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Friday, July 10, 2009

How Mel got her Legs back

Stats for 7/9:
Time: 50:50
Pace: 8:13
Started the first 3 miles with hubby and the kiddos, then ran with my Ipod the second half.

This week has been BUSY during the lunch hour leaving zero time for my midday run. Thankfully hubby is excited about running.. Last night around 7:30, after dinner had (sorta) settled we set out for a 3 mile run. When we were stretching and getting ready Easton was fussing and standing in front of the stroller. He was fussing because he wanted to get in. HOW CUTE IS THAT? We already have the boys trained that running is FUN.. 75lbs of kiddo in the double jogger and we were off.

Going down hill in the jogger is tough, hubs needs to fix the breaks. I LOVED the fast speed, but hubby was starting to fade early on. Around Mile 1, fully hidden in the vacant new construction neighborhood, I took over the pushing duties. Any sign of soreness was gone and I felt STRONG. Dave has not had many opportunities to run, and is a bit out of shape, so he asked me to slow down a bit, which I did. When we got to the training hill, Blaine said "I want to run up the hill Mommy!" Now that is the attitude I need. So taking his spirit I SPRINTED up the TOUGH hill, leaving hubs to rest for a spell. Breezed back down to meet up with the fam. Good attitude about hills, CHECK! I talked, the boys said "Weeee" and we were approaching the hill that usually kills us. I told muscle man before we set out that I wanted to get 3 miles in and "Not Stop." So I took over the hard labor and triumphantly attacked the hill (AGAIN).

On the turn toward home and near the STUPID "Garage Sale Hear" sign (Really people?) hubs noticed the tire was deflated. We had picked up a nail somewhere on the run...SUCKY!! With a double jogger flat we completed the last .5.

Back to the neighborhood, but I wasn't tired. So I went inside grabbed my Ipod and set out for more. I felt GREAT! I felt FAST! I got my legs back! My legs had been gone since mile 11 in the Marathon, so glad to have you back dear legs. It is funny how running at night is different that the morning or midday. Smells like burnt BBQ, fresh cut grass, sprinkler hitting pavement, pipe smoke, popcorn, etc... Amazing what the senses pick up on the run. At night you see the Yahoos (who are usually asleep in the AM hours)....a guy blew me a kiss with a cigarette in his hand and yelled "Yeah Baby!" Hmmmm? I have gotten honks before but nothing that disturbing.

The pace with hubs was a bit slower...but when I was alone I went all out. One more hill to concur. The last mile I was all out RUNNING, maybe because I was trying to get away from the aforementioned freak in the convertible PT cruiser. With my "I want to run up the hill" attitude I took it in stride and kept my speed (only slowing to 7:37 pace). Mile 6 I ran in 7:41...not too shabby!! Oh it feels good to be back to NORMAL..

And yesterday the mail brought me some FUN products to review. Below are a couple photos to get you excited for next week. Until then Have a Wonderful WEEKEND! (In your free time this weekend go visit Marlene on the Run and her AWESOME Giveaway)

Loving my new tank, check in next week to find out where you can get one.
You can never have too many t-shirts with fun sayings... More details about these and other GREAT products soon..


Irene said...

Love the t-shirt!

Marlene said...

Holy awesome run! I have no idea how you push that stroller. You are STRONG!

Thanks for the shout-out!

Have a happy weekend! :)

Velma said...

Love the tank! I can't wait to hear where I can get one.

The book will be on its way ASAP. I have been a little swamped this week :)

Felice Devine said...

Ooooooh, signs like that just bug me!!

Nice feature on Runners' Lounge :-)

Laura said...

Great pace and I LOVE the shirt!