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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Running For Kicks

Stats for 6/15:
3.16- Miles
Time- 26:57
Pace- 8:31
Run including hill training, boys and hubby tagged along, raced muscle man.

Not to miss a single training run I will double blog this morning. On Monday afternoon I ran with my boys on my lunch hour. I work from home on Mondays, LOVE IT!! Our usual family run includes my hill training mid way through. Hill training for muscle man means he stops, watches me and lets the boys stretch their legs. Blaine, my 3 1/2 year old, loves to moves his little legs up the hill like Mommy. I must say he is getting very good! On the decline, after my second run up UGH, I slowed down to run with him, he was going about 11 minute miles. After re-loading the little stud cargo we approached the next hill. Muscle man thought it would be a good idea to race up the hill, he would be pushing the double jogger. RACE? I am a distance runner... So we both sprinted, I edged ahead, panting and trying to get my legs to move quickly and up hill. In the end hubby hit the concrete barrier first. We both took a minute to walk and catch our breath. He said "I would have never beat you if I would have done your hill training." Darn right!! Either way it was fun to play and have my boys with me.

Stats for 6/17:
5.00- Miles
Time- 43:53
Pace- 8:46
Lunch run in cool overcast weather with Shelby.

Finally reconnected with my work-lunch-running-buddy Shelby. She will be running the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in (dun dun dun) 9 days!! I really need to get a photo of me and my training buddy one of these days. We had a nice run, it was in the mid 60's overcast with crisp air, PERFECT!! I can only hope that race day will be the same. Around mid way there were two young girls roller-blading, one was much better than the other. The beautiful young girl with wavy hair said "Good work ladies," and smiled with sincerity. I LOVE NICE PEOPLE! Shelbs and I chatted and had a really great run, always fun to have Shelby with me. Hard to believe we have been training together since February.

On the run I was testing some new gear, the first, short Nike spandex that I got using a birthday gift card to Fleet Feet (THANKS LORA!) and the second, my sparkly white running shoes Gel Kayano 15's. I know a few people were worried about me running my Marathon in new sneakers, so I have prepared my evidence as to why I needed new shoes.

I believe that I should write to the people at Asics. I LOVE my Asics don't get me wrong, but for the shoes to give out after 275+ miles at $140...hmmmm that is not right. (FYI I cringed at the idea of spending that much for shoes but that is what the pro's fitted me for at Fleet Feet and I have had no knee issues, so worth every EXPENSIVE penny) I was disappointed in the longevity of my Gel Kayano 15's but I have not had any pain in my training so switching shoes was not an option. I bought the same pair in the same width. Below is a visual display of what 275 miles of running and ++ additional miles will do to shoes (note I weigh 185lbs so I will wear down shoes faster).

My trained-in shoes are dirty, I like the breath ability of the shoes, keeping them clean is another story. There is also a little hole in the fabric on the right shoe which I assume is caused by my massive toes, LOL. Luckily the weather has been good because if it were Spring and rainy in Seattle I would have puddles by the end of my run. Look at my shiny new shoes!! I have to tell the truth, I am SUPER excited to have pretty new shoes on race day.
The padding is the REAL reason I am swapping shoes. I have lost a good amount of cush and give over the past 275++ miles. I loved my "pillows" when they were new, now the shoes are stiff and lifeless.
And traction, WOW!! I could have worn a hole in the bottom after 26.2 miles. I am not a fan of feeling the road when I run, but I like to know that my shoes are gripping. The photo is not the best, it is BAD!! My analogy is car tires, you will get better performance if you grip the road. I think the same goes for running shoes.
Hard to believe but I have just 19 miles total left on the training plan before my Marathon. With the 5 I did yesterday my new kicks will be worn in and ready to RACE!!!


Lora said...

YAY for new spandex :) Hope they worked out well... I am so proud of you! Can't wait for your race, you'll be on my mind!

J said...

I usually try to buy the cheaper asics (is 85 dollars cheap now?) but that way when I get new ones at 300 miles then its not too bad, I guess. The new shoes look great!

tfh said...

Sounds like Blaine is going to be quite the speedster! He'll be beating both you and his dad up the hill before you know it. :)

I think new shoes were a wise choice!

Aron said...

YAY i love my kayano 15s too!! I feel like since they are such cushiony shoes thats why they wear down faster. Plus running on hard surfaces wears them down too. I got just barely over 300 miles on my last pair and that was by far the most Ive gotten. I am on my 4th pair already :-/ sooo $$$ ekk.