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Monday, July 20, 2009

HAPPY to Report

This is going to be a missmosh of stuff and running reports from the last few days I will start with today and work backwards.

Free Stuff:
The "Read My T" Giveaway (sponsored by Remanents.com) is going well and will last through Friday, don't miss your chance. I just got my $100 Gift Certificate to Online shoes for Runnerslounge.com...I am HAPPY to report that I will be spending every dime tonight.

Hubs on the Run:
I am sooo HAPPY to report that my hubby, aka muscles man, put on his running shoes, strapped on my Garmin, and set out for a solo RUN (no jogger and no me).. What? Is it possible that the running bug is catching in the Tall Mom household? Or is his competitive nature afraid that his wife will beat him in a 5K? Hmmmm…verdict is still out. So for hubbys first solo effort:

Hubs Stats for 7/20:
Time- 17:48
2.11 miles

8:26 pace

"Not bad for a little old body builder," he said with a smile. This is him before, I did not have the heart to take an after photo, poor guy was in pain.. KEEP going honey, you WILL get there!

Morning Mileage:
With the temps this week expected to be in the upper 80's and into 90's I NEED to beat the heat. I work from home on Mondays which gives me a chance to sleep in a little. This was the PERFECT day to test my legs with a morning (6AM), pre-work run. Other days a pre-work run would start at 4:30AM, OUCH!! I ran without eating…not sure that was the brightest idea. I also chose a hilly route, the day after speedwork…dumbo again, I am still learning. Anyhow the run was just OK, the hills killed me. The sun was BRIGHT and right in my eyes (sunglasses coming soon). A bunny joined me from the forest and I was hit by 4 sprinklers. I am HAPPY to report that, at least on Mondays, I will have a chance to do 2 a day runs. Not sure I am ready to tackle the O'dark hundred..now that would be dedication

Stats for 7/20:
Time- 34:16
4.01- miles
8:32- pace

Morning run, sore legs, hills and no food.

Hitting my Stride:
Sunday is now track day in the Tall Mom house. Yesterday we tried the local high school and I am HAPPY to report that the track is AWESOME.. It is secluded, clean, fenced off to keep the boys in, and has a panoramic view of Mount Rainier. Can't beat that!! The plan was for hubs and I to warm up and each run 4 x 400's, we were a little strapped for time. We traded off sprinting and recovering which watching the boys. I am HAPPY to report that each of my 400's was under 1:30… SWEET!! When we were done with the 400's I decided to run a mile…with internal hopes of getting under 7 minutes. I TRIED but my hip hurt a little and after the fast 400's I was a little spent. My distance training did not prepare me for these fast days, re-training the body for quick turnover will be an interesting challenge. I know I have the SPEED in me, just have to remind my legs..

Stats for 7/19:
1-1:28 (5:38 pace)
2-1:27 (5:36 pace)
3- 1:26 (5:27 pace)
4- 1:29 (forgot to clear hubby's time?)
Mile- 7:11

Wish you were here :)
The boys play while we WORK..
Wait is that me in a sports bra for the WORLD to see...hmmm?? Please do not zoom in, I thought of putting an "Under Construction" sign over my belly but did not have time. No one could see us and I was hot, so there you go, Tall Mom belly for all of you.. FYI new bra from MovingComfort.com. I LOVE IT!!
Runner + Mom + Weight Loss= FLAT (not talking running)
This bra has the help that I need to not look like teenager in the chest region... Details soon...

Happy to Report... That the Tall Mom family is ALL SMILES today


robinbb said...

Be proud of that picture, you look great!

Baylee♥ said...

I love your little running family :) SO cute!

And tell the hubs congrats from all the bloggers...its a challenge..but he can do it!!

Unknown said...

all good stuff. go YOU!

Nicole said...

I love my Moving Comfort bra!! WTG speedy gal!

Redhead Running said...

I absolutely love that you get the whole family in on the speedwork action. You are setting an amazing and healthy example for your children and you will reap the benefits for years and years to come! Hats of too you woman! I'm glad all is HAPPY in the tall household! :)

Marlene said...

What a HAPPY post! Love it! Sounds like a great few days in the Tall Mom house. Nice runs and congrats to Hubs!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

awesome job getting the family involved!!

Melanie Tait said...

A tall dad on the run! How awesome! So chuffed you're inspiring your whole family.

Well done on the 4.30am run - you rock!

montisse98 said...

Even the little ones seemed to be having a great time on the track.:)

J said...

Great job on your workouts! Glad to see your husband is running too! I might have to get one of those moving comfort bras...!!

Ashley said...

GREAT POST - love it all!!!! And your boys are SO CUTE! :)

Being Robinson said...

nice job on the 400s, i did some yesterday morning and it wasn't pretty! whew. you and your family are so adorable!!