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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tall Mom Product Reviews

I have been PROMISING product reviews for about...ummmm..forever.. So here goes, find links to websites in Green. FYI the details below are the opinion of Tall Mom (Melanie), I hold no responsibility for items purchased by anyone following this review.. LOL

The giving-sporty folks at Nathan sent me a fuel belt to use in my training. I chose the Speed 2 because I was worried that the 4 bottles would weigh me down. I didn't think about the fact that I can remove bottles and just train with 2 bottle, or use the additional weight as part of my training. I may be purchasing a Speed 4 in the future. For now I LOVE my fuel belt. The pocket is separated in two, is big enough for Gu's, Chomps and a cell phone, and has a hook for my car key. The belt is light, fits well low on my hips and is perfect for hooking my Ipod shuffle. The only advice I have it to only fill the bottle part way, topping off could cause leaking.
For my birthday/happy Marathon gift my WONDERFUL and thoughtful friend Lynette had a necklace handmade for me from the My3gemz artist on Etsy.com. If you have never been to Etsy.com check it out, there are some really amazing and beautiful things to celebrate running and you will be supporting artists in their crafts. Above is my necklace, although it will have 26.2 engraved at the bottom, first of its kind :) I will not wear the necklace until I cross the finish line, but bet your booty I will sport it for weeks non-stop after that.
Hubby came through for my birthday and got me the earrings I have been wanting on Tarma Designs. The size is perfect for my ears and the studs work well for running. My only beef is that the backs were bent in shipping, really people?? Learn how to ship your product. I will be sporting these on race day, bound to make me just a wee bit faster LOL
Yes this is a running website and as runners we burn a TON of calories. With the work comes the reward and I indulge with a Take 5, Chocolate, pretzels, Carmel, peanuts and peanut butter, all melted together for sweet and savory goodness. My co-worker, and Angel of a human being, Beth will drop a bag of the snack sized Take 5 in my cube, at just 105 per little bar it barely feels like cheating. She buys the snack size at Albertson's in case you are interested.
I am no nutritionist, nor do I pretend to be. If you are interested in the content of these gooey lovelies please click on the link above. What I do know is that the Chomps rock my running world. I tear a corner in the package just big enough for the over sized chew to slide out and stuff the pack in my belt. Running and grabbing a Chomp is easy. Once you plop the strawberry (that is the only kind I have tried) chewy nugget in your mouth it will stick to your teeth, but not in a bad way. Take a swig of cool water and let the flavor set in. The texture and melt-ability make this treat the pick-me-up I need mid run. I plan to test some of the other flavors after my race.
The Luna Moons marketing is targeted at Women "Nutrition for Women Athletes." I like these as a pre-run snack, but I am not a fan for the run. The little moons get hardened very easily, making chewing difficult. The flavor is good, but unless you eat the whole pack in one run you will not get your running monies worth. They are worth a try, but the effort exerted to chew the little moons should not be spent during the run.
I bought these because the package made me feel like a kid with a fun treat in my lunch pale. The shark-shaped organic chews have a sharp different flavor that takes some getting used to. I found them to be easy on my tummy. But, like the moons, I don't recommend these to be taken on the run. Maybe pre-run, but no need to pack these in your fuel belt or pockets. The little sharks get hardened fast. Worth a try, but with the price tag I doubt I will purchase the swimmers again.
That is my Opinion for today.. Thanks for playing :) If you decide to purchase any of these products based on my review please let me know..


tfh said...

Thanks for taking the time to write up these reviews! I agree about the Luna moons (same feeling I had about Clif Shot Bloks) but it sounds like Gu Chomps may be perfect!

IzzyBubbles said...

Great reviews! I can't see the pics on my work computer, though, so sad. :( Boo. Am headed over to Etsy right now to check out your necklace, though!! How exciting.

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

I have the nathan's speed belt with the 4 bottles and I can't stand it. (sorry Natahans!) It's a great product, it's just so cumbersome and bounces around everywhere. Maybe it's just me and my crazy hips. =( I wonder if a two bottle might be easier....Anyway, thanks for the awesome reviews! I want to try those Luna moons, I LOVE luna bars!

Aron said...

thanks for the reviews!! LOVE the necklace! i want one :) i wear that same fuel belt and love it!

Lynette said...

I'm glad that you're so excited about the necklace Mel:) I hoped that you would love it! You deserve it.

Marathonman101108 said...

GU Chomps are the best. I have the Blueberry flavor myself.

Melanie Tait said...

Ohmigod Mel - I LOVE your jewels!