6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Moving Comfort- For the GIRLS Giveaway

CONTEST IS NO CLOSED!! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED THIS AFTERNOON. Be sure to keep visiting Tall Mom for great giveaways, product reviews and random running ramblings..

While running along, minding my own business, a young woman with ample bosom went BOUNCING by. The poor girl was wearing (GASP) a regular bra to run…Dun Dun Dun.. The horror of that moment! I wanted to stop, grab the girl and send her straight to the local Sports apparel store. Protect the GIRLS!! That is one of the key elements to running success for women (OK I totally made that up). The folks at Moving Comfort love you all and do not want you to face the HORROR of wearing the wrong bra… So they are sponsoring the

Moving Comfort-
For the GIRLS Giveaway
Meet your new friends for your GIRLS Alexis for A-B.

Features built in seamless, breathable cups for shape, modesty and support., $34

And Fiona for C-DD (Anyone else think of Shrek?)

The Fiona favors C-DD cup women who need the extra support. Molded cups encapsulate each side while stretch powermesh limits up-and-down movement. Easily adjust the straps in the front with our signature hook-and-loop system. $44

The winner can choose the best option for her GIRLS based on her size.

To enter is Simple…

SAY HI: Drop a comment and you are entered…if you do not have a Blog please send me your email address to tallmomontherun@hotmail.com. Comments about Moving Comfort, Questions for me, thoughts about Tall Mom Blog and ideas of what you would like to see in future posts, are welcome.

For Bonus points, and we all LOVE those...

CYBER SHOP: Go to the Moving Comfort website HERE and look around. Let me, and our friends At Moving Comfort, know which items you really like (does not have to be a bra, they have great tanks, jackets, shorts and MORE). Leave a comment with the name of an item you are interested in. (2 entries)

SHARE: Link back to this contest on your Blog and send me the link in a comment. If you post on more than one Blog (IE. Will Run for Designer Jeans, etc.) or include the link on more than one Blog post you get double points (2 entries)

JOIN THE FUN: Become a member of the Tall Mom Bloggy Pack (Follower) or remind me that you are On The Run with me (already a Follower).. Leave a comment (2 entries)

Since I LOVE comments and would like to get more bang for the contest buck… To give everyone an opportunity to enter this Giveaway will end on 8/3 at 9:33 AM....(Yes I changed the rules when the contest went to 101 comments and I could not make it to a computer) Good luck GIRLS!!

PS.. Men may enter as well...I will not judge...
I know you LOVE Giveaways here are a few to keep you busy this fine weekend, will add if I come across more:

Foto Friday- 6 Years of BLISS

On August 2nd 2003 I Married my best friend. Our daily lives have changed over the years, through everything one constant has remained, our complete love, devotion and respect. I am not exaggerating when I say I live in Marriage lala land. 6 years have flown by, the next 60++ I am sure will breeze by.

We were married at the Point Defiance Rose Garden in Tacoma near the Point Defiance Zoo. August is a BEAUTIFUL time to visit with gardens, the flowers are AMAZING. People celebrate birthdays every year, with cakes and candles. We celebrate our Wedding Anniversary by going back to where our marriage began and taking photos. I LOVE LOVE that we have kept this tradition, the album that houses the pictures makes me smile.

Below is our journey over the past 6 years...proof that I am not always sweaty and wearing spandex. (Back to running posts soon, hope you enjoy the little departure from the norm)



Baby Blaine in the Belly

I had a hard time losing the baby weight after Blaine.
Muscle man was much smaller in those days
My friend Sarah took pictures so we did not have to use the self-timer

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures.
Baby Easton little bump
I had just run my first 5K and hubby was getting into weight training.

This was last year... Sunday we will go take the 2009 photos. I can hardly wait..
Guess what??? WONDERFUL Giveaway starting soon....check back :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

While in Traffic 5

The mind rambles of a wife, mother, breadwinner and runner, while on her hour++ commute in heavy traffic....Episode5:

-Yesterday it was 103 in Seattle!! Thank goodness we have a one story home, kiddy pool, sprinklers and a fan. Easton gets so sweaty his little curls come out it is ADORABLE..

-Oh hello there dedicated runner.. Internal thumbs up, I would honk but I would probably give her a heart attack.

