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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Future so Bright I gotta wear Shades

Stats for 7/28
5.01- Miles (8.06 K for my Foreign peeps)
Time- 41:22
Pace- 8:15
Temp- 93' (F)
Hot day, no breeze, run on the trails near work on my lunch hour. Goal of sub 8min miles, not quite achieved.

Determined to stay on track for my 10K, I ran my scheduled 5 miler in 93' heat with nary a breeze. I TRIED to stay out of the sun, and for the most part I did, creative trail weaving. Not complaining (I know some of you live and run in HOTTER places), just saying, I was SWEATY!! I even galloped up Monster hill for kicks, keeping with my good attitude about HILLS. Just after Monster I took a new path, partially on clay, near mucky ponds, trail lined with cat tails, it was PRETTY Cool. A little off beat running in true nature and away from the cars.

As mile 4 chimed I wanted to QUIT, drained as I looped back just near my office, but I powered through!! And I even sped up the last mile. The cold shower in the locker room never felt so good. I am happy to report that I have (another) new running friend

Do you think these will make me faster? More about these bad boys soon….unless you need shades ASAP, in which case email me and I will pass on the details.

I ran with one of the bottles from my Nathan fuel belt in my hand, worked really well, I did not want to wear the belt but needed to stay hydrated. FYI if you are feeling lucky and want a NEW fuel belt head over to Erica's blog and try to win a Amphipod belt…hurry contest ends soon..



Rookie on the Run said...

Your trail sounds like a beautiful place to run! I love cattails. So do my boys, so I end up climbing in reeds and muck just to pick them.

I like the shades. I have a small face so that shape would probably look ridiculous on me. The color is great, tho!

Marlene said...

Sounds like I had a similar run to yours. The heat was KILLING me yesterday! That's the worst when you're so close to the "finish line" but have to add an extra loop. Good for you getting it done!

Thanks for the metric conversion! :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

NIcely done on the run! Heat and humidity are killer.

X-Country2 said...

RUnning in weather like that is such a challenge. Hope the shades work just perfect for you! They sure are cute.