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Monday, June 29, 2009

What do you say after you run your first Marathon?

Thanks to everyone for the WONDERFUL comments! My first Marathon was tough and taught me more than I could have imagined (look for a post this week about the 26 things I learned). Amazing what you can learn running more miles than most people like to drive.. My mental and physical capacity has been tested and I came out pretty darn good. Man am I SORE!!

To address a couple of comments...

Kelsey- I did see you and THANK YOU for the cheer!! At that point I was so disoriented I had no idea who would be waving at me. I was totally rude and did not even give a thumbs up, SORRY!! I even told my husband that someone cheered for me like I knew them, but I didn't know anyone running the Marathon. I wanted to put that part in my Blog about the race but had no idea what mile marker I was at, FUNNY!! If you are ever running in the same race as me let me know, would love to say hi.

My time- Thanks to everyone for helping me realize that my time is good for a first Marathon, or any Marathon. I always expect the best from myself and really I should have gone into the first race to finish. I know that now and I am very proud of my time..

Preparing for my next Marathon- Ummmm.. I LOVE LOVE the half Marathon and am excited to do some 10K's and 5K's. But I am not ready to even toy with the idea of running another Marathon...not today.... People who do are AMAZING!!! Yes folks you are AMAZING!! For this Tall Mom my running path will take a slightly shorter path...


Mel-2nd Chances said...

glad that you're feeling better about your accomplishment :)

Aron said...

sometimes it just takes a little while to put it all in perspective. i know my last marathon i was SO disappointed in and it took a good month until i really saw it for what its worth.

also, if you DO consider doing another marathon, there is one in sac in cali in dec (CIM) that is AWESOME. small town feel, perfect cold weather, excellent organization and in the top 5 or 6 of boston qualifiers. i got VERY close there last year and will definitely be doing it again this year... just saying just incase :)

Being Robinson said...

oh mel! i read all your posts this morning (came out of hiding just for you). your marathon post made me cry. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!! if anyone could, it's me. the worst is that you DO train and train and work so hard for this ONE day, and if that one day isn't your running day... well then it all goes to crap :( it sounds like you got about as much sleep as i did the night before, i think that had a LOT to do with how horridly my marathon went.

just know, your time is AWESOME for a first marathon. i'm so proud of you, total rockstar! and take all the time you need. i'm not even sure i WANT to do another one, and i'm a few months out. i just am not sure, but i will for REDEMNTION! ;) haha. BUT this is about YOU, not me. anyway, i think you are amazing, good job and i hope you are feeling better today, physically. and not beating yourself up over your time. it was just a bad day, nothing more.

okay novel complete! again, i think you are amazing. congrats on joining the 26.2 club!!

robinbb said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on your RR as my internet went down after reading it, but I wanted to say, CONGRATS and be proud!

I have crashed in a marathon, not like you, but physically. Ever since that marathon (I finished ALOT slower than you), it has been a mental challenge to push myself. Running a marathon is mentally, the toughest thing I have ever done. I have talked myself into many things in terms of quitting at about mile 12. You have come far, but so much further to go. I even swore off marathons during my big crash. I was crying with a girl that was walking with me, telling her how I should just do half's. Do what makes you happy and be proud of your time. It took me 5 marathons before I could go as fast as you did, you are amazing! And experience is the key in running.....the more marathons I have recovered from, the easier I bounce back and can push myself harder during the race.

Sarah Jane said...

Did I say "congratulations" yet?? CONGRATULATIONS!!! (and hurray for 1/2 marathons...I'm a big fan of those too!)

Unknown said...

glad you are seeing things in a different light. you are one of the amazing marathoners!

Melanie Tait said...

Hey Mel - Just catching up on your posts. WOW. That marathon sounds full on. You're amazing to have kept going when it sounds as though you were really challenged from half way. You poor thing. All that work and to not enjoy it is a bummer. STILL you did a great time and you finished even though it sounds like your body wanted to crash out. You're amazing. Well done!!

Marathonman101108 said...

I want to be the first person to say "I told you so" when you sign up for your next marathon! Congrats again, and a sub 4 hour marathon is in your future. :-)

RunToTheFinish said...

hey i'm a huge fan of the half and there is nothing wrong with enjoying all distances!!

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