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Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye May... Hello June

Stats for May 09:
Miles- 144.84
Average Pace- 8:19
Calories- 22,191 (Garmin calculates +-148 calories per mile)

May has come to a close and I cannot be happier to enter JUNE!! This month I will turn 30 (June 14th) and run my first Marathon (June 27th). On this first day of June 2009 I feel strong, happy and healthy.. Yesterday I went shopping for a few items in preparation for my business trip to Vancouver, BC this weekend. Shopping is so different for me now, I find myself in new sections of the store staring at things that I would have never tried to pull over my large quads a few months back. The people at Fleet Feet were nice enough to take back a shirt I had purchased, I spent way more than I usually do (caught up in the running store excitement) and the seem in the arm was pulling apart, REALLY?? My cheap shirts don't do that. So I exchanged the shirt for the Brooks 70's throw back below. Amazingly it was cheaper at Fleet Feet than on the Brooks website, go figure.

This weekend I will be running my 22 miler in Vancouver. I have never been to Vancouver Canada, that I can remember anyway, so I am going to do some research this week and plan out my route. I think we will go in Stanley park. I say we because Charity, and her pink bike, will be coming with me!! CONGRATS to all the Marathon Finishers this weekend. I am behind on Blog commenting but will get around to everyone soon. Today the Blog reached 33 followers, if you are new to the Blog 33 is my favorite number!! Welcome new friends/readers.
HAPPY MONDAY!! 5 miler today..


Felice Devine said...

What a great month -- and June will be even better :-)

Velma said...

22 miles - you are going to rock it. Yes, I always get hit by trees on the run :) I always miscalculate the distance :)

IzzyBubbles said...

ooh, awesome shirt! Me likey. Have fun in Vancouver this weekend, I'm heading down to New Orleans so that I can run in the sweltering heat. :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

oh shoot! I just realized that i forgot to answer your question about Vancouver! I live in Toronto, more on the east, and sadly, have yet to visit Vancouver, but if you happen to see my brother can you say hello to him? :) I hear it's beautiful, I'm sure you'll have a great run out there. Safe travels!

Oz Runner said...

what a cool present for your b-day, a marathon!

isn't shopping great when you feel better about your body/after you've lost weight?

good luck on the 22 miler!

robinbb said...

I love the shirt.

Melanie Tait said...

Mel I just love your blog - it ALWAYS speaks to me! I'm turning 30 in March and want to be able to run a marathon by then - this post has inspired me so much!

Ohmigod you'll LOVE Vancouver. I can imagine it's a lovely city to run in. When I was there last, I was defo not a runner, but they have a huge park there I can remember in my head that would be running heaven. I'm almost certain it's Stanley Park?

Marathonman101108 said...

30 this month, huh? Well, turning 30 TRAUMATIZED me...lol. Looks like the month of June will be an exciting one for you. Have fun and good luck with the 22 miler.

Rookie on the Run said...

I don't know what it's like to turn 30... I have been 29 for years!

I LOVE that shirt!

Have a fun 22 miler... Vancouver BC sounds like a beautiful place to run. Enjoy it!