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Friday, July 17, 2009

Back on track and DVR Inspiration

Stats for this week:
10- Miles (3 runs)
Pace- 8:40ish
2 out of 3 runs were with hubby and the boys. Hubby is REALLY trying to get up to speed and get in shape.

I am READY to get back in training plan mode, I really like running 4-5 days a week. Running had become a habit just before my Marathon. Post Marathon I was in free fall mode, not sure what to do with myself. It is AMAZING how fast I have gotten out of shape, now running 4 miles is a chore.. I think a lot has to do with the HEAT...I know many of you live in extreme temps..but to a Washingtonian 85+ is HOT!!

So my plan is to find (or tweak) a 10K training plan and get on it. Even if I have to get up at 4:30AM to get my run in.. Will keep you updated on my progress, as always :)

Giveaway will be posted....VERY SOON.


Hubby did a DVR search for "Marathon" and found a show called "Roadtrip Nation" from 2007. Some college age kids were interviewing Dave McGillivray, the Race Director of the B.A.A. Boston Marathon and B.A.A. Half-Marathon. I am no expert on Dave but what I learned watching this short interview was AMAZING!!

He always wanted to be an athlete, and due to his short stature chose running. At age 16 he ran the Boston Marathon, with no training or prep he tanked at mile 16-17....his grandfather was waiting for him further down the course, he had to call grandpa from the hospital to say he did not make it. His grandpa said "You learned not to set reckless goals and to prepare," he would be there to support Dave the next year, but only if the young runner did it the right way. Grandpa passed away before the next race. Dave trained hard and was in peak performance shape, but caught a stomach bug just before Boston...his parents told him not to run, but he wanted to dedicate the race to his grandpa. He ran, sick and collapsed at mile 21, he felt he had failed AGAIN.. This race was for his Grandpa, how could he fail? He looked around and realized that he was sitting in front of the cemetery where his Grandfather was buried...Grandpa had been there to watch him after all. He finished the race and has run EVERY Boston Marathon since (well as of 2007 anyhow). Other accomplishments include running 3,452 miles across the US in 1978, Coast to Coast, running 80 consecutive days, over 50 miles a day. WOW!!

His final words were "It's Your Game" you chose what to make of your life. INSPIRATION gained from the quick DVR search for "Marathon". Try it, maybe you will get as lucky as I did.


Relentless Forward Commotion said...

50 miles a day for 80 days? WOW!! I can't even imagine!!

robinbb said...

Very cool review. Living in Boston, we get lots of stories on TV the week of the marathon, so I have heard some of that. What an amazing guy!

Good luck on getting back into training. I don't think the 4 miles is hard for you, I bet it is mental. I bet your body could handle 10+ miles based on the fitness level you had before the marathon.

Marathonman101108 said...

Great story! As far as getting back into running mode, the heat and humidity are always a legitimate reason to take it easy. You're not "out of shape," you're just at the mercy of Mother Nature right now. I must say you're the only person I know who looks for a training plan to run a 10K. Talk about taking a 10K seriously...I guess that's a carryover from your basketball days. (That's a compliment, by the way). Nice to see you haven't lost your competitive edge after the marathon. Oh, and I'm still waiting to see when you enter your next one!

Marlene said...

Once you have a training plan going, I'm sure you'll get right back in the groove. Sometimes takiing it easy for a while is a good thing!

Being Robinson said...

wow, what an amazing story! i feel like i have been so out of touch with you! weird. you are on facebook? i'm gonna have to hunt you down ;) (okay now i just sound like a creepy stalker:)