-Those cell towers are so close to my house, why won't T-Mobile work? I have to sit on the little couch near the front window or on the back porch for reception.

-I hate to get gas in my Jeep, oh thank goodness my tank is 3/4 full.

-Oh the "Hot Chick" latte stands drive me nuts…Put a shirt on. Wonder how often their taught tummies get scolded with hot beverages? LOL

-I feel so bad for my friend her USELESS WASTE OF SPACE soon to be ex-husband (who she had been with since Junior High) cheated on her and left her for the girl he got pregnant. Oh how happy I am to live in Marriage lala land.

-I LOVE MY HUSBAND! Our 6th anniversary is coming up on August 2nd and he is planning something. He texted me to ask where my Marathon medal was?? I like to be surprised, so I just told him with no questions.

-We are going to see Wizard of Oz at a little playhouse this weekend and out to dinner... A DATE!! Yippee... Maybe we will hit some yard sales in the AM.

-At a Garage sale last weekend I bought an Under Armor Long sleeve shirt in perfect shape for $1, in the store that would be $50 at least. NICE! LOVE it when other people's junk is my treasure.

-Yum I love cheese. I think our scale is broken one day I will be up 4lbs, the next back to normal.. So weird!!

-"Duck Delivery" What possessed the owner of the company to name it that? Like a Duck could deliver anything… Or maybe they only deliver Ducks? Either way it is OFF.. Hmm if I had a company what would I name it?

-"26.2" magnet on the Ford Escape in the carpool lane. Internal thumbs up. They are passing me, I should catch up… Oh I am too competitive!!

-My Running, Blogging, high school friend Ang is in town from Utah. She texted me yesterday and wants to meet at 6AM to run 10-14 miles... HMMM!!!
1. That is early for my day to sleep in.
2. I have not run that kind of mileage since the Marathon over a month ago..
But I HAVE to do it...cant miss the opportunity to run with ANG...

-I have my gear today...running in 90'++ (Highs in the 100's today) does not sound like fun but it will make me stronger. What I would not give for the RAIN I used to complain about..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Honest Scrap- 10 Things about Mel

My adopted little sister in Bloggy land J gave me a fun Award!!

Rules are to link back to the presenter, share 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know that are true, and then pass it on and notify the people you pass the award on to!!

10 things about Mel:
1. I do not like: driving, cooking, grocery shopping, paying bills or, talking on the phone (except when stuck in the car).

2. My husband and I met on Match.com and it was LOVE at first site. We are celebrating our 6th wedding Anniversary on August 2nd. Each year on or near our Anniversary we go to Point Defiance Rose Garden where we were married and take pictures.

3. My Mom and Dad are Rock Hounds. Growing up we would travel the USA in our Motor home looking for piles of dirt with treasures hidden beneath the surface. Some of my best childhood memories are when I was covered in mud! My folks currently run a Rock & Gem business and I am so proud of them!

4. I played Volleyball, Basketball and threw shot-put and discus in high school. I went to State in all of my sports, with the highest finish being 2nd in State Shot Put my Senior year. The girl who won beat me by half a fingernail on her last toss... My best friend Charity was a sprinter and recruited me to run the 4 x 200 relay so I could hand her the baton, I HATED that race!!

5. I often will quote lines from movies and songs at random times. It is totally dorky, but Dave (hubs) and Charity (BF) get it and TOTALLY play along. Case in point my text to Charity yesterday morning said "Sugga how'd you get so fly? Sugga Sugga…" She cracked up.

6. I am OVERLY anal when it comes to my kids. I REALLY want to be more laxed but I just am not.. I like their hands and faces to be clean. Want them to be wearing clothes that are clean and match, including shoes. I will pick up the crazy mess of toys on the floor, even if they are still playing. Sorry Blaine and Easton, Mommy is trying.. The little studs are lucky to be home with Daddy during the day, he is much more easy going and patient.

7. I collect Willow Tree Figurines. I even emailed the company to see if they would make a Runner Figure, no luck yet :(

8. I am CONFIDENT.. Often, I think, people mistake this for being narcissistic. Nope! I believe in myself, am proud of myself and I will not sugar coat it to make society happy. I LOVE hearing other people talk about their accomplishments, big or small. I don't think that people brag enough :)

9. I am obsessed with the number 33, or really any form of 3. I was #33 in college basketball and it has just stuck. I always make a wish when I see 3:33 on the clock. Hey that would be one SPEEDY Marathon goal 3:33, maybe using someone elses body..

