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Friday, June 5, 2009

Trial Run??

I RANDOMLY chatted in the locker room with Jill yesterday, Jill is a fellow runner who works for my company. She mentioned that she is running in a FREE Marathon on June 6th and sent me the link to the website. FREE? Hmmm.. I was planning on doing 22 miles in Vancouver BC because I have a business trip there starting Saturday evening. Now I am TORN.. Below are some details about the run:

The Green River Marathon is a Marathon/Relay/Fun Run put on for FREE! That's right, no cost at all. It is put on entirely by an all volunteer crew and donations by the event's originators and organizers. Even the T-shirts are sold only at their cost.

A fun Seattle-area run in early June (first Saturday) is the Green River Marathon/Relay. This year will be the 13th annual event. Marathon Maniac, Eastside Runners and Interurban Running Club member Steve Barrick and Marathon Maniac Jim Anderson put on this run with the help of many volunteers. It begins at the intersection of the Green River trail and the Interurban trail in South Kent. The course follows the scenic Green/Duwamish trails past Russell Road Park, Christianson Greenbelt Park, and Fort Dent Park as the river winds it's way to Puget Sound and Alki beach. The run is very flat with two short hills late in the run. The last few miles have views of Seattle and Puget Sound towards the Olympics. The finish is in front of Spud's Fish and Chips at Alki.

So now I am weighing my options. Should I run a Marathon tomorrow??

-It is free so there is no pressure if I chose to drop out early
-I won't have to map out my run in BC
-I wont have a 4+ hour car ride before my long run
-It would be a good Trial Run (LOL) before the Rock 'N' Roll
-The course sounds BEAUTIFUL
-Charity could drop me off, find me along the way, and pick me up at the finish, then we could head to BC.
-Ends at Alki so maybe I could shower at Kiera's??
-I would run a Marathon before I turn 30.

-Charity can't ride her bike along with me
-I am risking injury
-Have limited time to mentally prepare
-May end up being tired and sore for my busy event next week
-I don't know much about the race and could possibly get lost?
-May take away the excitement of the Seattle Rock 'N' Roll being my first Marathon.

Mom, Muscle Man, Coffee Lady and some of my friends say "Go For it!"

So what do you think??


robinbb said...

I would only run part of it. Since Seattle is your first marathon, I definitely would let the "first" one be the one you have been planning on doing. Also, you don't know what kind of recovery you will need from 26 miles as you have never done it before. That being said, I would run 22 miles of it so that the run wouldn't be so lonely.

Rookie on the Run said...

I agree with the above comment. Run part of it. Nothing to lose since it's free. :D That's just my opinion. I'm sure no matter what you choose to do, you'll be fine!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

agree with the above two as well; with traveling and not really having given your body a taper first, and your desire to run at your speedy pace... there are always what if's, but what if. know what i mean? you know you best though, so if you go for it, good luck and enjoy!

Velma said...

I agree. I would go for it, but I would run the 22(slower than usual) and then walk run the rest. I am thinking of doing the same thing about a month before Chicago. It will be a great mental boost.

I know they are pricey, but I would look into recovery socks. I got some at Fleet Feet, and they are so helpful when you have to travel. They look nerdy, but who cares! They work.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!

tfh said...

It sounds like all the important people in your life think you're up to it-- and like you said, you can play it by ear and feel no pressure to do the whole thing. Esp. if you take it easy you can limit soreness (my husband ran his marathon at well below race pace to forestall injuries and said he didn't have the normal quad soreness post race) AND most people I know only have their marathon excitement fueled by doing one...anyway, listen to your gut! Either way have a fantastic weekend.

Aron said...

personally I would wait to cross the marathon finish line until your first goal race just because its something that is so awesome! those last few miles are tough and special and going through them during your first marathon is something you will never forget. maybe run part of it? that way you can take advantage of the course support (fuel stations etc) and get used to the whole atmosphere of running a marathon and still get your miles in.

good luck deciding!!! either way it will be awesome :)

Being Robinson said...

i think if you do it you shouldn't try to get a certain time because you haven't tapered and your muscles aren't totally rested up. so it might be a shock to your system.

that said, if you go out, and do it just for FUN and don't any pressure and take it easy, then I say DO IT!!

J said...

Its a free race and it even says fun run in the description. Even if you only run the 22 miles, you will be running it with people. You can always stop if you want but it looks like a fun opportunity!

Lynette said...

I agree with everyone Mel...It will be fun, it's free, and you were going to do 22 anyway. Just don't worry about a time, and have fun:)

Unknown said...

what did you decide?

Jill said...

I think do the 22. 2 marathons in 3 weeks could not be great on your body. Let rock and roll be your first, but do the 22 for it. Have fun...whatever you decide to do.