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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Drop my name and Reminder...

So as much as I LOVE to host Giveaways, I LOVE to Win Giveaways even more.. So if you would do me a HUGE favor and drop my name in the Giveaway below that would be great:


And while you are there make sure you enter as well.. SHARING IS GOOD GIVEAWAY KARMA. FYI I will return the favor and put your name in a comment if you ask..

Also if you are interested in purchasing from My3Gemz (Click Here) remember that the 10% offer will last through tomorrow. I am heading over there to shop now. Don't miss out on the chance to save a few bucks and purchase from an amazing artist..


HEATHER said...

left a comment over there for ya! I book marked that My3Gemz. That's going to be my present to myself after my next marathon =)

Marlene said...

I dropped your name. I'd love it if you would return the favor. What a great giveaway!

Lacy said...

all right, your name has been dropped!!!
If you wouldn't mind sharing the love, that'd be great!
Thanks for the info....I love yummy food!