10. I have a Bachelors degree in Speech Communications and a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, I barely use either degree in my current job. If I had college to do again I would have majored in Graphic Design, Marketing, English/Writing or Photography. Something creative. Someday I will figure out what I want to be when I "Grow up."

Passing this Award to:
Bloggy Friends named Mel:
Tall Girl Running (FYI I copied her name)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Future so Bright I gotta wear Shades

Stats for 7/28
5.01- Miles (8.06 K for my Foreign peeps)
Time- 41:22
Pace- 8:15
Temp- 93' (F)
Hot day, no breeze, run on the trails near work on my lunch hour. Goal of sub 8min miles, not quite achieved.

Determined to stay on track for my 10K, I ran my scheduled 5 miler in 93' heat with nary a breeze. I TRIED to stay out of the sun, and for the most part I did, creative trail weaving. Not complaining (I know some of you live and run in HOTTER places), just saying, I was SWEATY!! I even galloped up Monster hill for kicks, keeping with my good attitude about HILLS. Just after Monster I took a new path, partially on clay, near mucky ponds, trail lined with cat tails, it was PRETTY Cool. A little off beat running in true nature and away from the cars.

As mile 4 chimed I wanted to QUIT, drained as I looped back just near my office, but I powered through!! And I even sped up the last mile. The cold shower in the locker room never felt so good. I am happy to report that I have (another) new running friend

Do you think these will make me faster? More about these bad boys soon….unless you need shades ASAP, in which case email me and I will pass on the details.

I ran with one of the bottles from my Nathan fuel belt in my hand, worked really well, I did not want to wear the belt but needed to stay hydrated. FYI if you are feeling lucky and want a NEW fuel belt head over to Erica's blog and try to win a Amphipod belt…hurry contest ends soon..


ABC's on the Run

Stats for 7/27:

3.00- Miles
Time- 27:49
Pace- 9:15
It was HOT 86', the only savior was a slight breeze. Running with hubby and the boys on my lunch break.

I wanted to get up Monday morning and run like I did last week...but my bed pulled me back in.. Yesterday I started my (modified) Hal Higdon 10K Training plan for my race on August 22nd. Plan called for 3 miles and strength. I lifted Sunday so I checked that off, and I convinced hubby to do 3 miles.

We loaded water, sippy cups and the toasty boys in the double jogger. My kiddos melt like their Mama, hubby was dripping sweat before we left the driveway, none of us do well when the temps are above 70ish.. We took our usual route through a new development that has not been built on.. UH OH!!! Signs "For Sale", Realtor mobile offices and Model homes going up.. UGH!! Not sure how much longer our wonderful secluded route will exist.

Hubby was doing well pushing the kiddos, first mile chimed 8:38 pace. Soon I could see he was wavering, so I took the pushing duties. Easton was getting fussy, overdue for a nap and overheated, not a good combo. Thinking on my feet, quickly started singing the ABC's... "A, B, C, D..." loudly and very off tune!! ( I cannot sing by my baby does not know that) He was quiet, it worked!! Seconds after I stopped he cried again, encore I thought. You know you are a Mom and a Runner when you can push 75lbs of kid in a stroller, run and sing the ABC's without slowing your pace. Try it, not easy my friends.. I probably skipped a few letters here or there and paused for a breath or two, it was a good work-out for my lungs..

We did a second loop around the development, I wanted to get the full 3 miles in regardless of temperature. Second mile down 9:21 pace. Muscle man took the stroller back for the downhill (LOL) and I quickly grabbed it going back up. Each time I do this hill with the jogger I get a little better. BUFF MAMA!! Well not really, but at one point I was at 9:05 pace, slowed to 10:05 by the summit, considering I struggle with my own body weight and hills, I was pretty proud.

No flat tires this time, thank goodness. A quick stop to give the kiddos their drinks and we were DONE!! We walked the .5 back to the house. Sweaty and triumphant. ABCDEF... All in a days work as a running Mom..

