocket, there is a small pocket in front but that won't work for my race day needs...so these will be AMAZING training shorts.

I washed and dried both pieces with the rest of my laundry (I know you are all thinking UGH) both came out of the dryer (UGH again right) PERFECT!! As a Mom I do not have time to pull my gear out and give it special treatment, I need wash and wear.

You know you want some new Summer Running gear, or a pair of compression tights for Fall. Moving Comfort will keep give you what you need without breaking the bank.. Look for more info on Moving Comfort in the weeks to come...maybe even a Giveaway...hmm?? I know you are excited!!! I will be adding a link to the right to go with my other favorite places to SHOP.

Off for a mid-day run with hubs and the studs, I LOVE working from home on Mondays..


Baylee♥ said...

awww this bra is soo cute & looks so comfortable..and dare i say...might actually make me look like i have a chest? whoo hooo!!

Velma said...

Happy Monday!

robinbb said...

Yeah, I can't wear cute little shorts either. For the summer I have taken to wearing compression shorts under my running skirts and it is working fine, I may look into the Moving Comfort ones.

Irene said...

I was able to try (for free) one of the Moving Comfort bras (the "Dori") and I really love it. It has to be one of the best athletic bras I've ever tried! I would venture to guess that all of their styles are equally comfortable.

Thanks for the info on the compression shorts. I haven't found a pair that I like yet. I may have to check those ones out.

Rookie on the Run said...

I love Moving Comfort... I have a couple bras by them and have been very happy with them.

I like the way that one looks, though. I may have to give it a whirl.

I'm afraid to wear compression shorts because I am buttless. :(

Marlene said...

That bra looks awesome! No more smushed uni-boob!

dailone said...

I have two favorites: Yvette zippered sports bra from Amazon ($29.9) and Champion Molded Cup Racer from Target ($18.99) - love, love, love them!