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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taper 9 messing with my MIND

Stats for 6/13:
9.51 Miles
Time- 1:22:16
Pace- 8:38
Cool day, hilly run in my neighborhood. My last run in my 20's!!

I have not run since Tuesday night because I have been busy. Today I got back into the swing with my long run during taper for the marathon. In my mind I thought "It is just 9 miles, only running for an hour and a half." FYI that is not the right attitude, AT ALL!! NEVER think of mileage in that way, it is a recipe for disaster.

I was tired when I started out and was thinking about my friend M (abbreviated for privacy) who is going through a very tough time right now, her heart and trust have been crushed. I thought about how lucky I am to have an amazing husband. When I got home from work yesterday he and the little studs were all dressed up and the house was decorated for a party. I love the little surprises!! I opened my presents early, and was spoiled with running earrings and "Spirit of the Marathon." We watched the film last night and I loved it. The only part that freaked me out was seeing the sea of people at the start line, have I mentioned my crowd fobia? I am more worried about being surrounded by 25,000 people than I am to run 26.2 miles, guess I will get over it, no other choice. While watching Muscle Man said "I would love to run a Marathon with you someday." WHAT??? The idea brought tears to my eyes.

I was lost in thought for a while, but soon realized that my body did not want to GO. I have a few gears, today my engine would not shift to the high gear. So I adjusted my pace and hoped I would make it through the "just 9" miles that I had ahead of me. Kept thinking that I wanted to cut my run short. If there is one strength I have it is my ability to push out the bad thoughts and keep going. I focused on singing, on the beautiful leafy trees and made up little stories about the people in the passing cars.

This was the first run where I did not see any other runners, weird!! Must have been the time of day. My right shoulder hurt a little, knees burned on the hills and my arches felt sore. I am thinking that my shoes may be done already, BUMMER!! I added up the mileage since I bought my kicks and I am at 285, I know that shoes should be able to last a bit longer but with my weight I may break down the soles sooner. I am not sure if I have time to break in a new pair with the marathon just 2 weeks away, what do you think? Maybe I will buy myself a new pair of shoes for my 30th birthday.. which is tomorrow...

The run was uneventful, I struggled and fought through it. Taper week is WEIRD!! Amazing how I could run 22 miles with zero pain, discomfort or self doubt and the following week come close to failure on a 9 miler. Guess it is all part of the wonderful world of Marathon training. I just got a text from my friend Ang who PR'd by 18 minutes on her 3rd Marathon!! SWEET!! GOOD JOB BUDDY!! I will post a link to her race report once it is up so all my Bloggy running buddies can give her the LOVE she deserves.

Off to shop for a new birthday outfit..


Mel-2nd Chances said...

enjoy your last night in the 20's HAHA! :D Better to have the tough run now than on marathon day... enjoy the rest of your day and happy birthday tomorrow!

robinbb said...

I have worn new shoes to 2 different marathons with only one week of runs on them....Your legs will be happy you switched!

Marathonman101108 said...

I've been told by 2 different running shops that I should replace my running shoes every 500 miles. You should have plenty of wear left in your current pair. I wouldn't recommend buying a new pair of shoes now and running a marathon in them in two weeks.

Unknown said...

eek. wouldn't change out shoes for the marathon at this point.

J said...

Happy Birthday!

I usually ditch my shoes at about 300 miles...they just dont make the shoes like they used to. I can start to feel that they are breaking down when i get to that mileage so i just ditch them. I dont need to buy the expensive asics because I dont have any feet problems so its not a big deal to get ride of a 50-70 dollar pair of shoes that have lasted for about 4-6 months depending on mileage.

RunToTheFinish said...

what a sweet sweet family!! i love it!!

hmm shoes I think it depends on if you are strictly road running, etc. I always have 2 pairs going because they need to breathe after a run for the cushioning to fully come back...and umm I like running shoes so I buy new ones ever 400 miels or so, unless they become my race shoes and then I use them way too long. Definitely wouldn't buy a new pair for the race righ tnow

Velma said...


IzzyBubbles said...

Oooh, happy birthday!! Sounds like you had a fun little party. I say go for it with the new shoes, I wore a pair for my marathon that I'd only worn a handful of times on shorter runs beforehand, and it was fine. I think as long as you don't switch brands or anything, you're probably okay.

Okay, I'm going to have to look and see when the Vancouver marathon is scheduled. It just sounds too pretty. And I'm thinking wet and rainy beats the heat and humidity we're having here right now!

Aron said...

i always replace my shoes between 250 and 300 miles and always make sure i have "fresh" ones for marathon day. usually i wont run in them until taper so if you got them i am sure they would be fine by race day, especially if they are the ones you are currently running in.