I know many of you live in HOT climates....but here in the greater Seattle area when the temps reach 80's it is a heat wave. This week temps are expected in the 100's...REALLY?? Lordy!! I will try not to complain, but I can't promise anything. I was tagged by J to write a list of 10 things about me, FUN!! Will get to that later tonight...

FYI...I have a few fun Giveaways lined up for the next few weeks.. I just love to give you things!! Stay tuned..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Your First Marathon

I ran my first and only Marathon just over 1 month ago, wow does time fly!!! Here is my First Marathon, I did not spare any gory detail (drop a comment if you want): Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon June 09

While checking out my Bloggy friends posts this AM (Aron and Marlene) I noticed links to "First Marathon Stories." Ummmm hello!! How fun is that? I have only been in Bloggy running land since March 09, so I have some catching up to do in getting to know the back stories on all you fabulous runners.

I would love to read yours and post the link below so we call all enjoy. Send me a Comment with the link to your First Marathon. It will be a fun trip down the "First Time" memory lane. And for those of you about to embark on the 26.2 GOAL, this will give you an idea of what you can expect..

LINKS to First Marathon Stories:
Join the fun...read and comment...
Marlene on the Run
Only 1/2 crazy (her words) Christy

Moving Comfort- Tall Mom Approved

The RIGHT gear can make a WORLD of difference on the run. As a woman the foundation of COMFORT is the Bra.. I cannot speak for the cup-runneth-over females, but for us cup-half-full I have found an AMAZING and comfortable option.

Meet my new Best Friend Alexis... HERE

For just $34.00 Movingcomfort.com promises: Never feel smooshed again. This thin-strapped number is known for its brilliant, built-in shape that's ready for any physical challenge. We created this bra with seam-free padded cups that have stabilizer fabric for support and a dose of modesty.

The fit is tight, the straps, although small, are STRONG and the padding, OH the padding- having shape is NICE!! I lost the baby weight, ALL of the baby weight, if you know what I mean :) The folks at moving comfort have a range of sizes and styles to keep the "ladies" happy. Check out the bra finder feature HERE.

The folks at moving comfort also have other types of GREAT gear.

Meet my Training friend 7.5 Compression Runner... HERE

For $34.00 Moving Comfort promises: With full-thigh coverage meant to keep from riding high, there's nothing our longer Compression Short can't do with confidence. We made sure the seams flatter, the waistband won't roll, the crotch is reinforced and the supportive mesh side panels have extra breathability. Features an internal pocket and reflective logo.

I love seeing race pictures of you adorable runners with the cute little multi-colored shorts (Aron that is you), well those don't work for my ummm THIGHS!! But I will sport a mean pair of black compression shorts or spandex.. These shorts are amazing! The compression keep things tight and there is no ride up. I tested them on interval day, passed with flying colors.. The only thing missing is a zipper pocket, there is a small pocket in front but that won't work for my race day needs...so these will be AMAZING training shorts.

I washed and dried both pieces with the rest of my laundry (I know you are all thinking UGH) both came out of the dryer (UGH again right) PERFECT!! As a Mom I do not have time to pull my gear out and give it special treatment, I need wash and wear.

You know you want some new Summer Running gear, or a pair of compression tights for Fall. Moving Comfort will keep give you what you need without breaking the bank.. Look for more info on Moving Comfort in the weeks to come...maybe even a Giveaway...hmm?? I know you are excited!!! I will be adding a link to the right to go with my other favorite places to SHOP.

Off for a mid-day run with hubs and the studs, I LOVE working from home on Mondays..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back on Track

Welcome to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack members...I am working on Blog hopping to visit everyone...good goal for this week.

Saturday I worked most of the afternoon in the Seattle City SUN! We planned to run when I got home but after being stuck in Seattle parade traffic for over 45 minutes, driving another hour to get home and arriving just after 8PM I was in no mood. So I got Taco Time and had a smoothie and was a lump on the couch.

Come Monday I will be back on track now that I found my 10K training plan HERE. Thanks to everyone who offered advice on training plans, many bloggy helpers recommended Hal Higdon. I will be starting at week 5 since my race is on August 22nd, thankfully I have a good base fitness level so it should not be a problem.

