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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back on Track

Welcome to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack members...I am working on Blog hopping to visit everyone...good goal for this week.

Saturday I worked most of the afternoon in the Seattle City SUN! We planned to run when I got home but after being stuck in Seattle parade traffic for over 45 minutes, driving another hour to get home and arriving just after 8PM I was in no mood. So I got Taco Time and had a smoothie and was a lump on the couch.

Come Monday I will be back on track now that I found my 10K training plan HERE. Thanks to everyone who offered advice on training plans, many bloggy helpers recommended Hal Higdon. I will be starting at week 5 since my race is on August 22nd, thankfully I have a good base fitness level so it should not be a problem.

Sunday has been track day the past few weeks. I LOVE taking the boys to the track and swapping running and resting with hubs. I get a GREAT workout and really test my fast twitch muscles.

Interval stats for 7/26:
400 warm-up- 1:59
400 (1)- 1:31
400 (2)- 1:29
400 (3)- 1:30
400 (4)- 1:26 (took all I had)
1 Mile- 6:49!!!! I was pumped.. The Garmin beeped before I got to what I thought was the finish line, I did 1.04 miles in 7:04, but I am keeping the 6:49 mile, that makes me HAPPY!!

I should have run home (2.5 miles) after the track but we needed to grocery shop. Mommyhood comes first. As a stay at home Dad hubby likes it when I come along for any of the household duties. Neither of us like to grocery shop.

Once home we had a tasty 2nd breakfast, eggs, turkey bacon and sauteed mushrooms. YUMMERS!! Fuel for my next adventure. Another thing hubby likes is when I work out in his home gym...AKA old Joe Weider weights set in our garage. So I did a full body work-out while he did legs. In college as a basketball player I lifted daily and was very BUFF, these days, since I work-out on my own terms, I lift VERY infrequently. But I know I NEED to gain strength to get faster. So nice to have my adorable personal trainer.

Hubby's home gym...moves inside in the winter months. Please do not mind the messy garage.
Working hard...I like low weight high reps.. TONING!!
Self portrait.. Happy Sunday!
Baby was sleeping, but Blaine was right in there lifting with us.. And checking his form out in the mirror.. LOL.

Thank you for all the WONDERFUL comments on my blurry hair picture. I am VERY hesitant to get my hair cut (I get a cut maybe twice a year) and thankfully I am happy with the results. I felt so GREAT that day that I had hubs take a photo when I got home..
Hope everyone had a great weekend. OFF to read up on all my Bloggy friends..


Mel-2nd Chances said...

sounds like a productive and fun weekend! have a great week! :)

Unknown said...

Great weekend!

And your hair looks even better in the un-blurry photo. Nice!

Irene said...

A built-in personal trainer!

That garage is not messy... I won't even begin to show mine... Eeek!

Great pictures!

Unknown said...

Fun weekend! Great pictures!

J said...

Those intervals are awesome! Love the haircut too!

Velma said...

Sounds like a great weekend - good luck with the training plan!

Aka Alice said...

OMG...I have a free weight set almost just like that...now to just clear the garage enough to get to it!

Love the haircut!

Christy said...

I love working out with my hubby too. Our garage is a full gym as well, complete with cable TV for those long runs on the treadmill when we can't make it to the gym

Still lovin' the hair!

Marlene said...

Nice track workout! You are going to run one speedy 10K if you keep these up.

(Don't you love the 2nd breakfast after a run?)

Marci said...

What a great way to spend time with your Hubby. Love your hair!