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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ABC's on the Run

Stats for 7/27:

3.00- Miles
Time- 27:49
Pace- 9:15
It was HOT 86', the only savior was a slight breeze. Running with hubby and the boys on my lunch break.

I wanted to get up Monday morning and run like I did last week...but my bed pulled me back in.. Yesterday I started my (modified) Hal Higdon 10K Training plan for my race on August 22nd. Plan called for 3 miles and strength. I lifted Sunday so I checked that off, and I convinced hubby to do 3 miles.

We loaded water, sippy cups and the toasty boys in the double jogger. My kiddos melt like their Mama, hubby was dripping sweat before we left the driveway, none of us do well when the temps are above 70ish.. We took our usual route through a new development that has not been built on.. UH OH!!! Signs "For Sale", Realtor mobile offices and Model homes going up.. UGH!! Not sure how much longer our wonderful secluded route will exist.

Hubby was doing well pushing the kiddos, first mile chimed 8:38 pace. Soon I could see he was wavering, so I took the pushing duties. Easton was getting fussy, overdue for a nap and overheated, not a good combo. Thinking on my feet, quickly started singing the ABC's... "A, B, C, D..." loudly and very off tune!! ( I cannot sing by my baby does not know that) He was quiet, it worked!! Seconds after I stopped he cried again, encore I thought. You know you are a Mom and a Runner when you can push 75lbs of kid in a stroller, run and sing the ABC's without slowing your pace. Try it, not easy my friends.. I probably skipped a few letters here or there and paused for a breath or two, it was a good work-out for my lungs..

We did a second loop around the development, I wanted to get the full 3 miles in regardless of temperature. Second mile down 9:21 pace. Muscle man took the stroller back for the downhill (LOL) and I quickly grabbed it going back up. Each time I do this hill with the jogger I get a little better. BUFF MAMA!! Well not really, but at one point I was at 9:05 pace, slowed to 10:05 by the summit, considering I struggle with my own body weight and hills, I was pretty proud.

No flat tires this time, thank goodness. A quick stop to give the kiddos their drinks and we were DONE!! We walked the .5 back to the house. Sweaty and triumphant. ABCDEF... All in a days work as a running Mom..

I know many of you live in HOT climates....but here in the greater Seattle area when the temps reach 80's it is a heat wave. This week temps are expected in the 100's...REALLY?? Lordy!! I will try not to complain, but I can't promise anything. I was tagged by J to write a list of 10 things about me, FUN!! Will get to that later tonight...

FYI...I have a few fun Giveaways lined up for the next few weeks.. I just love to give you things!! Stay tuned..


Anonymous said...

Mel, I'm so impressed with your 3 mile run while pushing the stroller! My fastest time is 31 minutes, and that's on my own, LOL. I would love to have 80 degree running weather. It's slightly hotter down here in Texas :) Have a great day!

Marlene said...

"the bed pulled me back in" - LOL, I may ehave to use that one! That's how it feels, doesn't it?!

Awesome 3-miler WITH the stroller WHILE singing. Goodness gracious, you're one rocking running MOM!

Jen said...

I always see those mommas with the double strollers and kiddos. I love it! I don't have any little ones yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be "that mom!" It's just so cute! A perfect way to workout (extra workout really...) and spend time with them. Of course, it's nice having the hubby too! :)

Lisa said...

I don't miss the double stroller days--though I walked in those days. Good job!

Lacy said...

My son is too big for the stroller these days, but I hear you! There were plenty of days when I'd be nearly screaming so he could hear me. I'm sure the traffic got a kick out of all that.
Other times his daddy would pull him in a bike trailer and support me along a long run route. We probably packed his weight in snacks just to keep him happy while we were out.
You gotta do what you gotta do right?

(Sorry about your "heatwave." We're having those highs currently and it's a cold snap!)

Unknown said...

I admire moms like you running and pushing the stroller. My friend has one with an Ipod adapter. So they listen to music while her and the little one workout. One day that's going to be me!

Rookie on the Run said...

Even in my best running shape, I can't even talk while I run! Sounds pretty warm for you Pacific North Westerners. I'm impressed you got out there and ran... and sang... and pushed a heavy stroller uphill. And especially impressed that you did it all at the same time! Great job, lady!

Mike and Emily said...

This is hilarious!! I've also "sang" while running and trying to keep my little one occupied. Now, she is jabbering up a storm so she makes me laugh...and interrupts my running. love it!

RunToTheFinish said...

it is hot hot hot here and the humidity is insane. generally though I think I'm weird because it doesn't really bother me...except when our humidity hits like 80% then it's hard to breath...that being said singing and running sounds way harder

Mel-2nd Chances said...

lol... the things we do. :) Nicely done!