Sunday has been track day the past few weeks. I LOVE taking the boys to the track and swapping running and resting with hubs. I get a GREAT workout and really test my fast twitch muscles.

Interval stats for 7/26:
400 warm-up- 1:59
400 (1)- 1:31
400 (2)- 1:29
400 (3)- 1:30
400 (4)- 1:26 (took all I had)
1 Mile- 6:49!!!! I was pumped.. The Garmin beeped before I got to what I thought was the finish line, I did 1.04 miles in 7:04, but I am keeping the 6:49 mile, that makes me HAPPY!!

I should have run home (2.5 miles) after the track but we needed to grocery shop. Mommyhood comes first. As a stay at home Dad hubby likes it when I come along for any of the household duties. Neither of us like to grocery shop.

Once home we had a tasty 2nd breakfast, eggs, turkey bacon and sauteed mushrooms. YUMMERS!! Fuel for my next adventure. Another thing hubby likes is when I work out in his home gym...AKA old Joe Weider weights set in our garage. So I did a full body work-out while he did legs. In college as a basketball player I lifted daily and was very BUFF, these days, since I work-out on my own terms, I lift VERY infrequently. But I know I NEED to gain strength to get faster. So nice to have my adorable personal trainer.

Hubby's home gym...moves inside in the winter months. Please do not mind the messy garage.
Working hard...I like low weight high reps.. TONING!!
Self portrait.. Happy Sunday!
Baby was sleeping, but Blaine was right in there lifting with us.. And checking his form out in the mirror.. LOL.

Thank you for all the WONDERFUL comments on my blurry hair picture. I am VERY hesitant to get my hair cut (I get a cut maybe twice a year) and thankfully I am happy with the results. I felt so GREAT that day that I had hubs take a photo when I got home..
Hope everyone had a great weekend. OFF to read up on all my Bloggy friends..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ready for my Close-up

Bad picture but here you go :) Taken in the parking garage just after I got all dolled up.. Wonder how it will look in a pony?? I am sure I will find out tonight, Friday night run with hubby and the boys sounds GREAT!!

Winner and What is Next

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting the WINNER of the "Read my T Giveaway." I want to AGAIN thank Monica at Remanents.com for hosting this Giveaway. There will be a link to shop on Remanents from Tall Mom for your future shopping needs.. So now that I have bored you to Sleep....ZZZZZZZZZ

It is time to announce the lucky Tall Mom Bloggy friend and winner of an Adorable T-shirt... I know you are all giddy with Excitement.....

And the WINNER, using Random.org number generator is....

You have to love a self-proclaimed lover of chocolate who is training for her FIRST Marathon this winter. Congrats Julia. Please send me an email to tallmomontherun@hotmail.com with your address, shirt size and choice of T-shirt.

Since I LOVE you all and Remanents is very generous...you are all WINNERS... All bloggers, readers, friends, etc., will get free shipping HERE for a “Holidays in August” promo with a coupon code “FREETALLMOM.” The code will credit shipping at checkout for the month of August. And you will want to get a T-Shirt so that you can send in a photo of you wearing the Remanents T-shirt and be on the Bold Pace Blogscroll. They are hoping to get photos of people around the world wearing their T's.. So get to shopping, you deserve it!!!

What am I up to today you ask???
Well judging from the photo above it is TIME, I am overdue, MUST MUST MUST tame the tresses, whack the waves, lop the locks, maintain the mane, simply said I NEED A HAIR CUT.. So I am off to the posh 7 salon in Seattle, with a FREE coupon thank goodness (way above the TallMom budget).

Next Week at Tall Mom:
**Product Reviews for: Mountain Shades, Moving Comfort, and POM Wonderful.

**More (PAINFUL) Interval and hill training.

**My 10K training plan revealed

**And a photo of my (hopefully) adorable new hair...
Wishing you all a LOVELY weekend!!
Good luck in Races, Long Runs and Recovery...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

That is one Ugly Race Shirt

If you LOVE a cute T-shirt, make sure you enter my "Read My T Giveaway" (CLICK HERE) it ends tomorrow, with only 50 comments you have a GOOD chance to WIN.

