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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Stats for 6/6:
22.01 Miles
Time- 3:14:56
Pace: 8:51
Cool day on the Orting trail with Charity.

Eats for the Run: Dinner- Ravioli, shrimp, wheat toast, okra, and milk. Snacks- blueberries, apple, Special K Red Berries and Oatmeal with chocolate chips. Breakfast- The USUAL.

Sorry it took me so long to update....I have been travelling and am writing this Blog from my BEAUTIFUL room with an AMAZING view of the waterfront in Vancouver B.C.!!! It is dark and there is a little Chevron station in the water with a lit up blue, white and red sign. when the sun was up I could see Stanley park, I am hoping to do my 5 miler on Monday morning there, it looks AMAZING... TOUGH LIFE..

Thanks to everyone for helping me make my decision, ultimately my practical side won out, I did not have time to plan for the Free Marathon or the run in BC and I ended up training in my stomping grounds. Charity and I met at 7:30AM on the Orting trail for a 22 mile run (or for Mel's game, search for a good coffee place).

I knew that the long portion of the trail was 15 miles round trip so we set out North first, which we had not done before. The weather was cool, with cloud cover and a slight mist. We passed overgrown leafy trees, old tatty bridges, and flourishing farm lands. I felt at peace, a tranquility that is not often found in the BUSY day to day. This week for me has been CRAZY getting ready for this conference, on my run today I finally RELAXED. Did I really just say that running is relaxing? Yes I did!!

Charity and I talk and talked..I wore a pink shirt since her favorite color is pink. We planned to take a bunch of photos and enjoy our last LONG training run before the Marathon on the 27th. I felt STRONG, I felt FAST, I felt GREAT!! The mileage seemed to be flying by, I had twinges of pain on my lift shin and right foot, but nothing that lingered...well except the chaffing. The pink shirt was too big and I got some serious arm ouches, DARN IT!! I know better, thankfully I have my perfect outfit picked out for race day.

The last time we ran we passed a latte stand with a huge wooden cup, so we thought it would be fun to stop and take a picture. The Rainier to Ruston Relay was going on and there was a station just near the LARGE cup carving. My friend Ang planned to run the race but I don't know much about it. What I do know is that during my entire run I only saw about 6 people, so I was barely impacted. At one check point a young guy looked at me and started clapping, which I LOVED!!

At around mile 18 I was ready for music so Charity went on to take photos. I still had energy in the tank and was moving at a good clip. The path was crisp and green. When I looked at the little purple flowers to the right I imagined them to be my friends and family cheering me on, clapping, waving and smiling. The amazing thing about races is the support and enthusiasm, I miss that on training runs.

Charity and I had played with my Ipod last week and on a whim added Josh Groban's "You Raise me up", yes I am a Josh Groban fan.. I had forgotten until the moment the song softly began. I almost hit skip, but didn't. The flowing river, dark clouds and green tall grasses framed the trail and Charity was there poised to take my photo. My bestfriend there for me as I achieved yet another milestone. The beauty in that moment was indescribable, that song will be forever etched in my mind with that vision. A young mom in a light pink hoodie was walking with two age 8ish girls. The Mom pointed at me, as I passed the little girls smiled, with teeth too big for their small mouths, the adorable hands were clapping for me. I returned and smile and said "Thank You!" The kindness of strangers is touching.

UTOPIA!! That is the only word I can use to describe it. Tranquility, serenity, simplicity, beauty....I could go on. And the best part, when I was done I was 100% confident that I could have gone another 4.2 miles... PERFECT... We took a TON of photos but the line speed here is SLOW, so I will post a few today and get to the others when I get a chance..

Wish you were here...
Charity was admiring my calf muscles, I didn't even know I had calve muscles. LOL

BAD sweat marks...cool cup..


Rookie on the Run said...

Sweet post! I love the image of the flowers clapping for you and cheering you on!

You did an amazing run! You seem to be someone who is made to go the distance with speed and grace.

Once again, Charity gets the friend of the year award.

Have a wonderful time in B.C! I hope your 5-miler is as good as
your long run.

Also, I think you made a good decision to pass on the Free Marathon. :D

Stacey said...

I love great runs! Have a great weekend!

Funny you should mention it, the race this morning was on Hawaiian standard...20 minutes late...( :

Unknown said...

good decision.

also, the pink sure is cute. too bad it caused chafing.

robinbb said...

Great job on an awesome job. You are going to do so good at your marathon. Glad you were able to enjoy your long run so much, it sounded like so much fun. I wish I had someone to run with me on 22 milers.

Being Robinson said...

whoo-hoo! you rock. i like josh groban as well. and when i'm on a long hard run i imagine my family and ed cheering me on as well... somehow it helps! OOOO can't wait for your marathon, you are SO gonna rock it. and post a picture of your race day outfit will ya? we are GIRLS after all, need to see!! :)

Felice Devine said...

Wow, awesome job. You are going to rock the marathon!!!

Velma said...

I like Josh Groban :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Well done on the run, I think you made a good decision... Glad you arrived safely in BC, enjoy it! Glad you found the coffee LOL

Aron said...

awesome job on your run!!! you are going to be sooo ready for this marathon :) :) :) try to enjoy taper, rest up and get those legs fresh!! LOVE the pics, that trail is beauitful!

IzzyBubbles said...

I like Josh Groban - there's nothing wrong with that!! That's an awesome story for a 22 mile run, can't wait to hear the race report on the 27th!