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Monday, July 13, 2009

Family of 4 by 400 intervals

Have you ever watched Jeopardy the "Before and After" category...if so my title works, if not oh well I tried...LOL

We have not formally begun any training plan for our 5K in September....but....we thought it would be fun to visit the local Junior high track to test out some interval training. I am in shape for distance, but speed...hmmmmm?? We brought the boys and once Blaine hit the track he was running, he made it about 3/4 around the track when he got distracted by a pile of sand. Kids are FUNNY! He was really proud of his running..

See the pile of sand...LOL
We all warmed up and stretched. Hubs ran his first 400 in 1:17. I thought, oh I will see how fast I can run the mile. But when I approached the 400 meter mark I quickly switched gears... I completed 4 x 400 meter sprints, I am a little confused at the pace that my Garmin calculated but here goes:

1. .27, 1:31, 5:39 pace
2. .26, 1:32, 5:51 pace
3. .27, 1:33, 5:50 pace
4. .27, 1:35, 5:55 pace

Pretty sure the pace should be more like 6 minute miles, but I will take it. I still want to test for a mile one of these days, but need a few more track sessions first. Hubs did his second 400 in 1:27. One thing I am happy about is that I did not drop off to far from the first to last. Time to learn more about intervals, but this was a fun tester..

Good things about this track, not many people are around so we can let the boys roam, there is a honey bucket, and it is close to home. Bad things, the red clay is slippery and it is near a park so the boys kept asking to go play at the park.

Easton is my little independent boy, he is a speedy little guy
Running to meet Daddy
Blaine got thirsty from all his running time for juice
Daddy was a little tired
Hitting my stride
The kiddos being silly
And STOP...
OK I am done...short but good work-out.. I planned to run home after grocery shopping (1.5 miles) but just when we left the store it started to rain... Oh well, the perks of not being in training mode right now..

WE played at the park too...gotta love family time and running. My perfect Sunday..


Marlene said...

What a great family day! Awesome job on the 400s - very speedy!

I find tracks so hard to run on (slippery) but good for a workout.

robinbb said...

Great job on the intervals. I love the outfit!

J said...

Cute running outfit! With a few more sessions at the track I am sure you will be good to go. We should have a bloggy timed mile run!

Sarah Jane said...

Check out your calves in that first running picture of you! Awesome!!

Looks like you guys had fun! The cool weather must really help (I see the boys in long-sleeves)! It's 95-100 and overbearingly humid where I live!

Unknown said...

You look great and you have a darling family! And your times were great on the intervals!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

great pics, awesome job inspiring the family to be active :)