A few weeks ago we had a Yard Sale, the annual purging to take back the garage storage space. There was a storage tote marked T-shirts.. This tote was filled with old Basketball tournament and college T's that I had kept for the sentimental value. Not sure I need to anymore.. Anyhow, I found my T-shirt from Bloomsday 1999...OLD SCHOOL.

I believe race shirts have come a LONG way in 10 years.

But have they really???

Hiding the T behind my little fella...
Oh WOW.. Too big, cotton, crazy color, ugly design, oh this one has it ALL!

Have you ever seen a runner wearing a yellow shirt with purple shorts? Maybe in high school track..

Not that any of you lovely Bloggy folks ever need a topic to post about.. BUT... I urge you to post a photo of your "Ugly Race Shirt." Let us see the worst and all have a good laugh... (I apologize to the designer of this shirt, I am sure it was "In Style" in 1999)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lettuce Running

Last night it was HOT so I went to the freezer and pulled out a Hulk Popsicle. Yes folks, we have comic character novelty freezer items for our 3 year old, he was good in the store and got to chose. Well Blaine does not like the green and purple Hulk pops, so Mommy gets to eat the 40 calories of sugary, cold goodness.

When I was done, and feeling COOL (LOL) I was surprised by a JOKE. Most kids Popsicles have jokes to enjoy when the stick is empty.. It was like the joke was written just for US.
How did the Lettuce Plan to
win the Race???
Stay a Head

Google Images provided me with this graphic... Who knew that a search for "Lettuce Running" would come up with any hits... what would we do without Google?? I tried Bing.com, nothing even remotely cool on the first few pages...

Have a Happy Wednesday, off to an EARLY meeting.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Never Again!! Uh Huh Mel!!

When I crossed the Finish Line of my first (and only) Marathon I told my husband and closest friends "Do not let me do that again!" And in that moment I meant it... Oh how we forget.. Today I found myself on Runners World searching for MARATHONS within a 200 mile radius of Puyallup, WA. WHAT??? What am I doing??

As Heather at Run Faster Mommy so eloquently (and hilariously) put it in here post HERE, running is like giving birth. You say you will NEVER DO IT AGAIN, but once the pain wears off you find yourself tempted... I have 2 babies...and so far 1 Marathon :)
I did not sign up for any of the races...but the fact that I even hit SEARCH tells me that in 2010 I may cross another Marathon finish line.
No promises... UGH!!!

Online shoes and Socks

Don't forget to enter the "Read my T Giveaway" HERE with just 36 comments as of this morning your chances are GOOD.

I was SOOO excited to spend my $100 gift at Online shoes last night. Well lets just say that I have not spent my money yet. I just bought running shoes, so I can look into other items.. Things I need:

1. Running socks
My favorite pair of Balega socks disappeared after the Marathon, maybe the poor socks were traumatized. I have a few pairs of socks that are OK...any recommendations? On online shoes the cheapest pair of socks is $21.95, I know that the money is free but REALLY??

2. Tights for Fall/Winter
My running tights are all too big.. There is a cute pair of New Balance tights I may be purchasing, only question is what size? UGH!! At 6'0 I REALLY need to try things on. The anxiety of online shopping.

3. Pink shirts
OK this is not a NEED so much as a want. I want a cute pink shirt to go with my Recovery Socks. I would love to try running in my pink socks, but I have to match (it is a mental thing).

4. Comfy post race shoes.
I want to take my running shoes off when I am done running. So it would be great to have a pair of sport slip-ons.

5. Purse and Dress shoes
It may be FUN to get a new purse or some fun off color dress shoes for work. I looked around a little. But the sticker shock (I know it is free BUT) scared me back to the Sale and Outlet section.

So I am going to look again today...probably on my lunch break because the Seattle Weather Man says highs of 96' today.. Talk about Mel Melting..

Has anyone found anything they really like or have purchased on Onlineshoes.com??

Monday, July 20, 2009

HAPPY to Report

This is going to be a missmosh of stuff and running reports from the last few days I will start with today and work backwards.

Free Stuff:
The "Read My T" Giveaway (sponsored by Remanents.com) is going well and will last through Friday, don't miss your chance. I just got my $100 Gift Certificate to Online shoes for Runnerslounge.com...I am HAPPY to report that I will be spending every dime tonight.

