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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mel Melted!!!

Stats for 6/2:
7-8 ish miles
Time- More than an hour
Pace- Slower than normal
Hot day, partial run with Shelby, stomach ache, and Garmin mishap.

Today was my mid week 8 miler during lunch on a BUSY day!! Shelby and I started out together and we both were HOT for the first minute. It was 84++ (28c for my foreign readers LOL) with 26% humidity, I have never looked at humidity so I have no idea what that means? It has been hot for several days in a row now and us Washington running folk and MELTING!!! Poor Shelbs could not take the heat and we parted ways around mile 3.5.

As I rounded the corner alone I noticed some simple white flowers cascading over the grey bricks, BEAUTIFUL!! Unnoticed on past runs, amazing what the eye catches from day to day. Approaching the creepy underpass there was a guy under the bridge..WHAT KIND OF GUY? My mind imagined a schizophrenic transient in dirty torn jeans, wielding a switch blade and a black garbage sack. To my relief it was a well dressed young man resembling someone ready to interview for an accountant position. PHEW!!

Heading toward the turn to my next stretch of trail, a TALL Man on a Bike was coming FAST and not turning. Mac Truck on Bike hits 4x4 runner, OUCH! We passed barely avoiding a collision. Next up a Girl with swinging arms. She was walking, but her arms were running and running HARD!! So WEIRD!! I guess she burns more calories that way. The stretch of sidewalk was hot, without thinking I Wet my hair with my water bottle. DER!! I am going to look lovely for my 3:30 meeting, UGH!!! The water felt great for about a second, guess I will grab a water sponge on race day.

My stomach started to CRAMP and I wanted to stop. For once I was happy to reach the stop light and STOP. A nice man walked up, waiting for the light to change he said "How far are you running?" I replied "8 miles today, my legs are still tired from my 20 this weekend," OK I am proud, don't judge. He went on to say that his brother ran Marathon and has been 5 minutes short of qualifying for Boston on a few occasions. The light hit green and I was off..

I looked down at my Garmin and thought that the 5th mile was taking a while... Quickly distracted by a plump Robin with a piece of straw in her beak. She hopped as I ran, once, twice, a third time, then gracefully flew to a nearby branch, oh how I wish I could fly. Another look and still mile 5...WHAT? I talked to the stoplight man and totally forgot to re-start my Garmin.. GOSH darn it, shoot, shucks, of all the stupid! GRRR! Monkeys!

My stomach hurt, I was hot, bummed about my watch, running SLOWLY and having a pity party as two guys ran past. These same 2 men have been running past me since day 1. Back in the day there was no way I could pass them, on a good day now I would TOTALLY leave them in the dust, but this was far from a good day my friends. I relaxed and scurried my way back to my office. You have good runs and bad runs, chalk this one up to the BAD RUN category, but hey I didn't quit and that means something...

The Forecast in BC for Saturday is showers and 66…hmmm maybe I will run at home then go.. Will see plans are still TBD.



Mel-2nd Chances said...

um, ya, BC has rain pretty often i think... so there's a new one!! heading back to get your umbrella before heavier rain comes! :D

Being Robinson said...

haha okay mel, i now feel a teensy bit better about the fact that you kick ass in running ALL the time. and your run my friend, was an introduction into what it's like to run in kansas in may, at 6a... except kansas humidity totally kicks washington humidity's ass. we dream of 26%. pretty sure after work the girls and i ran 4 miles in 85+ temps in about 70% humidty. blech. we were slow! okay this is a novel... but awesome job doing that run, totally proves you can duke it out even when miserable!YAYAY!

Melanie Tait said...

Good job Mel. Running through the heat is tough and thank you for the celcius reading! Just so you know, when it gets humid here - it hits the 80 percentile. Can you imagine running in that? Grrrrrr!

RunMom said...

LOL. I'm still laughing about the woman with the running arms. I always joke when I get tired that if I just keep moving my arms fast maybe I will still look like I'm running.

Glad to have found your blog. I too am a running mom blogger and am following along now (mine is the stupid headless picture of me &my daughter I can't seem to change) Anyway, I'm giving you a blog award b/c you cracked me up today. You can view it here Secrets of a Running Mom

J said...

I hate humidity too. I looked up the temps and humidity in FL and it says 80%!! I am going to be soaking wet just from walking around, much less running!!

Rookie on the Run said...

"Monkeys!" That is an awesome swear word. I'm going to incorporate that into my daily vocabulary!

I had to laugh at the walking lady with the running arms... I've seen that before and it looks a) funny; and b) exhausting.

Thanks for the chuckle!

Marathonman101108 said...

Yeah, I love my Garmin too, and have done what you did. Throws you all off, doesn't it?! Hey, you do the distance, you're allowed to brag about it! Good job completing your run in difficult conditions.