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Thursday, June 18, 2009


My attempt at using Paint, I sorta suck, but I tried.

I have been toying with the idea of running with a pace group at the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on June 27th. Has anyone ever done this? What was your experience? Good? Bad? I have never run in a group, so I really don't know if I would like it. I realize I am not chained to the group and can go ahead, or behind, at any time. I have read a few articles on the subject and I think it would be a good match for me. I really like the idea of just keeping up with someone trained in pacing and not having to stare at my Garmin to hit my 3:40 or less (If all the Running Gods aligned) Goal. I tend to go out too fast, so having someone to keep me at pace would be great!!

Looking at my Capital City Half Marathon mile splits last month, I know one thing, I have no idea how to pace myself. Just look at these times:

1. 7:03- No wonder my husband FREAKED and thought I would die before the finigh
2. 7:23
3. 7:48- Part of mile 2 and 3 were up a steady incline
4. 7:48- Hey I matched 2 miles in a row, RARE.
5. 8:02- A steeper hill
6. 7:56
7. 7:39
8. 8:00
9. 7:25- Saw hubby and got excited to get to him
10. 8:46- KILLER hill, should not have sped up to see hubby
11. 8:31- Still on the hill and slowing to recover
12. 8:21- Really had to use the facility
13. 7:45- Down hill to the finish

Ranging from 7:03 to 8:46, not consistent AT ALL. I will make the call at the Race Expo next Friday. Think I will try it with a Pacer, what harm could it do?

I Googled First Marathon for fun to see what people had to say. Like About.com can teach you how to run a Marathon. I came across the article below, it is worth a read. Everyone has a first race story, even the pros.

First Marathon Kara Goucher


Relentless Forward Commotion said...

I think you did a beautiful job with the Paint, haha! (ok i suck at it too!) I plan to run with the 3:40...err I mean 3:39 group at Baltimore. My theory is I can zone out , and just like you said not stare at the Garmin every 30 seconds. Let someone else do that work! They are ususally dead on those pacers!

robinbb said...

I definitely plan on following a pace group when I am going for my 3:40 in the fall.

I have noticed though, pacers sometimes go out pretty fast. I tried following a pace group twice and both times I was amazed at how fast they were at the beginning. A 3:50 pace group went out at 8:20 miles and a 4:00 pace group went out fast at Disney. I eventually caught up to the group myself, but it took a few miles. So talk to the pacer you will follow and see what their plan is. Some plan on even splits, where as some plan on even effort, which means slightly faster at the beginning because it will be harder at the end, or hills may change the effort.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Never followed a pace group, but I know others that have and appreciate having the work done by someone else as well, so it might work out well for you! Have a great weekend :)

Ashley said...

Holy crap, you run fast! :)

I have thought it would be cool to be a part of the pace team....mainly cuz they get all kinds of goodies & free stuff! ;) The pace team isn't always completely consistent with the pace they are supposed to be at tho....in St Louis, there were times when we would pass the 2:20 pacers, just to find the 2:30 pacers AHEAD of them. It was weird....

J said...

a pacer will prolly be a good idea. It can't hurt, and that way you will be able to hopefully run close to the time you want. I have read that article about kara goucher and first marathons. Very informative.

Unknown said...

my husband is my pacer. it works for me!

Kelsey said...

I'll see you at the race next week (ha! you and the other 24,999 people there!) I'm planning to use a pace group, I think they're great. I ran the Tacoma Marathon last May, and although I had no plans to run with a pace group I ended up with the 4:15 group (only because it was a pretty small race an I noticed that they were going at about my speed so I decided to stick with them for a while). It was amazing. All the pacers at that race were Marathon Maniacs, which are a great group of people. They were so nice and although I normally don't like running in a group (or really with other people, for that matter) it was great to have some distraction. I didn't stay with them the whole time, but it seemed that whenever I needed them, they were there to keep me on task. I highly recommend it!

Aron said...

i know a lot of people really like pace groups. for my first BQ attempt i never found the pace group, so just incase be prepared to run on your own. for my second attempt, the pacer was running in the 7's for mile 2 and i knew i didnt want to go out that fast, so i pulled back. i think it can just be a hit or miss kind of thing depending on their strategy. i always wear a pace band though, i find those to be helpful. good luck deciding!!!