Hubs on the Run:
I am sooo HAPPY to report that my hubby, aka muscles man, put on his running shoes, strapped on my Garmin, and set out for a solo RUN (no jogger and no me).. What? Is it possible that the running bug is catching in the Tall Mom household? Or is his competitive nature afraid that his wife will beat him in a 5K? Hmmmm…verdict is still out. So for hubbys first solo effort:

Hubs Stats for 7/20:
Time- 17:48
2.11 miles

8:26 pace

"Not bad for a little old body builder," he said with a smile. This is him before, I did not have the heart to take an after photo, poor guy was in pain.. KEEP going honey, you WILL get there!

Morning Mileage:
With the temps this week expected to be in the upper 80's and into 90's I NEED to beat the heat. I work from home on Mondays which gives me a chance to sleep in a little. This was the PERFECT day to test my legs with a morning (6AM), pre-work run. Other days a pre-work run would start at 4:30AM, OUCH!! I ran without eating…not sure that was the brightest idea. I also chose a hilly route, the day after speedwork…dumbo again, I am still learning. Anyhow the run was just OK, the hills killed me. The sun was BRIGHT and right in my eyes (sunglasses coming soon). A bunny joined me from the forest and I was hit by 4 sprinklers. I am HAPPY to report that, at least on Mondays, I will have a chance to do 2 a day runs. Not sure I am ready to tackle the O'dark hundred..now that would be dedication

Stats for 7/20:
Time- 34:16
4.01- miles
8:32- pace

Morning run, sore legs, hills and no food.

Hitting my Stride:
Sunday is now track day in the Tall Mom house. Yesterday we tried the local high school and I am HAPPY to report that the track is AWESOME.. It is secluded, clean, fenced off to keep the boys in, and has a panoramic view of Mount Rainier. Can't beat that!! The plan was for hubs and I to warm up and each run 4 x 400's, we were a little strapped for time. We traded off sprinting and recovering which watching the boys. I am HAPPY to report that each of my 400's was under 1:30… SWEET!! When we were done with the 400's I decided to run a mile…with internal hopes of getting under 7 minutes. I TRIED but my hip hurt a little and after the fast 400's I was a little spent. My distance training did not prepare me for these fast days, re-training the body for quick turnover will be an interesting challenge. I know I have the SPEED in me, just have to remind my legs..

Stats for 7/19:
1-1:28 (5:38 pace)
2-1:27 (5:36 pace)
3- 1:26 (5:27 pace)
4- 1:29 (forgot to clear hubby's time?)
Mile- 7:11

Wish you were here :)
The boys play while we WORK..
Wait is that me in a sports bra for the WORLD to see...hmmm?? Please do not zoom in, I thought of putting an "Under Construction" sign over my belly but did not have time. No one could see us and I was hot, so there you go, Tall Mom belly for all of you.. FYI new bra from MovingComfort.com. I LOVE IT!!
Runner + Mom + Weight Loss= FLAT (not talking running)
This bra has the help that I need to not look like teenager in the chest region... Details soon...

Happy to Report... That the Tall Mom family is ALL SMILES today

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Read my T Giveaway

I have always been a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl. As a Runner I feel like that is ALL I talk about. Finding a way to bring running into a conversation can be tough...what if you could wear a shirt that started the conversation for you?? I am not talking about a shirt to wear while running shirt per se, but a CUTE T-shirt to wear around town letting the world know you are a RUNNER...

From the WONDERFUL folks at Remanents and A Bold Pace, we bring...

Read my T Giveaway

I love the T-shirt and CUTE cards I have from Remanents...so does Easton.. Could we be any cheesier?? The shirts are a bit thin, but look super cute with a tank underneath...

SO what will you win????
The ADORABLE shirt above or one of the other CUTE Running themed T-Shirts on the Remanents website HERE..

Here is how you enter:
Go to the Remanents Website (HERE) and look around. Let me (and Remanents) know which products you LOVE and some items you would like to see. Leave a comment on Tall Mom.
Want Bonus points?
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I will not be tallying the entries via comments, but know that you will be getting credit.

Giveaway entries will end on Friday July 24th at 7:00am (PST). The winner will be announced Friday afternoon.. GOOD LUCK!!